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More for ETU/DOH Backers and Fans!

ETU ArchetypesIt’s a big day for East Texas University and Degrees of Horror backers! Both the ETU Adventure Generator and Off Radio (ETU fiction) are now freely available to you. If you didn’t have the chance to back the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter, these will both be coming your way later.

The ETU Archetypes are also available today. With twelve different characters (from jock to journalist and geek to rodeo queen) ready to go, including stats and figure flats, you’re ready to fill your ETU game with friendly freshman faces from the first! If you’re more of a three-dimensional purist, don’t worry—ten of the archetypes are the base models for the first batch of ETU Miniatures.

Are you still somehow on the fence? You should consider a career as a rodeo clown and be sure to catch the recording of Jerrod Gunning’s Savage Worlds GM Hangout tonight, July 15, for Beelzebubba, a live play demo of ETU!


Fantasy Grounds Brings Savage Worlds to Steam!

Savage Worlds on SteamFantasy Grounds is bringing the award-winning Savage Worlds roleplaying system to the highly-popular Steam web gaming engine! Fantasy Grounds will become available this Friday, May 9, at 11:00 am Pacific Time, and Savage Worlds is the first available downloadable module!

Fantasy Grounds will continue to release additional Savage Worlds content for the Steam web gaming engine to keep you happy. Just in case you feel like foolin’ around on us with some other RPG, they’ll be making those available as well. Don’t worry—we understand and we know you’ll be back…

Great Northwest Trail Guide Available for Fantasy Grounds!

Deadlands Reloaded: The Great Northwest Trail GuideTrail Guide: The Great Northwest for Fantasy Grounds is now available! A thick blanket of snow muffles the sounds of terror in a land where the cold and the hunger are both biting, sometimes literally! See if your posse can survive the Winter War being fought across Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho—a war most will never know of until it’s too late.

Trail Guide: The Great Northwest joins the existing catalog of Savage Worlds for Fantasy Grounds, expanding the frontier for both Deadlands and Smiteworks’ virtual tabletop gaming environment. Check out the whole list today, and get your game going across the globe—before the Reckoning claims it all, my frozen amigo!

Hero Labs Custom Files for Weird Wars: Rome and Slipstream Now Available!

Savage Worlds in Hero LabThanks to Ron and Lenny, some of the fine folks from the Hero Lab web forum, you can now download Weird Wars: Rome setting files for Hero Lab and Slipstream setting files for Hero Labs.

With these setting files, you can use Lone Wolf’s popular Hero Lab software to quickly create and manage character sheets for two more Savage Worlds settings. Be sure to check out Hero Lab for Savage Worlds—including free demo downloads for Mac and Windows—today!

Free Savage Worlds Toolset Released

Savage Worlds ToolsetTo help you get more out of the Science Fiction Companion, Brendan at Squid&Crow (and one of our own webmasters) has released a set of tools to help you quickly generate Power Armor, Robots, Vehicles, Walkers, and Starships based entirely on the Science Fiction Companion rules. You decide on the gear, and the tools will handle the math!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Depending on community involvement and demand, more tools will be built and released over time. Pop by the Savage Worlds Toolset page and let Brendan know what you like and what you want, and we’ll make sure you spend even less time prepping and more time playing!

Hell on Earth Reloaded Now Available for Fantasy Grounds!

Hell on Earth Reloaded for Fantasy GroundsHell on Earth Reloaded is now available for Fantasy Grounds for Savage Worlds! Bind a tech spirit or two to bring your gaming group together across the trackless electronic void and adventure in the post-apocalyptic future of the strange past of Deadlands!

Hell on Earth Reloaded is available in either the player module only or the two-pack of player and GM modules, expanding the already-impressive list of settings and adventures ready for Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds! Check out the whole list today, and get your game going across the globe—no matter how shattered it may be!

The Old Absinthe House Blues Now Available for Fantasy Grounds!

The Old Absinthe House Blues for Fantasy GroundsThe Deadlands: Noir adventure The Old Absinthe House Blues is now available for Fantasy Grounds for Savage Worlds! Get your friends together—wherever they may be in this gritty world of neon and lost hope—to find the missing dame with a velvet voice.

The Old Absinthe House Blues joins a whole passel of settings and adventures ready for Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds! Check out the whole list today, and get your game going across the globe.

More Fantasy Grounds Support for Slipstream and Deadlands Reloaded

Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop SoftwareSmiteworks has just released conversions of The 1880 Smith & Robards Catalog (the premiere gear support for Deadlands Reloaded) and Heart of Steel (an adventure for the Slipstream setting). These releases fully integrate into the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop software. That’s right, you can finally order a clockwork de-moler on the internet!

The Smith & Robards Catalog brings together hundreds of new item, including the images and the text for easy reference online with or at the table! The items can also be dragged on character sheets for use in game. Between that and the many adventure hooks, your Deadlands game can’t help but be more memorable!

Heart of Steel is a complete Slipstream adventure ready to run as-is (or modified as you like) on Fantasy Grounds. With more NPCs, items pre-loaded with stats, Edges and Hindrances, all fully linked and ready to drop in, you’re set to step into an outer space where the air is really thin…and dominated by the evil Queen Anathraxis. Charge your ray gun and ready your rockets!

Remember, Fantasy Grounds already offers a full suite of roleplaying tools for Savage Worlds, including dice, initiative cards, character sheets, maps, character tokens, and bennies, with expansion packs for 50 FathomsDeadlands, and Slipstream, as well as accessories like the Super Powers CompanionHorror Companion, and the Adventure Deck!

Don’t delay—see what Fantasy Grounds can do for your online gaming today!

Expand Your Gaming Outreach in 2013 with Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop SoftwareIf you’re anything like me, “Game more!” was probably your most significant New Year’s resolution for 2013, and Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop software can really help you with that.

Fantasy Grounds offers a full suite of roleplaying tools for Savage Worlds, including dice, initiative cards, character sheets, maps, character tokens, and bennies, just to name a few. You can also get expansion packs to fully integrate existing Savage Worlds settings such as 50 Fathoms, Deadlands, and Slipstream, as well as accessories like the Super Powers Companion, Horror Companion, and Adventure Deck! You can even get existing adventures!

If you’re into your own custom campaign settings or just like to tinker, you can also develop your own materials for the virtual tabletop. There are even existing guides for creating new Fantasy Grounds campaigns, creating story entries for Fantasy Grounds campaigns, using Savage Worlds in Fantasy Grounds, and the Savage Worlds combat tracker.

Keep in touch with those far-flung friends, and make this the year you harness the internet for more gaming!

Rippers in Hero Lab—Free!

Rippers for Hero LabHero Lab—the award-winning character creation software—is ready to help you take back the night with added support for Rippers. This is the third setting for Savage Worlds that Hero Lab has made available, joining Deadlands: Reloaded and The Savage World of Solomon Kane.

Did we mention that all three of those setting files are free downloads? That’s right, absolutely free.

So see what everyone’s talking about and make some spiffy characters of your own: check out Hero Lab for Savage Worlds today!