New Licensee DramaScape Lays Their Cards on Your Table!

DramaScape SciFi Weapons CardsDramaScape is making their first Savage Worlds product in style! Their SciFi Weapon Cards are available both as a printable PDF and as poker-sized, double-sided, UV-coated, physical cards to add to your game. They’ll even give you the PDF for free with the physical product!

It’s never been easier—or safer—to toss a gun down in the middle of your friends during a game. That’s a definite advantage over leaving a real phaser laying around the house!


Handy New Deadlands Miniatures

Deadlands Weapons and Accessories PackThe Weird West is a tough place to be alone, and sometimes you need a hand. Good news, amigo! We’ve got you covered!

The new Deadlands Weapons and Accessories pack brings you a set of replacement hands and bits to help you customize your Deadlands minis—heck, any minis, really—exactly the way you want ’em.

Need a gun? How about eight? From pistols to rifles to mad science, you got it. Melee weapons? Books? Cards? All there, partner. All there.

If you don’t want to make your posse face the best-armed bunch of animated hands ever, be sure to check out Reaper’s full Savage Worlds miniature line for things to customize. You make the world what you want, why not do the same to your minis?