Pathfinder for Savage Worlds


It’s Thanksgiving here in the United States. For our international friends, that’s a time when we come together as friends and family and tell everyone what we’re thankful for.

Today, Pinnacle Entertainment Group is INCREDIBLY thankful to our good friends at Paizo for letting us play in their amazing world of Golarion, setting of the phenomenally successful Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Following the incredible reception we had with Kevin Siembieda’s phenomenal world of Rifts®, we’re bringing Pathfinder’s fantastic Adventure Paths to the Savage Worlds™ system, starting with the best-selling Rise of the Runelords™!  

The Kickstarter begins mid-January, 2021, and will feature the Savage Pathfinder core rules, a boxed set with all the usual Savage Worlds accessories, AND the Rise of the Runelords boxed set with all six books of the Adventure Path and other deluxe accessories!

Tune in to Pinnacle’s social media for more information between now and the Kickstarter! #SavagePathfinder #WorldsCollide

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Happy Thanksgiving

This week in the United States, families and friends will gather (virtually or otherwise) to celebrate Thanksgiving.

While 2020 has truly been one for the record books, it has also been a big year for Pinnacle with a very successful Kickstarter campaign for Deadlands: the Weird West (plus our brand new Booster Kickstarter for Blood Drive that launched today), a number of new releases, and some fantastic developments on the virtual tabletop front.

This Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) keep your eyes on our site and our social media accounts for a VERY exciting announcement for Savage Worlds players and Game Masters from us here at PEG HQ!


NOW on Kickstarter—Blood Drive: A Deadlands Booster Campaign

“Head ’em up and move ’em out! Your cowpokes are joining one of the longest, most dangerous cattle drives in the Weird West!

Blood Drive, written by John “Night Train” Goff, originally appeared as three linked adventures for Deadlands Reloaded, and was sold only in PDF.

Now we’re printing Blood Drive in a gorgeous, full-color, 96-page hardback with expanded material, updates to the new version of Deadlands: the Weird West and the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, and supplemented with new art and additional maps (great for VTT play!).

Additional special Booster Rewards include 12 new character Archetype Cards, six Infernal Device cards, three sheets of full-color, front-and back, individually die-cut cardboard Deadlands Pawns, and two new map packs—a train station (End of the Line) and Ambush Pass!

Visit the Blood Drive Kickstarter Booster page today to check out all the rewards and to pledge your support.

And if you’re not familiar with Deadlands, our premier Weird Western setting, download the FREE Test Drive rules here to see what it’s all about!


FREE VTT Weird West Map for Deadlands

Now available for your virtual tabletop of choice, this FREE, full-color Weird West Map reflects the state of the union in the most recent history presented in Deadlands: the Weird West.

Don’t get lost out in the Western States, download this new map today! Backers of the Deadlands Kickstarter received a comp copy of this product via

And be sure to check out our growing selection of Virtual Tabletop Assets including custom Bennies, maps, pawns, Action Decks, and much more.


Better Off UN-Dead: A Savage Worlds Stream to Support Toys for Tots

Better Off UN-Dead, a sequel (of sorts) to the classic ’80s teen comedy Better Off Dead, livestreamed for charity this past Saturday, November 21st on the GamersTable Twitch channel.

The stream, Game Mastered by Chris Hussey and using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules, told the story of what (might have) happened to Lane, Monique, Ricky, Charles, Roy, and Beth after the original movie.

This special event included two celebrity guests: actress Diane Franklin, reprising her role as Monique, and Better Off Dead Writer/Director “Savage” Steve Holland, both of whom were playing their very first tabletop RPG!

This stream was run to raise money for Toys for Tots (because… CHRIS-MASS) and you can check it out for yourself (a fun alternative to Thanksgiving football) through December 3rd right here!


Bundles of Savage Worlds Joy

We love bundles here at Pinnacle, and if you’re looking to save a few bucks and get your hands on big chunky boxes brimming with Savage Worlds goodness (perfect for holiday gifts (hint-hint)), our discounted bundles are for you!

For the budding Savage Worlds Game Master (or the veteran GM who’s looking to up their game), check out our discounted Savage Worlds Game Master Starter Pack featuring a copy of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Core Rules in hardback plus the Savage Worlds Essentials Boxed Set that contains the following:

  • World Builder and Game Master’s Guide
  • Trifold landscape GM’s Screen + Mini Settings
  • Adventure Deck
  • Powers Cards
  • Status Cards
  • Oversize Action Deck
  • Dice Set + 4 custom Wild Dice
  • 25 Bennies
  • Transparent Cone and Blast Templates
  • Combat & Chase Maneuvers Quick Reference Chart
  • Status Tokens
  • Power and Ammo Tracker dials (set of 5)
  • “Red in the Rain” poster
  • Bookmarks

Additionally, toss a few Add Ons into your cart like the black leatherette Savage Worlds Collector’s Edition (while supplies last), extra sets of Powers or Status Cards, Templates, and more.

And be sure to check out all our other discounted bundles for settings like East Texas University, Fear Agent™, Flash Gordon™, Lankhmar, The Goon™, and Weird Wars Rome.


Doomtown Black Friday Sale!

Howdy folks!

Black Friday sales for Deadlands’ expandable card game of Doomtown have arrived a little early over at the Pine Box Entertainment Store, and all pre-Kickstarter products (everything before There Comes A Reckoning) are 50% OFF during this time!

