Doomtown: Reloaded – Now Bigger and Better

Mockup_v4[14508]While we finalize all the details behind this here curtain, we wanted to share with you all exactly what we mean when we say “bigger and better.”

First off, Doomtown has always been a part of the Deadlands universe, but generally it has kept to its own sandbox. Now, with this next expansion, the game is directly, unequivocally, and officially tied to the entire Weird West!

Our previous title, “Tales From the Epitaph, didn’t really convey this significant change, so we’ve renamed it There Comes a Reckoning. You’ll see all the major Deadlands adversaries in the game including the four servitors: Reverend Grimme, Darius Hellstromme, Stone, and of course the one who started it all… Raven.*

We’ve also done more than just offer another Saddle Bag or Pine Box… We’ve created the TRUNK to help you house and organize your ENTIRE collection! This sturdy, heavy duty box not only contains There Comes a Reckoning, it also holds all your other cards, plus it comes with dividers to help you keep all six factions from quarreling with each other while you’re away. We’ll be sure to post some pics (inside and outside) of this bad boy soon!

When it comes time to support the Kickstarter, you’ll be able to pledge for just the cards, or for the deluxe Trunk, as you see fit, pardner!

Not only will you get a phenomenal new expansion and a heavy duty box to store everything in, to better integrate with the setting of the Deadlands roleplaying game, we’re including a gorgeous, full-color sourcebook for Doomtown: Reloaded with background and stats for the most interesting rascals, varmints, and critters found in the game… as well as featuring Ivor’s final stand on the cover, gloriously rendered by artist David Hammond.

And finally, we’re also including a complete copy of the rules, updated to the latest edition, featuring the most recent FAQ, and lavishly illustrated with some of the best art Doomtown has to offer!

We’ll let you all know the launch date just as soon as we nail down a few final details, but trust us… It won’t be much longer!

*For Deadlands RPG fans, this set comes before the events described in the Servitor Plot Point Campaigns. We’ll reflect those events as our timeline catches up in future updates.

Get Gaming Now with Fear Agent™ and The Goon™

Bollaire_Front_Cover-900FEAR_Feeding_Time_Adventure_Cover-900For those who’ve been anxiously following the progress and delivery of items for both Fear Agent™ and The Goon™ for Savage Worlds, you’ll be delighted to know that all the products thus far released to Kickstarter backers are now available to all in PDF directly from our site.

This includes Character Archetypes for Fear Agent™ and The Goon™, GM Screen Inserts for Fear Agent™ and The Goon™, and GM Screen Adventures for Fear Agent™ (Feeding Time) and The Goon™ (The Great Bollaire Street Block Party).

Also, if you still want to jump on the print + PDF preorder, visit the Fear Agent™ and The Goon™ campaign page over at and get your hands on some cool freebies when you order!

Painting Tutorial: Adding Some Color to The Sixth Gun, Part Four

drakeminiatureThese painting tutorials for our Sixth Gun miniatures are coming at us… fast and furious!

In previous weeks, user “Sam and Max” has covered Missy Hume, Asher Cobb, and the notorious General Oliander Bedford Hume. This time around, it’s everyone’s favorite six gun-totin’ anti-hero, Drake Sinclair.

While Sam and Max admittedly took a couple liberties with Sinclair’s final painted appearance, it is still a terrific step-by-step guide to making the most of your metal minis.

Find this and Sam and Max’s other excellent Sixth Gun miniature painting tutorials at We look forward to seeing which character from The Sixth Gun is comin’ up next!

And if you’re feeling inspired, don’t forget that we have miniatures sets available for a few of our other titles including East Texas University, The Last Parsec, and Deadlands.

New Savage Worlds Actual Play Podcast: Borchardbriar

Savage Worlds Actual Play PodcastsIt’s time for a brand new Savage Worlds Actual Play Podcast, this time coming to your ears from the fine folks with the Minionworks Podcasting Network. Get ready for Borchardbriar:

“It is a dark time across the land – the foxlord, Renard, casts a long shadow from his castle across all Four Corners. In the wake of his rule, a perpetual autumn shrouds the land in red and gold. Food rots in fields, but never ripens. Each new moon, the furred folk of the Four Cities send their tithe of youth to his court. Drawing stones from his cauldron, some join his army… and others his larder. In the southern city of Clowdertown, resistance grows. Brought together by the raccoon crime boss, Papa Ringtail, they will strike back at the foxlord’s regime so that no more young will march into… Borchardbriar.”

The first episode focuses on character creation and is intended to be a pilot as well as a potential kickoff for a Patreon-backed limited series.

Give it a listen!

Thick as Thieves Kickstarter Is Underway

thickasthieves‘Ello there, gov’na! S’pose you be lookin’ for a fun, new way to pass the time, eh? Well, feast yer eyes on the latest parlour game from our good friend Michael Conn of Graven Brush Games called, Thick as Thieves!

Y’see sometimes we all like to take a little break between sessions of Savage Worlds and Thick as Thieves is ideal when you’ve got about 15-30 minutes to spare.

Thick as Thieves is a card game of devious cunning, backhanded mischief, and madcap antics all rolled up in a ridiculously loony Cockney accent! It’s a stand-alone, competitive game for two to six players, where you play a thief out on the prowl trying to snatch up the best loot the town has to offer before your friends do.

Keep your eyes out for them bobbies (the cops, o’course) and ‘av a look at the Thick as Thieves Kickstarter today!*

* Apologies to all our friends in the United Kingdom for our crude attempts at Victorian slang!

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