Get Stone Headin’ Your Way!

Stone and a Hard Place for Deadlands ReloadedWe told you that Stone and a Hard Place was coming this week, and he’s not a man to bluff about. You can preorder Stone and a Hard Place right now!

If you get the printed version, it will come as soon as it’s ready. If you get the PDF, you’ll be able to download it immediately. If you get both in the discounted combo, you’ll get the PDF right now and the printed version as soon as we can slap it on a pony.

If you don’t think you can handle the whole enchilada, the Stone and a Hard Place Player’s Guide PDF is also available right now, too.

Either way, this may be your only chance to even get a figurative lead on ol’ Stone. Take it while you can.


Shane Hensley’s Convention Tour of Italy!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouOur own Shane Hensley is coming to Europe, and he’ll be making a few stops along the way at some conventions in Italy. If you’ve ever needed that excuse to run over to Italy, get your air fare ready. If you’re already there, this is your chance to see Shane locally—don’t miss out!

Modena-Play, April 11-12
One of Italy’s most popular gaming events is set in Modena (Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy). With over 28,000 visitors, 90 publishers, 70 exhibitors, and more than 300 free gaming events, last year’s Play was certainly something to see. How can it get better? This year, they’ll be adding Shane at the Savage Worlds Italia booth signing books, meeting Italian Savage Worlds players, and running a game or two—that’s how!

Torino Comics, April 17-19
The 21st Torino Comics will be at Lingotto Fiere with a focus on comics, games and cosplay. The gaming area features stores and companies booths alongside with hundreds of seats for demo games. Last year “Gilda del Grifone” alone ran more than 300 RPG demo sessions, with a grand total of 1213 attendees. Shane will be adding his touch with two-hour English-language Savage Worlds games, a workshop featuring Shane, and a live-streamed Q&A session for new game masters. Be sure to check the Torino site for full details.

Savage Worlds Stopovers on the Information Superhighway

Savage Worlds on the Web: An Interview with Shane HensleyThe internet isn’t filled with just cat pictures and, uh, let’s say “baseball statistics,” you know. Sometimes, there’s Savage Worlds stuff, too!

Cheyenne Wright made an interesting little Google Story of Cheyenne’s trip to ConQuest Sacramento with John Goff. It’s a really nifty annotated picture album of the trip, including preferred candies, that time they got surprised by a mountain range, and photos of John Goff himself worthy of framing.*

If you want your pictures moving, check out this 50 Fathoms fan-made game trailer. Now that’s quite the impressive combination of recruiting, invitation, and save-the-date card!

And if you want your Savage Worlds reference wrapped in a big ol’ sci-fi magazine, see if you can spot the full-page Savage Worlds ad in the latest Sci Fi Max magazine!

* Admittedly, I’m not really sure what decor calls for framed pictures of John Goff. Come to think of it, I suspect that applies to most anyone in gaming.