Pinnacle at Origins!

Pinnacle at OriginsOrigins Game Fair is this week, and we’d love to see you there!

Evil Mike and Chaos Steve will running games throughout the day, generally in the Marion room. Drop on by to say hi, play a game, or just see the wonder twins live. [Yes, folks, you’ll wonder that they’re actually live…]

Joel Kinstle will be there, too. If you’ve got questions about nearly anything (other than “when is so-and-thus” coming out), he’ll probably give you a longer answer than you want! [He/I can also discuss how odd it is to type about yourself in the third person.]

There are over 60 Savage Worlds games running through the convention, so there should be something to tickle your fancy. If you’re running one of those games, you should’ve received a link to the 2013 GM pack. If not, contact Mike and Steve as soon as you can.

Our fulfillment partners will have all our physical product available at the Studio 2 Publishing booth. This is your chance to go through our warehouse-away-from-the-warehouse and buy like crazy with “free shipping.”


Low Life Rises High Again!

Low Life: Rise of the Lowly Kickstarter CampaignThe demented-in-a-good-way Andy Hopp of Mutha Oith Creations is reaching into the oozy recesses of his brain to bring forth a new edition of Low Life: Rise of the Lowly. The original edition is nearly out of stock, and he’s enlisted Kickstarter to let you help bring this one-of-a-kind setting back in an even bigger, better, boddlier edition than ever before. You seem to be game, with the Low Life Kickstarter already well into its various stretch goals!

Not familiar with the most-apocalyptic—the world ends in every conceivable way, at once, but that’s all history now—game ever? Never played a talking snack cake, animated snot golem, or description-defying tizn’t? Give yourself the chance to witness this supremely original RPG, unlike anything in the history of history.

Check out the Low Life: Rise of the Lowly Kickstarter today. See what it is you may’ve been missing, and witness its rebirth into glory!


The Battle for Oz Soon to Claim Clint Black!

Battle for Oz Kickstarter CampaignThe actual battle for Oz may be a hard-fought bloody nightmare, but the Battle for Oz Kickstarter is quite the success! And one of their new stretch goals is our very own Clint Black! That’s right, their next stretch goal (which is very close as I write) will have Clint Black collaborating on a new location and adventure for Battle for Oz!

And here’s a fun fact for you—Clint is actually a very life-like scarecrow refugee from Oz. It’s true. He just happens to be filled with shreddings from every Savage Worlds rule book ever produced! [That also explains why he crinkles when he walks. Listen really closely at the next convention…]

Be sure to follow the Battle for Oz Kickstarter for more information on the campaign and its stretch goals. There’s less than two weeks left, so don’t dawdle—that’s how the corrupted flying monkeys get you, you know!


Welcome to Dungeonlands: Tomb of the Lich Queen

Dungeonlands: Tomb of the Lich QueenDungeonlands is the fantasy setting for Savage Mojo’s Savage Suzerain. The first of three modules, Tomb of the Lich Queen, introduces your characters—wherever they may be from—to a world of killer dungeons in old-school style.

Bring the doom-filled dungeons of your youth to the gaming of your present, updated for modern systems and sensibilities. Survive as best you can!


Grim Prairie Trails Now Available for Deadlands: Reloaded!

Deadlands Reloaded: Grim Prairie TrailsThe Weird West is full of grim and twisted trails, where the boogeyman isn’t just a story parents tell misbehaving children. And fresh—or not so fresh—horrors are spawned from the depths of Hell with frightening regularity.

For cowpokes who’ve become jaded gunning down walkin’ dead and plugging the occasional jackalope, Grim Prairie Trails rounds up 19 of these horrors for use in tormentin’ the heroes anew. Best of all, each monster includes a full Savage Tale so it won’t take long to get on the trail. Best mind what’s lurkin’ around the next bend, amigo!

So what are you gettin’ for your wooden nickels?

  • 19 rascals, varmints, and critters ready to drop into any Deadlands campaign.
  • 19 full Savage Tales with all the maps, descriptions, and vital statistics a Marshal needs to bring them to life.
  • Stats for Weird West archetypes like cowboys, gamblers, and lawmen.
  • Stats for mundane—and dangerous—fauna found Out West, like cougars, boars, and bears…oh my!
  • The PDF is fully bookmarked, indexed, and cross-referenced to make tablet and screen navigation a snap.

Heck, we’ll even stake you some if you’ve not got the ante for the whole thing! The opening chapter, the collected Field Reports of Prof. Kevin Connolly, is available as a free download. We’ll even give you the town map of Parker, ripped straight from one of Grim Prairie Trails’ own Savage Tales!

