Doomtown: There Comes a Reckoning is Blowin’ Up on Kickstarter

ecc23b95f9f9fec2cc8c183174845150_originalWow! Just one week into this campaign, and the new There Comes a Reckoning expansion for Doomtown: Reloaded is already well past the $100,000 mark, ensuring delivery of some truly amazing stretch goals with even more close to being unlocked!

If you’ve been thinking of diving into the fast-paced, card-driven world of Doomtown: Reloaded, be sure to toss a few pesos our way to help bring even more exciting things to you by the time this Kickstarter wraps up.

As of now, your generous support means we’re delivering the new There Comes a Reckoning 96-card expansion (including the new Legends cards for the Servitors!) along with a revised, easier-to-understand set of rules. Those pledging may also be bringing home a number of other goodies including the Trunk (for storing all your cards), a Weird West playmat to let you play your games in style, a Gomorra sourcebook for use with the Deadlands RPG, a collection of short fiction, a Deadlands comic book from Visionary Comics, and a brand-new Deadlands RPG adventure, Showstopper! (Don’t that sound nifty?)

Keep your eyes on this Kickstarter amigos, and thanks again to everyone who’s already saddled up for this thrilling new expansion for Doomtown: Reloaded!

The Soul Changers – A Rippers Novel Continues

RR_Soul_Changers_02_900pxHave you had a chance to read the FREE first chapter of The Soul Changers (a novel in seven parts) by author David Boop? If not, be sure to grab it now so you can keep reading this ongoing tale of terror set in the universe of Rippers Resurrected, our gothic horror setting of vampires, werewolves, and other things that go bump in the Victorian night!

Chapter Two – “Between Hunter and Prey” is also now available in a variety of file formats (EPub, Kindle, and PDF) for the low, low price of just $.99 USD!

Follow the adventures of Rey Knappe as he flees Budapest, only to be pursued by a phantom hunter. As Rey feels drawn closer and closer into a trap, he can’t help but wonder who the mystery man is and why he seems familiar. Will Rey find a piece of his lost memories by walking into the trap, or maybe even… his real name?

Take a trip into another world with The Soul Changers available now! Download Chapter One here and grab Chapter Two here.

All-New Fear Agent™ Accessories for GMs and Players

FEAR_Creature_Cards_Digital-900Upgrade your Fear Agent™ RPG games with our new customized Table Tents, Creature Cards, and double-sided Combat Options Chart.

Veteran Savage Worlds Game Masters swear by these Table Tent Cards when running both home and convention games. The two-sided Combat Options Chart will inspire players to think outside the box when dueling dressites or fending off feeders! Finally, the PDF set of fully-illustrated Creature Cards offers a quick-and-easy reference for the GM and a full-color depiction of foes for the players to know exactly who (or what) they’re up against.

The Table Tent Cards and the Combat Options Chart are both absolutely FREE to download and the PDF set of Creature Cards is only $2.99. Such a deal!

Nerdarchy Interviews Clint Black

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebRecently, Nerdarchist Dave (of Nerdarchy) sat down (virtually, anyway) with our own Clint Black for a casual chat about Savage Worldslive-streaming RPGs (from Geek & Sundry to Saving Throw), and Carolina Game Tables. Find out exactly how Clint balances our Savage Worlds game system for Pinnacle Entertainment Group,  learn about some of our many Savage Worlds lines (including Lankhmar and Necessary Evil), and get a little inside scoop about the Flash Gordon Roleplaying Game coming soon to Kickstarter. “Gordon’s ALIVE?!”

Clint even gets a chance to talk a bit about his legendary Savage Worlds convention games, Arcti-Gator vs. Croco-Sharkasaurus as well as it’s out-of-control sequel, Arcti-Gator Rex vs. Robo-Croco-Sharkasaurus (neither of which is coming soon to Syfy).

Find that fantastic interview here!

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