A Little Taste of Hell

Our good friends at Studio 2 Publishing had an idea for Hell On Earth semi-niggling at the back of their brains, gnawing around like the worm you shouldn’t drink from the glowing, green tequila.

Don’t worry your pretty little parasite-filled head about it, though, for all will be revealed next week. Well, all of the plans—hopefully not all of your brains.

But until then let’s kick off the conjecture and start the speculation with a hint of what’s to come.


New Setting Revealed Next Week!

Savage Worlds Dawns on KickstarterIt’s like a revolution here at Pinnacle. We’ve got a new setting to talk about next week, and we’re going to try something new to us—Kickstarter! We’re even pretty sure what we’re doing with our Kickstarter is new, too!

Are we suffering from spring madness? Maybe. Are you suffering from insatiable curiosity? Probably. Do you desperately want a hint that’s almost certainly misleading? Well, let me oblige—the setting is something old with something new, where something dead can sing the blues…

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Be sure to drop by next week for the full skinny.