Savage Worlds Adventure Edition PDF and Print Preorder Options

If you missed out on our recent Kickstarter for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, and you’re wondering about the PDF that everybody’s talking about, here’s what you need to know!

If you like pixels and only want the electronic version, go to the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (PDF) page to order now from Pinnacle directly, or grab it from!

For the Print+PDF option, visit the Pledge Manager where you can back Savage Worlds Adventure Edition at one of four reward levels (ranging from the basic $50 Core Book to the $200 Ultimate level featuring the regular edition of the Core Book, the signed Collector’s Edition, AND the Savage Worlds Essentials Boxed Set). Once you’ve paid for your order, just email to get the latest PDF added to your Pinnacle website account. If you don’t have an account yet, create one!

Please note that some items are limited (extra copies of the signed Collector’s Edition, for example), so you may want to complete your order quickly to lock it all in.

The Pledge Manager will remain open until April 3, 2019.

To find out more (including details about international shipping), click here.


Deadlands: The Fright Before Christmas… Available Now!

Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays, amigos!

This season we have a very special adventure for you all titled The Fright Before Christmas written by Matthew Cutter. It’s designed for use with Deadlands: The Weird West, but it is easily adaptable to almost any Savage Setting.

The tale starts in a little orphanage on Christmas Eve. The players are children who stay up a bit too late and hear the pitter-patter of something on the rooftop…

This is a “Pay What You Want” adventure available only through DriveThruRPG, with all proceeds going to our friend, Jamie Chambers, whose awesome daughter Liz is battling cancer, a far more terrible foe than anything we’ve ever come up with.

Please enjoy the adventure and help out Jamie, Liz, and the Chambers family.

Thanks, pardners!


The Cackler Graphic Novel – PDF Now Available in Our Store

Looking for a few hints about what awaits us all in the forthcoming Deadlands: Dark Ages? Then grab a copy of The Cackler graphic novel from our store today and read all about this ancient Harrowed and his search for a very particular blood relative for a nefarious and mysterious ritual that could change the world of Deadlands forever!

Deadlands: The Cackler is written by Shane Hensley (Pinnacle President and creator of Savage Worlds) and features art by the legendary Bart Sears along with bold colors by the amazing Michael Atiyeh.

Get your copy of Deadlands: The Cackler in PDF format from the Pinnacle store as well as DriveThruRPG.


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