New Goodies for the New Rippers!

Rippers GM Screen Inserts and Deluxe JournalsIt’s time to bring order and style to your Rippers: Resurrected game with new GM Screen Inserts and Deluxe Character and Campaign Journals.

The new Rippers: Resurrected GM Screen Inserts fit our Customizable GM Screen (or anything that takes landscape letter pages) and bring all the charts, tables, and references you’re likely to need right before your eyes! There’s also mood-setting artwork you can use to either fill out the players’ side or keep yourself focused—you get to decide what goes where, Herr Frankenstein!

The new Rippers: Resurrected Deluxe Character and Campaign Journals let you chronicle your games and characters in full Victorian style with the ease and editability of today’s technology. These handsome form-fillable PDFs are for both the Game Master tracking her campaign and the players and characters, chronicling their exploits, formulas, lodge information, and other vital records. It’s definitely not to be missed.

Need more to get started than just the newest Rippers items? Don’t forget our Rippers: Resurrected Preorder Bundle and Rippers: Resurrected Virtual Bundle to jump-start your full Rippers: Resurrected library immediately and at a discount! Take that, forces of evil!


AGC Interviews Our Own Scott Woodard

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebThe All Games Considered podcast has just posted their interview with Scott Woodard. It’s mostly about The Sixth Gun RPG and the upcoming Flash Gordon RPG—if you’re into awesome games and cool news and such, you might want to give it a listen.


New Episode of Smilin’ Jack’s Bar and Grill

Smiling Jack's PodcastThe newest episode of Smilin’ Jack’s Bar and Grill has just released. Listen as “Savage Mommy” Chris Fuchs and Chris Landauer—yes, that’s two Chrises at no additional charge!—talk about bringing new and veteran players together at the same table.

Oh, but that’s not all. They also talk about the state of the show, their plans for the future, and a bit or two of Savage Worlds news!

If you want even more, their whole catalog of shows is available for listening at your leisure, too.


A.E.G.I.S. Actual Play from Gopher Hole Games

AEGIS PodcastOur friends at Gopher Hole Games have started a new actual play podcast of their Savage Worlds not-quite-so-modern era spy drama A.E.G.I.S.

Expand your Savage Worlds settings’ horizons and find out what A.E.G.I.S. stands for—both literally and figuratively—by giving the podcast a listen today.

Be aware that, like virtually all actual play podcasts, the language and humor sometimes strays beyond the PG-13 rating we give ourselves on the Pinnacle site.


New ETU Adventure Released: Horror for the Holidays

ETU: Horror for the HolidaysHappy holidays are here in Pinebox! Gather ’round the yuletide fire for a new tale—ETU: Horror for the Holidays

The Christmas spirit has descended upon Pinebox. It’s a time for celebration, for relaxation, and perhaps a some gosh darned peace and quiet from those forces of darkness.

But no. This year the Christmas spirit is an actual spirit—and it doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice. The spirit of the last man publicly lynched in Texas has risen, and he’s on the trail of a young freshman at East Texas University.

Oh. And he looks like Santa Claus.

If you’re in the mood for more of a read than a story, check out ETU’s own Ed Wetterman on Wood Planet Gaming Lodge. Get a peek into the mind behind the madness!


The Sixth Gun RPG is on the Loose!

6GUN Print 2 smallerThe Sixth Gun RPG manifests itself in the real world with today’s release of The Sixth Gun RPG Print (like a “cast photo” of heroes of The Sixth Gun), the Sixth Gun Bennies, and print versions of the Cards and Companion available to order.

Since firing any of the Six into the air is a risky celebration technique, we thought we’d stick with two Sixth Gun Bundles at 10% off!

Grab a copy of the Sixth Gun RPG Total Package Bundle and get the printed Sixth Gun RPG book, GM Screen (with adventure), Companion, Print, Minis, Bennies, and Cards—with an add-on option for the Figure Flats PDF!

If you want to go all digital, get a copy of the Sixth Gun RPG Total Package Virtual Bundle for your PDFs of The Sixth Gun RPG, GM Screen inserts, Winding Way adventure, the Companion, and the Figure Flats—all without taxing your shelves!


A Patch Returns, A Sale Winds Down

Smilin' Jack Flight PatchIt’s an up-and-down sort of day for the Pinnacle Web Store, with the return of an old favorite and the beginning of the end for a new one.

By popular demand, the Smilin’ Jack Flight Patch is back in stock! Join the cool kids and get yours today!

Today is a good plan, while you can still get in on the great deals from our big Holiday Blowout! Use the coupon code promo50 at checkout on orders over $50 to get a free set of Promo Adventure Cards, and orders over $150 automatically get free domestic shipping. Most physical released products (sorry, no preorders) are discounted 10-50%, and a lot of PDFs are on sale, too!

Remember, this is the last week for the sale, so don’t delay. When the clock strikes midnight Pacific Time at the end of December 15, the Holiday Blowout vanishes, magically, into the night.


New Web Store Contact and Forums Downtime Announcement

New Web Contact: site.admin@peginc.comGot a question or need a hand? We’re there for you!

Our new main website e-mail address is [email protected], and it’s ready to take your questions about orders, website issues, or file downloads right now.

You can also find answers to most rules questions on our forums—but not on Saturday, December 19th or Sunday the 20th. We are upgrading the forum software, which means they will be locked , and no posts may be made. You should be back to discussing the latest release by Monday!



Visit Shaintar’s Elvish Nation – Now Available!

Shaintar Guidebook: Elvish NationShaintar Guidebook: Elvish Nation has just been released. It joins the last few week’s several new Shaintar products!

Walk the forests of Landra’Feya and learn about the life of the elves, the eldekar (effective immortals wedded to a philosophy of tradition) and the alakar (shorter-lived with a focus on learning new things). There is beauty in all things—so the elves say. Learn about their society, their beliefs along with the rituals for birth, marriage and death. Loads of background information, story seeds, new NPCs, and edges will help both GMs and players to create believable backgrounds for their needs.

Shaintar Guidebook: Elvish Nation is available at today!


Pinnacle One Shot Holiday Sale Continues!

Our Holiday Blowout Sale continues until December 15, with several great titles at 50% off!

Tired of the cold and want a little heat? Feel the fires of perdition lickin’ at your toes in Solomon Kane, fight the fires of War in The Last Sons, or live in the embers of the nuclear fires of Hell on Earth: Reloaded—all at half off!

Looking for more of a liquid holiday? Ride the open and dangerous tides of Pirates of the Spanish Main or try to survive the hidden terrors of The Flood. Either way, you can pocket half the cash and spend it on some other aqueous pursuits—maybe a beach, a bottle, or both?

But that’s just the half (well, half-off) of it! Be sure to check out everything on the Pinnacle Store, because the savings are all over the place, waiting on you to take them home for the holidays! Seriously, don’t disappoint the savings…