Dead Men Walking ‘Cross the Finish Line!

The Cackler Graphic Novel KickstarterStone and a Hard Place KickstarterThis is your last chance to hitch your wagon to the Dead Men Walking Kickstarter duo. Both the Cackler Graphic Novel Kickstarter and the Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter close Thursday, March 5, at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter is about 900% funded and has met all the stretch goals we’ve put on it. Don’t let this fantastic Plot Point Campaign and general southwest setting book pass you by—back Stone before that dangerous varmint gets away from you, and remember the Cackler’s Challenge!

The Cackler Graphic Novel Kickstarter is about 150% funded and even met the Cackler’s Challenge! At 500 backers, we unlocked a slew of additional content for the Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarter—that’s new Deadlands Reloaded Game Master Screen Inserts, The Lone Killers of the Southwest with stats and adventure seeds for notorious outlaws, and the never-before-published Deadlands Reloaded version of Dead Men Walking, the most lethal Deadlands adventure Shane runs! Don’t get left out in the cold when we start a new chapter in Deadlands history—back the Cackler while you still can!

To those of you who’ve already backed either or both of our Dead Men Walking Kickstarter pair, our sincere thanks. It’s your support and spreading the word that helps make all this possible, and we couldn’t be happier that you’ve come along with us for this ride deep into the Weird West!


Game Master Memorial Fund Charity Drive for Persephonee Banks

The Game Masters Memorial Fund Charity DriveRecently, fellow gamer, GM, and designer Christopher J. N. Banks lost his only child, Persephonee, age 5½. Our hearts go out to him and his family during this time of grieving.

While there are no magic words we in the publishing community can offer up, we do have games—several publishers are supporting a charity effort with the Game Master Memorial Fund Charity Drive. Proceeds will be donated to help cover medical expenses and a proper tribute to a little girl whose smile has left us far too early. At only $20 with over a dozen Savage Worlds titles and several maps and tokens for any game you play, it’s a good bargain for a good cause.

Whether you choose to support the Game Master Memorial Fund Charity Drive or not, please be sure to spend some time with the special people in your lives while you still have them. It’s all too easy for an opportunity missed to become an opportunity lost.