Now is the chance for you and your posse to catch up on some older expansions and pick up a few Base Sets (just 20 bucks each) to introduce new players to this amazing game.

This sale also includes the previously released Organized Play Kits, so get your mitts on ghost rock, tins, promos, and playmats for both personal use and those post-pandemic hosted events.

These incredible Black Friday discounts will run through December 31st, but don’t delay because stocks are limited and some items have already ridden off into the sunset.


PEG Q&A Panel Highlights from Hollerween 2020

One of the most exciting events that took place during Hollerween (Pinnacle’s first, official Savage Worlds online convention) was the PEG Q&A Panel.

This hour-long seminar, moderated by Christopher Landauer, featured Shane Hensley, Jodi Black, Simon Lucas, and Jessica Rogers all offering up news and exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming Savage Worlds products.

A few highlights from this panel include:

  • The Blood Drive trilogy (originally published for Deadlands Reloaded) is being updated and expanded for a new hardcover release.
  • All four Savage Worlds Companions (Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, and Supers) are being completely reworked, and the Fantasy Companion may be released as early as Q1 2021.
  • East Texas University: Study Abroad will focus on four different countries and their unique horrors.
  • All existing Rippers Resurrected: Expeditions supplements will be compiled into a boxed set.
  • Necessary Evil 3 is a cosmic-level campaign a la Guardians of the Galaxy that will be unleashed after the release of the Supers Companion.
  • The next Savage Rifts® book takes the fight to… Atlantis!

If you missed out on Hollerween, the best place to watch all the other archived content is either on our YouTube channel or over on our Twitch channel (and be sure to “follow” us—and turn those notifications on— so you’ll know when we stream again).


Weird Wars Bundles in Honor of Veterans Day

Tomorrow, Wednesday November 11th, Veterans Day honors those persons who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

To mark this occasion in true Savage Worlds style, we are offering some incredible Weird Wars bundles packed with everything you need to bring history’s greatest battles (with more than a few supernatural surprises) to your tabletops!

Weird Wars Rome

For the glory of the empire, the Weird Wars Rome Bundle gets you everything for Weird Wars Rome in print and virtual, including PDFs, ebooks, and a soundtrack, all for just $99.99! This includes the core setting book, GM Screen + Nox Germanica Adventure, combat maps, archetypes, figure flats, and more.

Jumping ahead several centuries, our Weird War I Print Bundle drops you into the heart of No Man’s Land with an array of essentials including limited edition hardcover core books, War Master Screen + Raid on Fort Douaumont adventure, combat maps, Bennies, dice, figure flats, archetypes, and more, all for only $139.99!

Weird War II

For just $29.99, enter the Second (Weird) World War with our Weird War II Virtual Bundle containing PDFs of the core setting book, adventures, and a couple thrilling Wendigo Tales ebooks.

Tour of Darkness

Fourth, our Tour of Darkness Bundle takes the conflict into the jungles of Vietnam with the core setting book in hardcover, along with PDFs of the GM screen inserts, figure flats, and the Tour of Darkness Player’s Guide, all for only $24.99.

And finally, we are offering a special Harlem Hellfighters Bundle for just $5.99 with all proceeds going to the Innocence Project.

This bundle includes Hellfighters, a Plot Point Campaign for the Weird War I setting that focuses on the exploits of the American 369th Infantry Regiment, home to the African-American “Harlem Hellfighters.” The adventure follows the Hellfighters from the time the unit is attached to the French army until shortly after the Second Battle of the Marne, along with a Wendigo Tales short story.

We thank our veterans for their service!


Deadlands Action Deck Now on Roll20!

Our newly-designed, 54-card Deadlands Action Deck is now available as an addon for Roll20!

This custom, 54-card poker deck features gorgeous (and a little creepy), full-art face cards that really help set the Deadlands mood at your virtual game table!

Plus, in addition to the primary deck, this download includes a BONUS variant of the deck with the cards slightly canted so they look more natural on your tabletop.

Add the Deadlands Action Deck to your Roll20 Marshal’s kit today!


Savage Worlds Guild Highlight: Sprawlrunners

An Electrum Best Seller on DriveThruRPG (as of this writing), Sprawlrunners (from Veiled Fury Entertainment) is a 71-page, setting-agnostic toolkit to help you run cyberpunk (with optional magic) in your Savage Worlds games!

Sprawlrunners pays homage to the classic cyberpunk games of old, bringing their flavor to the fast, furious, and fun Savage Worlds system.

Within the pages of Sprawlrunners you’ll find:

  • Details for playable species and how to integrate them into a (potentially magical) cyberpunk world.
  • New Edges and Hindrances to enhance the cyberpunk feeling.
  • Two different sets of rules for Hacking in cyberspace (the lightning-quick Fast Lane and the more detailed Slow Burn).
  • Jockeys – characters who control vehicles and drones remotely or directly via implants (plus all their toys, drones, and vehicles).
  • A full system for integrating gear and implants into character Advances.
  • Cyberpunk-appropriate gear including customizable weapons.
  • Optional rules for magic in your cyberpunk world (along with special gear and three Arcane Backgrounds).

Download Sprawlrunners today and get ready to hit the mean streets!