Moonless Night Over Grimdell Adventure Released for Beasts & Barbarians

Moonless Night over GrimdellOne little bar brawl goes horribly wrong, and you find yourself waiting for your own execution. But there’s still a chance to save your life.

All you have to do is sneak into the castle, kill a traitor, and save the beautiful daughter of Baron Grotho. Sure, it’s going to be dangerous, but you’ll be spared and rewarded—if you manage to succeed. Refuse, and the executioner’s axe will show you no mercy.

The choice is yours in Moonless Night Over Grimdell, the newest adventure for Beasts & Barbarians, GRAmel’s sword-and-sorcery Savage Worlds setting. But beware—moonless nights are always the most dangerous!

Red Land Available from Studio 101

RedlandIt’s 1922. The World War has not ended. Apocalyptic prophecies have come true. Dozens of doctrines and ideologies promise a perfect world order with happiness for all, then coalesce into a bloody civil war that shatters the Russian Empire and, in some ways, the world itself.

Behind the open conflicts, a secret war of mystic orders is playing out. The longer you survive, the more you may learn, and the more power you might yet master. But power can be as deadly to its “masters” as it is to its “victims,” and you never truly know which you are in this broken world.

Red Land is a mystical action game in an alternate Russian Civil War in 1917–1922 where magic has become as important to politics as force and intrigue in the first Russian-language Savage Worlds setting! Red Land is brought to you by Studio 101, the fine folks producing the Russian-language Savage Worlds rules. Perhaps this is the excuse you need to add another language to your repertoire, eh?

Pinnacle PDF Store Now Open!

Pinnacle PDF StoreAs part of the facelift of the Pinnacle Entertainment Group web site, we’re reopening the Pinnacle PDF Store. If you’re already here checking the latest in PEG News, browsing our friendly forum, or getting the latest in free downloads, you don’t have to go anywhere else to get a quick your Savage Worlds PDF fix!

For those of you who are quick to fear, keep calm. First, we’re opening up the Pinnacle PDF Store to any of our Savage Worlds licensees, so it’s not just us. Second, that doesn’t mean we’re taking any of our products down from anywhere else. If you need printed Pinnacle products, we’ll still point you to Studio 2 Publishing, our publishing partners. Our PDFs will also continue to be available from Studio 2 Publishing, RPGNow, and DriveThruRPG, as well. Heck, you can go to our partner stores straight from the Shop dropdown in the top menu bar!

But, just like the new site, the new Pinnacle PDF Store is still something of a work in progress. You can expect to see more materials cropping up as we fill out the virtual shelves. So don’t worry if the selection grows while you watch—the hallucinations probably aren’t back…

Deadlands Gets Deluxe-ified!

Deadlands Deluxe-ifiedHave you found yourself trying to cram your shiny new Savage Worlds Deluxe rules into your Deadlands books? Well, stop it, amigo—that’s mighty rough on the bindings! Now that we’ve got that settled, how ’bout we come riding to your rescue now?

Deadlands Deluxe-ified, the brief guide to playing Deadlands with the Savage Worlds Deluxe core rules, is waitin’ on you. I can hear you back-Easters already askin’ “How much, my good man?” Well, let’s not get your ascots in a bunch, fellas. Like the preacher-man says, the best things in life are free, and who are we to gainsay the preacher-man? It’s all yours. Take one. Share it with your friends and neighbors, if you got any left.

Maybe, just maybe, with the complete details on integratin’ changes to skills, Edges, and powers, you’ll have a better chance o’ survival. Good luck!

StoryWeaver Welcomes you to Hael!

StoryWeaver's HaelThe world has been at an uneasy peace between the two great empires—the descendants of the orcs and the gnolls—since humanity and the lesser races were forced into the wilderness  with the ancient beasts and monsters a millennium past. But strangers have arrived from beyond the stars, bringing terrible new weapons and powers of the mind. War is returning to Hael, old hatreds are writ in fresh blood, and simmering revolution comes to a violent boil!

StoryWeaver’s new dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds is now available on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. The opening salvo includes the Hael Core Rules, the adventure Night of the Long Fangs, and the free adventure Burning Bridges! Did I mention the free adventure contains a beautiful printable map and a background audio track to set the mood? Still not convinced? Check out the Hael introductory video.

Save Keister Island—Love Mutha Oith

Keister Island KickstarterThe Kickstarter project for The Whole Hole: A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith, Volume 01: Keister Island is dangerously close to meeting its funding goals. How could anyone not want to see Andy Hopp’s first big expansion to the most unique Savage Worlds setting ever—Low Life: Rise of the Lowly—come to fruition? You’ve still got a week or so, and your contributions could make all the difference.

The Whole Hole: A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith, Volume 01: Keister Island would be the first in an ongoing series of guidebooks and expansions for a world gazillions of years in the future where the hoomanrace is extinct and everybody evolved from the dregs that survived the various cataclysms and apocalypses—your cockroaches, your worms, your snack cakes, and definitely your what-have-yous. The book would also be filled with the truly fantastic art of Andy Hopp. As a special bonus, like many of the fine folks of Mutha Oith, it has two colons! There’s even a support level that gives you free entrance to Con on the Cob for life!

It’s the most different difference you’ll ever make!

Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition Now Available for Preorders!

Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer's EditionI think we can all agree that it’s the little things that make life better, and now Savage World Deluxe is one of them!

Just like we promised, we packed everything from the lavish, full-size, hardcover Savage Worlds Deluxe core rulebook into the widly popular Explorer’s Edition softcover 6.5″ x 9″ form factor to bring you Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition!

You can buy the PDF right now, preorder the printed book, or get the best of both worlds with the Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition Preorder Bundle (with the PDF available immediately, the book shipped as soon as it’s available, and a discount).

Don’t fear, though. We’re all about the choice here at Pinnacle, and that choice is still yours. You can get the full-size, hardback Savage Worlds Deluxe as long as stocks remain, and the full-size, 8.5″ x 11″ PDF is also still available.

Deadlands Minis Get a Woman’s Magic Touch!

Female Huckster Savage Worlds MiniA fine woman can be a sight for sore eyes in the dim saloons and dusty trails of the Weird West. But when that silk fan turns out to be a spread of cards and that wind blowin’ through her hair is laced with screams from the fiery pits, perhaps you best be movin’ on.

And that combination of femininity and fury is exactly what you can get with the new female huckster mini, Reaper’s latest addition to the Savage Worlds miniature line. If you’re after the most dangerous harem in Deadlands, don’t forget the mad scientist, Indian shaman, and Texas Ranger to round out the current roster of female Savage Worlds minis.

Red Blizzard: New from Silver Gryphon

Driving through forlorn countryside in the dark and the snow is a nightmare, but that nightmare is just beginning. A sudden accident leaves you stranded, a victim to the storm, until a helpful stranger happens by and offers to put you up for the night. There’s no way you can survive the darkening snow, but can you survive a kindly offer of hospitality?

Silver Gryphon’s Red Blizzard is 29 pages of adventure by Shannon Patrick and Kevin Rohan, featuring the art of Storn Cook and the colors of Ben Overmyer. Red Blizzard is available from Silver Gryphon directly or from DriveThruRPG.

Pinnacle a Gen Con Premier Group!

SavageWorldsAtGenConCongratulations to members of the Savage Worlds Explorer’s Society for making Pinnacle one of the 2012 Premier Groups at Gen Con! Your volunteerism and running games at Savage Saturday Night made it all possible!

Thanks to you, Pinnacle will have a more visible position at Gen Con and will get priority placement of events. Keep up the good work, and remember that turning in your tickets is key to keeping us in the spotlight for Gen Con game placement!