Accursed Kickstarter Begins!

Accursed Kickstarter ProjectThe forces of evil have triumphed, and those who would continue the fight must rely upon monsters to hold back the darkness. The Accursed—remnants of the Grand Coven’s army twisted into monstrous forms by the Witchmarks burnt into their flesh—wander the land, unable to return to their past lives, and trying to atone for their sins.

Though many succumb to corruption, greed, and insanity, these malformed spawn of a fallen evil are all that stands between the dying light and the uncontrolled tide of the Witches’ malice.

Come to Melior Via’s world of the Accursed. Join in a dark fantasy world in which you struggle to keep the evil transformations of your body from becoming the dark stains upon your soul!

Be sure to check out the Accursed Kickstarter project for full details on awards, stretch goals, and pledge levels.