The Monsters Have Arrived for SWAG Participants!

For those publishing Savage Worlds materials through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild over at DriveThruRPG, we now offer a free collection of full-color monster icons and illustrations for use in your products!*

The SWAG Art Monsters assortment contains PSD and PNG files of a variety of beasties ranging from alligators to zombies. We look forward to seeing all these creepy crawlies popping up in future Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild products!

The Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (SWAG) program now has more than 30 titles ranging from Ace licensee setting JumpStarts to alternate fan-created rules to foes and adventures galore! If you haven’t stopped by to see what’s new, check it out today!

* This artwork is intended only for use within Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild products. It may not be resold individually or in groups otherwise.


Saving Throw Takes on The Twilight Protocol

“Summer 1882. With the Twilight Protocol in effect, a group of unlikely allies are dispatched to Denver to discover if they can keep the Fourth Ring from joining with the Cackler. Instead they discover something waiting for them…”

A few weeks ago, the cast of WildCards, Saving Throw Show’s Savage Worlds livestream, donned their best Western wear and joined Christine and David Lapp of Pinebox Entertainment for the first part of a special Deadlands trilogy at GenghisCon in Aurora, Colorado.

Players participating in Doomtown round-ups at the convention were able to influence the continuation of this story which will lead to Part II to take place at ChupacabraCon VI in May. Players at that convention will, in turn, get to influence the next act with the final session taking place in Tombstone, Arizona, for this year’s Doomtown Destination Round-Up in October!

You can watch the first session in its entirety right here!

To see which Doomtown cards were referenced in the story, check out the complete list of spoilers thus far presented from the next Doomtown expansion, Out For Blood. And to join in on the post GenghisCon discussion and see the decklists from the events, head over to the Pine Box forum.


Doomtown Organized Play Applications Due March 23rd!

Heads up, amigos!

If you’re a event organizer wanting to bring the current Doomtown organized play series/round-ups to your store, convention, or other gathering, you have until this Saturday, March 23rd, to reserve your kit for the upcoming Hunting Grounds Series.

Each $35 kit includes six brand new Doomtown promo cards, a new Shooter token, a Black Elk playmat, and five First Peoples/Agency ‘Shooter’ designation wooden nickel tokens for Top 4 and the organizer. There are other items available to add extra Doomtown promos and goodies to the shipment before it goes out, too, like top of faction lowball tokens!

Events will run from April 13th through August 4th, 2019.

Interested players should also encourage their local game shops to contact Pinnacle Entertainment and Studio 2 Publishing to stock the Too Tough to Die Expansion and all the other Doomtown products!

Click here for more information and to apply to host upcoming Hunting Grounds events.


Case Closed on The Big Easy: A Deadlands Noir Card Game

Congratulations, gumshoes!

Thanks to the combined efforts of you and 607 other backers, The Big Easy: A Deadlands Noir Card Game, will soon be a reality!

While the campaign came up just two backers short of the final goal, Last Lion Games is still going to unlock it and add the last three Equip cards into the set. They certainly couldn’t let two pledges come between a gumshoe and her Matter Disrupter!

After the excitement of the past few weeks, the folks at Last Lion Games will be taking a little time to refocus, and then they’ll send backers at Gumshoe level (and above) links via for a complimentary download of a print-and-play version of the game.

After that, they’ll get the PledgeManager up and running and we’ll be sure to post an update then to let you know how to complete the process so you can pay for shipping and get your mitts on the physical game.

Until then, watch your back, shamus, you never know what’s around the next corner in… The Big Easy.


Check Out the All-New Savage Worlds Action Deck

For those new to Savage Worlds, combat initiative in the game is managed with a standard deck of 54 cards (the Jokers mean extra fun).

Right now, for just $3.99, you can own the PDF version of our all-new, over-sized (and the PDF has a poker-sized option) Savage Worlds Action Deck featuring fantastic art by the incomparable Hugo Award winning Cheyenne Wright!

And if you want to get your hands on the professionally printed deck, hop into our PledgeManager today and preorder it (along with a number of other Savage Worlds Adventure Edition essentials and accessories)! This gives you the best rate for shipping (especially for non-United States locations) and you will receive your copy before retail release. After completing your order for a physical copy there, email for a complimentary copy of the PDF! Just remember, you have until April 3rd to lock in those preorders.


Geek & Sundry and Bleeding Cool Love SWADE!

We love reading reviews of our products, especially the detailed ones that really get down to brass tacks about each item. While there’s certainly no substitute for playing (or running) our games, you can learn a lot from a solid review and that’s why we’re always happy to share them!

