Savage Worlds Explorer… WANTS You!


Savage Worlds Explorer, Pinnacle’s new, ongoing publication, was successfully launched this past weekend at the 2017 Origins Game Fair and now, we’re reaching out to you for content for future issues.
If you’ve ever wanted to write official (yes, officialSavage Worlds material for Pinnacle Entertainment GroupSavage Worlds Explorer is precisely what you’ve been waiting for.
Whether you’re an established RPG author or a first-timer looking to get your foot in the door, we want to hear your ideas!
Here are some quick and dirty guidelines on what we’re lookin’ for:

  • Adventures: 5,000 words. Stand-alone Savage Tales for any of Pinnacle’s Savage Settings or Companions. (For Licensee settings, please contact the company directly for permission!)
  • Creature Features: 2,500 words. Include creature descriptions and statistics, along with ecology, legends, or other information as applicable/interesting.
  • Character Archetypes: 2,000 words. Include any and all critical mechanics with your query.
  • New WeaponsVehiclesMechsGearetc.: 2,000 words. Devoted to a single item or a compendium of related goods.
  • Something Completely Different: 2-3,000 words. Maybe it’s a useful genre rule we overlooked in Savage Worlds Deluxe, or a suite of Setting Rules to facilitate underwater or ethereal adventuring, or… something else!

So how do you get your stuff into our hands? Just follow these simple steps:
Step 1: Check out our guide to Writing for Pinnacle. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
Step 2: Send a query to Editor-in-Chief Matthew Cutter briefly describing your idea, which Savage Setting it’s for, any illustrations or maps it might need, and any of your published credits, if applicable.
And that’s it! If we like what you submit we’ll work out all the details and give you a deadline.
We look forward to hearing your ideas and seeing you all among the Explorers’ ranks.


Let’s Hear It for Another Savage Review!

Tales of Horror 2 Cover Reviews on the webIt’s always nice when enthusiastic and thorough reviews of our products pop up online and its even more thrilling when said reviews are of materials we published a while ago as it shows that people are still finding that there’s loads of fun to be had in our back catalog.

Case-in-point, all three volumes of our popular Savage Tales of Horror line were originally unleashed upon the world back in 2015, and DriveThruRPG featured reviewer, Cedric C., has just posted a terrific review of Savage Tales of Horror: Volume 2.

Of one of the tales, LARP of Horror, Cedric writes: “LARP of Horror stands out as a scenario new gamemasters and players should try for their first games of Savage Worlds.” See if you agree with Cedric’s review and then grab your own copy of Savage Tales of Horror: Volume 2from our store (available in hardcover and softback)!


Painting Tutorial: Adding Some Color to The Sixth Gun, Part Two

ashercobbA few weeks back, we shared a terrific, step-by-step guide to painting the official Sixth Gun RPG miniatureof legendary Big Bad, General Oliander Bedford Hume.

Now, user “Sam and Max” tackles the Nine-Foot Mystery Mummy himself, Asher Cobb, in all his bandage-wrapped glory. From his wide-brimmed hat to his billowing crimson cloak, you’ll learn how to transform this beautifully sculpted model from bare metal to unliving color, ready to terrorize your players’ gunslingers upon your game table!

Check out this and Sam and Max’s other Sixth Gun miniature painting tutorial over on today!


Talislanta: The Savage Land – A prequel of the classic “No Elves!”

TalislantaThis period is like a nightmarish version of our own Dark Ages. All knowledge of spell-casting has been lost; maps are nearly non-existent, and much of the world is unknown. Most of those who survived The Fall are illiterate, and governed by superstition.

There are no nations, city states, or even laws. In their place, tribes of warriors, nomads, slavers, and refugees struggle to survive in a hostile wasteland, torn by centuries of warfare and a malevolent magical maelstrom known as the Gyre.

The world of TSL is dangerous and largely unexplored. Anything the inhabitants pre-Fall knew of the world is of little value now. The landscape has shifted. The great nations were sundered. Civilization itself has shattered.

Nocturnal Media is proud to bring Talislanta: The Savage Land to the fast, furious and fun rule set of Savage Worlds!


Savage Worlds Red Twill Shirt for Preorder!

frontWear your Savage Worlds pride with style in our awesome new Savage Worlds Red Twill Shirt with the option to have YOUR name embroidered above the pocket!

The shirt can be pre-ordered starting at $50, and either shipped to your home or picked up at Gen Con 2017. This well made, sturdy, button down shirt even has a pen slot in the pocket for giving or gathering autographs at the convention. The back features our Savage Worlds logo in full color screenprint, and the Pinnacle Entertainment Group logo is embroidered on the sleeve.

The sizes available are S – 5XL for men and S – 3XL for ladies. The ladies’ shirts are made to fit a more female shape.

Are you GMing a game at Gen Con? Want to get one of our Savage Worlds Red Twill Shirts for FREE? Read here!



