Savage Rifts Release Trio!

Rifts Archetypes Set 2Rifts Archetypes Set 1Starved for a new release or two for Rifts® for Savage Worlds? We’ve got your cravings covered and then some!

We’ve got two new sets of print-and-play characters ready to go for you. Rifts® Archetypes Set 1 and Rifts® Archetypes Set 2* are both available right now as PDFs to help get you into the swing of things quicker or populate your one-shot games! Each set of Archetypes gives you a six pack of classic Rifts® personality that can be played immediately or serve as a base for your own creativity.

But I promised you more than a release or two, so here comes the third one—the Savage Worlds Rifts GM Screen Inserts PDF is just waiting to help you run your next game of Rifts® for Savage Worlds. You get all the charts and tables you need to run the game and enough stunning art from the book to really set the mood at the table. These printables are ready to go straight into the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen—or on whatever you’re using as a screen now!

* I know. We really spent the whole creative budget right there on that name, didn’t we? Never saw it coming, did you? All the good stuff is inside!


Reviews, Discussions, and Podcasts—Oh My!

Savage Worlds on the WebWhere are those extinguisher ear muffs—our ears are really burning! Who’s talking about Savage Worlds lately?

The fine folks at The Gauntlet Podcast  have a new episode that includes a discussion of Necessary Evil and Savage Worlds in general. That part starts around the twelve minute mark, but feel free to listen to the whole thing—the more you know, and all that.

Forgot My Dice has put out a dedicated review of Savage Worlds in anticipation of the release of Rifts® for Savage Worlds. They also go into highlights of quite a few settings.

There’s also a new episode of The Wild Die: A Savage Worlds Podcast out there for you. It’s got a pretty wide variety of topics in it, so buckle up for the whole ride!

GRAmel Releases Prison of the Dragon God

GRAmel's Prison of the Dragon GodWelcome to Bailongan, jewel of the southern seas. There are secrets here—nefarious Sky Pirates preying on the helpless, strange jellyfish people, dangerous Imperial Japanese forces under the mystical Black Dragon Society, and a volcano hiding a darker secret still. Danger, excitement, and things that really shouldn’t be in the skies await you in the Prison of the Dragon God!

The Prison of the Dragon God is a pulp adventure for Savage Worlds from licensee GRAmel Games. It has enough setting material and story hooks to start a pulp campaign of your own on the exotic island of Bailongan, or it could be a standalone adventure for a group of four or so (with pre-generated characters included as a option).

Why wait? The Pacific is calling you—or is that something else calling entirely?

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