Big Changes at Savage Insider

Savage Insider MagazineAfter Savage Insider releases Issue 10 in April, the Savage Worlds-focused magazine will continue under a new editor and schedule. Vickey Beaver will take over as editor after having worked with Aaron Huss since Savage Insider’s inception.

The new Savage Insider will be released on a quarterly seasonal format, with a bonus issue to make five annually. Volume 2, Issue 1 in June 2014 will be the summer release. Each issue will be released via PDF and print-on-demand, with select issues being available at larger conventions. Watch Savage Insider for final details on pricing and availability.

This time of change is also a time for input. Savage Insider has asked for fans and publishers alike to contact them with any questions or requests. Want a feature? Have an article? Want to advertise? Get in touch with them from their web site or on the Savage Insider Facebook page.