PEG’s Gen Con Plans

GenCon 50

We’re preparing for Gen Con‘s 50th anniversary. We hope you can join us, and we’d absolutely LOVE to hear if you’re running a Savage Worlds game!

Forward Production Assistant Jeannine Acevedo ( the email you received from Gen Con registering your Savage Worlds games. She’ll make a note of it and we’ll have some goodies ready for you at the Studio 2 Publishing booth:

  • Coupons for your players. Who doesn’t love swag? These $5 coupons can be used at the Studio 2 Publishing booth on Pinnacle products or used online for physical or digital purchases. Each coupon is redeemed separately.
  • A coupon for YOU, as thanks! Even one short “demo” game will get you something from us. GMs running 2 4-hour games for 6 people get a $20 coupon. But you may want to consider running 4 games. This usually grants you a free badge to Gen Con (see their website for details–you must submit for the free badge) and we’ll give you one of our new Savage Worlds Red Twill Shirts, embroidered with your name on it! That’s a $60 value or more!

You have until May 28th to request a free GM’s Badge, but don’t delay! The best time slots for running are filling up, and event (game) submission closes March 26th!

Thank you to all the Game Masters who take the time to run fantastic games for others at Gen Con. This year’s Gen Con will be epic, and we can’t wait to see you there!


GM’s Day on DriveThruRPG is March 4th!

Drive Thru LogoDriveThruRPG hosts their annual GM’s Day Sale beginning March 4th. It is their annual sitewide promotion sale!

For this promotion, they’ll be including any Gamemaster Guides, maps, tokens, setting supplements, and adventures! Pinnacle will have our PDF maps for all of our games, all GM Screen inserts, and the Savage Worlds Deluxe core rules for the GM’s Day Sale.

Be sure to visit DriveThruRPG to get great stuff for your gaming group or to try out something new. Savage Worlds has many many…er…worlds to explore!


Coast Con 40th Anniversary Hosts Sean Fannon

CoastCon LogoCon season is heating up, and the next Pinnacle convention appearance is at the 40th anniversary of Coast Con in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Lead Writer/Designer for Savage Rifts® Sean Patrick Fannon plans to Game Master Savage Worlds games and participate in other events throughout the convention. Please stop him to say hello! He’s not exactly what one would call shy.

CoastCon is Mississippi’s longest running and largest science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention. They celebrate 40 years of events and gatherings to promote reading, education, fellowship, and science fiction, fantasy and gaming in all formats across the Southern United States. That’s quite a legacy! We’re honored they invited Sean to join them for the celebration.


Doomtown is Back!

dt_boxtop_lowresWe announced something new is in the works for the beloved game from AEG but it will be a bit before we round up the project. In the meantime mosey on over to our site, where you can now buy Doomtown: Reloaded.

Pinebox Entertainment—our partners for the upcoming cards for Doomtown: Reloadedis founded and run by passionate Doomtown fans and members of the Doomtown:Reloaded team who made the original game. They’re working on cards for all six factions, updated rules and errata, and organized play. Join the discussion over on their forums!

We set all the Saddlebag Expansions, Pine Box Sets, and the Base Set by themselves and in a purty little bundle giving you 10% off. Now’s a great time to get started playin’!

Doomtown is an expandable card game set in the Deadlands™ universe. Based on the classic collectible game, Doomtown: Reloaded is a fast-paced game of gun slingin’, spell slingin’ and mud-slingin’! Use poker hands and card pulls for everything from gunfights to summoning abominations.

Doomtown: Reloaded puts you in charge of one of the four main outfits vying for control of the town called Gomorra: The Law Dogs, the Sloane Gang, the Morgan Cattle Company, and the Fourth Ring.

Who will control the town? Slap leather in the town square and join in the story.




The 10th anniversary of ConNooga is next weekend!

ConNooga10thCon Nooga is located in the Chattanooga Convention Center and historic Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel February 24-26 2017.  Con Nooga has Anime, Comics, Authors, Artists, Music, Science Fiction, Horror, Cosplay, Costuming, Fantasy, British Media, Gaming, Paranormal and so much more. There are panel sessions, contests, events, games and fun. See the gaming schedule, panels, and convention center maps, on their website or check out their app.

Clint and Jodi Black will be there with their impressively smart daughters (who have been convention GMs since they were 9 years old). The family will be involved in several panels at Con Nooga including Game Mastering for Tabletop RPGsWriting for Gamers: Story/Game World Creation, Spoiler Alert! What’s New for Savage Worlds?Promoting Gender Equality in Kids GamingKickstarter 101, and Growth Trend: Women in the Game Industry.

Clint and Jodi will also make sure there’s always someone in the Carolina Game Tables booth to answer your questions about our beautiful game tables for everyday dining and game night! See them at the Exhibit Hall in booths J12 & J13.

Y’all come see—it’s the biggest little con you’ve ever seen, with truly something for everyone!