Don’t delay, friends and neighbors. Get the PDF, preorder the printed book, or get the Grim Prairie Trails Print-PDF Preorder combo! After all, what you don’t know about the Weird West is perfectly happy to eat you in your sleep.


Catch Mike and Steve “Live” at Beautiful Brains Books and Games Thursday!

Savage Worlds on the WebOur very own Evil Mike and Chaos Steve will be guest hosting this week’s Thursday night web chat at Beautiful Brains Books and Games!

Be sure to drop by if you want to find out more about the summer conventions and Pinnacle’s plans for them. Heck, just pop in to witness the special kind of glory that is Evil Mike and Chaos Steve!

That’s 9:00-10:00 pm Eastern, June 6. Don’t miss it!


Savage Worlds Deluxe Map Pack Joins Free Downloads!

Savage Worlds Deluxe Map PackAll the maps from the One Sheet Adventures in the Savage Worlds Deluxe books have been compiled into one free download for you—the Savage Worlds Deluxe Map Pack!

Want to print the maps as handouts for your players? Not a problem! Add or remove the backgrounds and the map titles as you like—the PDF is fully layered for your customization.

Be sure to check out the rest of our free downloads while you’re at it. You never know what wonders you’ll find.

We’ve kept the maps at a large size with a high resolution, so the file’s a little larger than you might think a six-page freebie would be. You may be better served to right-click and Save Link As (or comparable command in your browser) to save the file before trying to open it.


Shedding Some Light on Deadlands Noir

Deadlands NoirIn all the hustle and bustle of the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter, it may not be perfectly clear what would be available for the Deadlands Noir line.

Deadlands Noir (the core rule book for the line) and the Deadlands Noir Companion (adding martial artists, Sykers, the Blessed, Chicago, Shan Fan, Lost Angels, and the incredible City of Gloom) are currently available as PDFs and both will be widely available in print format. The current target release date for those is late July to early August for Kickstarter backers with general retail release two weeks later. Both books are available for preorder and in Print-PDF Bundles (get the PDF now, the book as soon as it’s available, and all at a discount)!

The Deadlands Noir miniatures and printed versions of the Deadlands Noir Figure Flats, Metaire Cemetery Map, Old Absinthe House Map, Streets of the Big Easy Map, and Bayou Map will also be available on the same schedule as the books. The PDFs are available now to the appropriate Kickstarter backers, and will be available to everyone when the printed copies go on sale.

The Deadlands Noir Dice and the Deadlands Noir Bennies will be shipped to Kickstarter backers with the books, and the remaining stock will be released for purchase with the rest of the Deadlands Noir line. These products will remain web exclusives and will not be available in normal retail channels.

The Deadlands Noir badges remain exclusive to Kickstarter backers.

Kickstarter backers can get existing PDF products from the Noir Backers Downloads page and should expect their final survey (to pin down shipping details and their orders) in early July. The rest of you can watch this space for updates or sign up for our Pinnacle E-Mail Updates to get the news straight to your inbox.



Shane Hensley Joins the Cartoon Action Hour

Cartoon Action Hour Kickstarter CampaignSpectrum Games’ Cartoon Action Hour Kickstarter campaign has hit the $12,000 mark! Why is that so exciting? That unlocks the Shane Hensley stretch goal, and he’ll be writing an all-new, ready-to-run short series.

If you’ve only known Shane for his penchant for undead and killing player characters, you may be surprised at his nigh-encyclopedic knowledge of ’80s-era cartoons. This may be your only chance to see product-placement cartoons with educational messages given the full Shane Hensley treatment, so don’t miss out!

The Cartoon Action Hour Kickstarter still has a week to go. If you’re interested in what Shane and the other folks are coming up with, be sure to check it out today!


Templates for Templates for Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds Template SpecificationsThe basic dimensions of the burst and cone templates are described in the Savage World Deluxe rulebooks, and the Savage Worlds Templates are available from the free downloads page. But some of you have been asking for a little bit more…and here it is.

The Savage Worlds Template Specification document details the dimensions of the templates and their construction (mostly handy for the cone template). You can also isolate the template outlines to print blanks or place into your own graphics programs.

Now you can completely customize the templates for your home and con games. You can even have a different template for every trapping if you like. Heck, there’s just no stopping you now!

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the other free stuff from our Downloads page. There’s no telling what else you might find out there!