Fear Agent™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter Complete!

Fear Agent for Savage Worlds Kickstarter ProjectThe Fear Agent™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter has ended! Thank You, Everyone! With your support we’ve reached our goal and we’ve had a ton of fun along the way.

You unlocked Form-Fillable PDF Character Sheets, PDF Archetypes, Custom Combat Options Chart (in both PDF and print), Creature Cards, and Form-Fillable PDF Table Tents. These released stretch goals are great along with the usual extra goodies such as the kick-ass Miniatures, Bennies, Game Master’s screen, new adventures, and more.

Things will quiet down here for 2–3 weeks while Kickstarter collects your pledges. In the meantime we will keep you updated as the final steps happen—keep an eye on the Fear Agent™ Kickstarter Updates page for news. Don’t worry, your group will be fighting Zerin Raiders, Dressite Soldiers, Tetaldian Invaders, and other aliens as soon as possible!

Thanks again, friends. We appreciate your support!

GRAmel Releases The Dark Creed Cultists for Nemezis

Dark Cultists for NemezisOur friends at GRAmel just published a new sourcebook for Nemezis—a technological universe where omnipresent global networks, advanced technologies, genetic engineering, and nanoid treatments redefine humanity and its limits.

The Dark Creed: Cultists brings you the humans that plot against the main characters from the core rulebook—the cultists of the Dark Gods. Remember, people are fantastic at self-destruction. Don’t let them get you, too!

Deadlands Live on Twitch with Wildcards from Saving Throw

Saving Throw and WildcardsOur friends at Saving Throw are now running a live Deadlands game on their Twitch channel on Friday nights. It launched last Friday, and you can catch up on that first episode to be ready for this week!

Get ready for an exciting ride through the Weird West, and join them for Wildcards! on the Saving Throw Twitch channel every Friday night at 8:00 Pacific!

The Goon for Savage Worlds Kickstarter Wraps!

The Goon for Savage Worlds Kickstarter ProjectThe Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter has ended! As always, our thanks go out to you. Not only do you make these things possible, you make them fun!

And do you have a lot of fun coming to you. You’ll get the “normal” goodies  like Miniatures, Bennies, GM’s Screen, new adventures, and more. Your backing enthusiasm unlocked Form-Fillable PDF Character Sheet, PDF Archetypes, Custom Combat Options Chart (both in PDF and print), Creature Cards, and Form-Fillable PDF Table Tents.

The mean streets will quiet down here for 2–3 weeks while Kickstarter collects your pledges. Watch here or follow the The Goon™ Kickstarter Updates to stay on top of the news! You want to stay on top, right?

Don’t worry, though. You’ll be dealing with groanin’, brain-chomping zombies, swarms of chug-heads, Slackjaws, Bog Lurks, and other unpleasent creatures as soon as possible!

We couldn’t do these things without you, you know. And we definitely thank you for your help with The Goon™ Kickstarter and your continued support!

The Goon™ and Fear Agent™ Kickstarters Wrap Up Monday!

The Goon and Fear Agent KickstartersSome things are good. Some things are great. Some things are going fast. These bad boys are all three, I tell you!

Don’t miss your shot at getting in on The Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter or the Fear Agent™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter. Both close on Monday, April 17 at 5 pm Eastern, and you don’t want to be left on the outside of these fantastic settings from Dark Horse Comics™!

Check out this pair of Kickstarters today, before it’s too late!


Get More from The Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter!

The Goon for Savage Worlds KickstarterOh, sure, there’s all sorts of stuff you can get from The Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter—books, PDFs, dice, minis, and more—but there’s also stuff YOU can make happen! That’s right, your pledge can get us to the Stretch Goals to make more. In a way, that makes you an author, right?*

We’re almost to another print reward, the Custom Combat Options Chart in print. The Creature Cards in print are right on his heels! If you’ve not backed the Kickstarter yet, join us and everyone gets more stuff! If you have, round up your friends, your neighbors, and maybe even your parole officer to get them on board.

Remember, you only have until Monday, April 17th at 5pm Eastern. Don’t wait too long…

* No, you will not receive an authorship credit. nice try.

Take the Fear Agent™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter Further!

Fear Agent for Savage Worlds KickstarterSpace. We discovered that it isn’t empty when we found out it wasn’t friendly. But there’s a lot more out there than we know (or maybe ought to).

As the Fear Agent™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter comes in for a landing on Monday, April 17th (at 5 pm Eastern), you still have a chance to bring more of the “out there” to you. You’ve taken us past several stretch goals, and you’ve already earned some great extras—be sure to check the Fear Agent™ Kickstarter page for full details—but there are still more rewards in easy reach.

We’ve almost hit the printed Custom Combat Options Chart, and the printed version of the Creature Cards are well within reach after that. Worried you don’t have anywhere to put them? Don’t be—the Fear Agent™ Kickstarter brings you all the space in the universe!

Savage Mojo Kickstarting a Full Shaintar Campaign Book!

ShaintarThunderingSkiesOne of the biggest Savage Worlds Licensee settings, Shaintar is rich, detailed, and proud of its tagline “Epic High Fantasy.” Sean Patrick Fannon’s world has always delivered classic fantasy for Savages, but there hasn’t been a “Plot Point, Savage Tales, and all the trimmings” campaign book.

That’s changing—right now, in fact!

Savage Mojo, the publishers of Shaintar, are running the Shaintar: Thundering Skies Kickstarter, and it’s crackling with high voltage energy. The team is funding the production of the campaign book, but also offering reward tiers for participating in the campaign creation, by working with the developers on creating your own villains, allies, or entire plot twists for the main story arc.

Whether you want to have your name on the credits for a premium Savage Worlds campaign book, or whether you just want to secure yourself a copy at a good price (maybe snagging some shiny stretch goals along the way), check out the Shaintar: Thundering Skies Kickstarter today!

Bring Home The Goon RPG—Back the Kickstarter!

The Goon for Savage Worlds KickstarterDo you hear that? It’s the sound of peril, the sound of adventure, the sound of a mighty hammer—it’s the sound of The Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter! The excitement starts today and runs March 28th through April 17th!

Go check out The Goon™ Kickstarter for all the low-down on rewards, backer levels, and stretch goals. Trust me, buddy, you want yourself a piece of this! Join the Goon’s crime syndicate, start a racket of your own, or play as Goon, Franky, and the crew. Any way you cut it, you get to join in Eric Powell’s darkly funny setting.

You know what’s better than a setting with too much greatness to stuff into a normal-size book? Two of ’em! That’s right, it’s a Kickstarter Double Feature with Fear Agent™ RPG for Savage Worlds! Hitch yourself up to a mighty pair of Dark Horse Comics™ settings today!

Bring the Fear—Embrace the Fear Agent™ Kickstarter!

Fear Agent for Savage Worlds KickstarterThey’re wrong about space, you know—everyone can hear you scream. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get to hear their screams and not your own. Grab a blaster, fasten your bubble helmet, and get ready for some Fright Checks, because the Fear Agent™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter has begun!

When the earth falls as a side effect of a war between two alien races, what’s left of humanity finds a galaxy of terror and adventure we never knew existed! And if you can’t get your planet back, at least you can get revenge!

Start your journey at the Fear Agent™ Kickstarter—see what backer levels, rewards, and Stretch Goals await you in the cold night of Dark Horse’s pulp sci-fi setting. There’s not just a bonus-sized book, but minis, Bennies, and so much more!

The Fear Agent™ Kickstarter is only half of our Kickstarter Double Feature! Be sure to get a gander at The Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter, too. Both are only here until April 17, so fire up those rockets and get to it!