First up, Rob Wieland of Geek & Sundry presents Five Great Changes in the New Edition of Savage Worlds RPG. In this article, Rob discusses some of his favorite updates in Savage Worlds Adventure Edition including Core Skills, the new way Advances are handled, additional narrative options, and all the new Game Master advice peppered throughout the volume.

Over at Bleeding Cool, Leigh Kade looks under the hood and kicks all the tires in his review titled Endless Hours of Fun with Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition. If you’re new to Savage Worlds, this article not only examines a number of updates to the system, it also goes over the basics and presents a little history of the game going back to the first printing!


Licensee Spotlight: Final Days for Heroes of Terra on Kickstarter

If you were considering backing the Kickstarter for Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War from Savage Worlds Ace licensee, Blackwing Productions, the end is nigh, so be sure to act now!

Welcome to Terra, a parallel world where magic lives and the dinosaurs never died out. Humans never evolved on Terra–instead, the world is dominated by floral life and saurians. Humans exist on Terra, however, drawn from the legendary world of Earth. In the aftermath of a terrible war, Terra needs heroes!

Become a hero of Terra, a world of floral sorcery and saurian savagery! Hundreds of people have downloaded the Heroes of Terra Player’s Guide (Rough Cut) and Heroes of Terra JumpStart Edition. Now help bring the world of Terra to full-color life in the final hours of the Kickstarter for Heroes of Terra: The Mushroom War!


Licensee Spotlight: Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776

Surely you all remember learning about how General George Washington defeated the British at the Battle of Trenton with the help of the North American Superhumans, right?

In Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776 from Savage Worlds Ace licensee Happy Monster Press, you play a young superhero who joins a group of other heroes to free the American colonies from British rule. As the Revolutionary War progresses, you develop new superpowers and fight supervillains. In Legion of Liberty, your actions may change the course of history, for better or worse!

The core rulebook will contain:

  • 18 new Powers (bomber, conjuration, elemental mastery, energy transformation, energy weapon, gate, gift of luck, hunter’s path, immunity, implant memory, legion, mimic, nature bond, state shift, stretch, transmute, weather control, witchsight).
  • 22 new Edges and Hindrances for heroes with superpowers.
  • A complete Plot Point Campaign running from the initial battles in Massachusetts to the final confrontation in Yorktown.
  • 10 Savage Tales set in the colonies, Europe, and Native American territories.
  • An adventure generator for raids, battles, reconnaissance, and skullduggery in the American Revolution.

To find out more, download the FREE, 12-page Legion of Liberty JumpStart and pledge your support for the Kickstarter today!


The Final 48 for The Big Easy on Kickstarter

Last Lion Games is now in the final 48 hours of their Kickstarter campaign for The Big Easy: A Deadlands Noir Card Game, designed by John Goff (Deadlands Classic and ReloadedDeadlands: Hell on Earth Classic and Reloaded, Deadlands Noir, and many others).

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, now’s the time! The Big Easy is a standalone card game for 2-4 players based on our very own Deadlands Noir setting.

Since the campaign began—thanks to our backers—we’ve added:

  • Three new Cases to play (bringing the current total to five),
  • A new Detective for players to choose,
  • Five new Gumshoe cards themed around the new cases to add some flavor and storytelling opportunities,
  • Eight new Clues,
  • And three new Encounter cards featuring some of The Big Easy’s nastiest enemies, including the Hero Killer himself, Stone!

Our next goal adds a new mystery to the game centered around the voodoo cult known as the Red Sect, who are trying to enact a deadly ritual in The Big Easy.

Visit the Kickstarter page to pledge your support for The Big Easy today!


Deal Your Players In with the All-New Adventure Deck

Put the power to change the story in the hands of your players with the newly-updated, 54-card Savage Worlds Adventure Deck!

This print-and-play PDF deck of cards gives your players the ability to instantly find essential items, increase damage (or eliminate it altogether), recharge Power Points in a FLASH, or even betray their best friends in order to gain a slight edge on the field of battle.

Add the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck to your Game Master’s arsenal today!

The Savage Worlds Adventure Deck is designed for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

You’ll find the Adventure Deck available for preorder at, but your best deal is the Savage Worlds Essentials Boxed Set! The Essentials Box contains the Adventure Deck and Power Cards, Status Cards and Status Tokens, plus the World Builder and Game Master’s Guide, a hardback, trifold, landscape GM Screen + Mini Settings, our new Oversized Action Deck, Transparent Cone and Blast Templates, dice, Bennies, Power/Ammo tracker dials, BookmarksCombat & Chase Maneuvers Quick Reference Chart, and a “Red in the Rain” poster!

The Essentials Boxed Set is $99.99 in PledgeManager, but releases for retail sale at $149.99. Once you complete your preorder purchase (with a copy of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules, of course–there will be room in the Essentials box for you to store it later), you can request complimentary PDF copies of everything inside!