The Whole Hole Now Available!

The Whole Hole: Volume 01, Keister IslandThe Whole Hole: A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith, Volume 01: Keister Island is the first in a series (That whole “Volume 01” makes a lot more sense now, don’t it?) of guidebooks and expansions for Low Life: Rise of the Lowly—a world gazillions of years in the future where the hoomanrace is extinct and everybody evolved from the dregs that survived the various cataclysms and apocalypses…your cockroaches, your worms, your snack cakes, and definitely your what-have-yous. The book is filled with the literally fantastic art of Andy Hopp.

Join intrepid gadabout Toucanacondor Flaminguez as he tours Keister Island. Explore dozens of locales, meet hundreds of peeps, examine new religions, gawp in awe at wondrous magics, and run in terror from a bunsload of horrifying monstrosities. Investigate the Fundamental nature of all things, dabble in smellcasting at the Garden of Smellemental Glee, chug suds with Floom’s elite, and marvel at the bottomless Keister of Gawd.

There’s new Edges and Hindrances, new PC species, new Setting Rules, and twenty pages of new monsters. Seriously, stop reading the description and just buy the goosin’ thing already.

The Whole Hole is an expansion for the Low Life RPG, an official Savage Setting, and uses the Savage Worlds rules.