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Apocalypse Prevention, Incorporated Second Edition KickstarterThe world is a more dangerous place than most people know, and it’s constantly on the brink of destruction. Someone has to save it, and there may as well be a little profit involved.

This is the world of Apocalypse Prevention, Incorporated (API). It’s filled with monsters and demons from other worlds, as well as this one—and some of them are your coworkers and partners. You and your fellow API agents apply your various talents—inborn abilities, magical arts, cybernetics, and old-fashioned fists—to keeping the world the way you like it.

The API Second Edition Kickstarter brings you an updated version of Third Eye Games‘ action-horror-humor-espionage setting, with both revised rules for the original system and full support for Savage Worlds! Be sure to check out the API2E Kickstarter for full details on backer levels, stretch goals, and rewards.

Just remember, if you don’t save the world, who will? Back the API2E Kickstarter today!


Fantastic Fables Now Available!

Fantastic FablesSavage Worlds fiction expands even further with the release of Fantastic Fables: Tales of Savage Worlds! This first-of-a-kind multi-publisher fiction bundle features several Savage Worlds licenseesincluding Battlefield Press, Mystical Throne Entertainment, Third Eye Games, and many others.

Fantastic Fables includes several different file formats to best suit your choice of electronic reader. Great fiction in convenient formats at a discount—what are you waiting for, get yours today!


Pinnacle Celebrates Labor Day Weekend with Gaming!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouLabor Day weekend is a time of celebration here in the states, and—for some of us, at least—that means game conventions!

Our own Shane HensleyEd Wetterman (one of the main ETU: Degrees of Horror developers at 12 to Midnight), and Tim Brown (of Dark Sun and Dragon Kings fame) will be at TactiCon in Denver. See what may now be the largest Savage Saturday Night in the world!

The infamous Clint Black, the lovely Jodi Black, and the undefinite Joel Kinstle will all be at Dragon Con in Atlanta. Be sure to check out Savage Sunday Night while you’re there! Licensees in attendance include Blackwyrm Publishing, Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games, and Ken Hite of Atomic Overmind Press.

Whichever convention you find yourself at, be sure to find us, too! We’re always happy to talk to a Savage Worlds fan.

If, for some weird reason, you don’t come see us, then enjoy the long holiday weekends with friends, family, and festivities on your own! If you can’t have fun with us, just be sure you’re having fun!

India MikeAnd if you weren’t able to come to Gen Con, Roo Sack Gamers has posted the audio of the Pinnacle Seminar. But if you get only one thing from the Pinnacle Seminar, it probably needs to be this picture* of Evil Mike.

Thanks to Mike Dukes of Vorpal Edge Productions for the photo.


Third Eye Games Brings API to Savage Worlds!

API for Savage WorldsThird Eye Games is proud to release Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. – Savage Worlds Edition! In one handy book you’ll get everything you need to know about API as a company, the demons it works with and against, and rules for using Magic, Cybernetics and Martial Arts in your Savage Worlds games. The PDF is available now, and the book has been sent to printer for future physical distribution!

Monsters and demons have existed on earth from the beginning, terrorizing humanity throughout history. But some of them decided to fight back, creating a company of like-minded beings to defend the earth from supernatural threats. Today, that company is Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.—API—a shadowy entity with its hands in every facet of life around the globe and policing supernatural activity.

Each API agent walks their own path. Some become adepts, learning magic. Others enhance their bodies with cybernetic implants, chipping away their own humanity for the greater good. Intense combat training appeals to the exceptionally self-sufficient. There are even demons that rely on their natural abilities, such as the aquatic lochs, shape-shifting changelings, or pyrotechnic burners!

Whether you specialize in one field or dabble in many, take up arms against the darkness in the fight for earth and mankind! Join API today so there will be a tomorrow for us all!