Doomtown: Reloaded – World Championship Report

Mockup_v4[14508]For those wondering about the various Doomtown: Reloaded events that took place at this year’s Gen Con, Alex Wirges of Pine Box Entertainment was there for it all and we’ll just let him tell you about it in his own words. Take it away Alex!

“WOW! What an amazing Gen Con! Thank you all for coming out and showing your support.

We had 33 players for Evil is a Choice who battled it out to determine which servitor would come out on top. James Meredith lead The Fourth Ring to victory alongside the Legendary Ezekiah Grimme. For his prize, James was given the opportunity to name a new Legend card to appear in a future set and he chose the one-and-only Doc Holliday!


Saturday was a big day with 35 players showing up for the World Championship. After nine rounds, Richard Carter emerged victorious with The 108 Righteous Bandits. As his prize, Richard will be helping us design a card for a future Doomtown: Reloaded set. It was a lot of fun watching fans come together in competition and as a community, and there was even a bit of news too!

You’ve all read about the 24 cards for There Comes a Reckoning, and on Saturday, during the PEG Seminar, Pine Box Entertainment announced that 24 additional cards have already been designed and playtested! These cards will be available as stretch goals in the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign, so watch this space for news!”

Exclusive (and Free) Pinnacle Wallpaper

SettingsWe’ll be sharing lots of exciting news with you from Gen Con 50 over the next few weeks, but one thing we definitely wanted to get into your hands now is this new, exclusive wallpaper (available in various sizes for your PC, tablet, or phone) featuring several of our current products as well as a few surprises!

Grab the free image here and be sure to take a real close look.

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