Gen Con Wrap-Up

Pinnacle at GenConIt’s hard to believe Gen Con is a week behind us. Just because it’s past doesn’t mean you have to let it go, though! Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill has a recording of the Pinnacle Seminar posted for you, and there’s an interview with Shane Hensley at Gen Con out there as well. Whether you couldn’t make it or just can’t let go, these are for you.

And speaking of stuff you really wanted to buy in the Gen Con Dealers’ Hall,* here’s your chance. The new die-cut Savage Worlds Token Sheet is available on the Pinnacle Web Store. These double-sided counters will help you mark all the status effects you could want in Savage Worlds, from Aim to Wound and everything in-between! As an added bonus, you can even get it free (with a $100 or more order, otherwise it’s a ridiculously reasonable $9.99). I don’t know how long this deal (or the supplies) will hold out, though, so buy your Token Sheet now before it’s too late.

* Yes, that segue really was just as smooth as you thought it wasn’t.


Smiling Jack Posts Episode 25: Mix and Mash!

Smiling Jack's PodcastSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill podcast has just released Episode 25: Mix and Mash! Join your hosts—Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs, Doug aka Steve, and Justin Suzuki—for an hour of Savage Worlds audio goodness.

Like a mighty river, the topics flow where they want to. Start with their Savage Worlds experiences since the last show, slide into troublesome player woes, and hit the highlights of new Kickstarters and releases. The next bend brings us to RPG addiction and how easy (or not) gaming would be to give up, and gaming communities. End your journey with a discussion of the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck, mixing settings, and the announcement of the next actual play podcast!

The joy is in the journey, so spend a little time with ol’ Smiling Jack today.


Smiling Jack’s Talks with Several Savage Friends

Smiling Jack's PodcastSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill has released podcast Episode 24 featuring a slew of Savage Worlds guests, including Sean Patrick Fannon, Shawn Gore, Bill Keyes, Eloy Lasanta, Michael Surbrook, and Ross Watson. See, I wasn’t kidding about a “slew.”

Find out what’s up with their various endeavors, enjoy your hosts (Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs, Doug aka Steve, and Justin Suzuki), and stay for the interesting “pick your favorite Hindrance” question at the end!


Smiling Jack’s Podcast Talks With Shane Hensley and Clint Black

Smiling Jack's PodcastSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill has released Episode 23 of their Savage Worlds podcast featuring an interview with our own Shane Hensley and Clint Black. Hear their take on the recently-launched Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion and Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) and several other things Savage Worlds!

Hang out after the interview for the cast’s ruminations on their experience with Realms of Cthulhu from their actual play podcast of the Savage Worlds setting of eldritch horror!


Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill

Smiling Jacks Bar and GrillOctober—the clear fall air, the changing leaves, and episode 22 of Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill!

Take a break and listen to the crew as they cover something for everyone!

Like the theme song says, pull up a stump and hang out at Smiling Jack’s today.


Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill—The Torch Is Passed

Smiling Jack's Bar and GrillEpisode 17: Hello Goodbye is January’s installment from Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill and the last episode featuring Ron and Veronica Blessing. After seven years of podcasting, they’re hanging up their microphones and turning the reins over to Justin Suzuki and Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs.

The goodbyes are just a small part of the episode, though. They talk about Savage Worlds, new products, some Kickstarters, the upcoming GenghisCon, the Rocky Mountain Savages, and more!

Take an hour or so and give it a listen. Be sure to wish Veronica and Ron a fond farewell and extend a warm welcome to Chris and Justin.


Smiling Jack’s Sweet Sixteen!

Smiling Jack's Bar & Grill Episode 16: Electric BoogalooSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill triumphantly returns to their regular schedule after Veronica and Ron have a child, Chris Fuchs mothers a con, and Justin Suzuki claims to have done something with a game that put a very unwholesome image in my mind.* R2, aka “The Silent Fifth Man,” also joined the regular cast.

Unlike other sweet sixteens I’ve been involved with, there was no talk of cars, boys, nail polish, high school, or clothes! The focus of the show is on electronic tools, including Justin’s review of Hero Lab!

Vern also takes a minute to dash my hopes and dreams with a grizzly piece of truth. I guess my childhood days of wonder are finally behind me now.

*That’s almost certainly just me, though. I have that kind of mind.


Smiling Jack’s is Back and Live* from Tacticon

Smiling Jack's Bar and Grill PodcastSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill talks with the people in this show recorded live, on-location from TactiCon’s Savage Saturday Night! If you’re interested in a wide-ranging conversation, some summary of the awesome games from TactiCon, or just hearing from their surprise celebrity gaming guest, you should listen now!

This show is also a milestone for the Savage Mommy (Chris “Beldar1215″ Fuchs) of the Rocky Mountain Savages, as it’s the first show in which he’s introduced as a new part of the permanent cast, joining Veronica Blessing, Justin Suzuki, and Ron Blessing for—one presumes—all time. [Cue the thunder!—Ed.]

*Well, as “live” as a podcast can really get, I suppose.


Smiling Jack’s Spices up Saturday Nights!

Smiling Jack's Bar & GrillSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill makes plans to put a little spice into your summer Saturday nights. This week, the staff (sans Justin) were joined by Rocky Mountain Savages founders, Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs and Neal Hyde, with The Denver Gamers Association represented by Bill Stilson (President) and Tammy Stilson (Security Coordinator). The topic? Savage Saturday Nights.

Learn how to host a Savage Saturday Night, how to prep for one, and what it takes to build the right relationship with your local convention. You’ll also get an inside look into how the upcoming TactiCon Savage Saturday Night is shaping up.

Oh, and there might be a little announcement about a new Smiling Jack’s feature kicking off with our own Matthew Cutter as the first guest…


Smiling Jack’s Hits the Teens!

Smiling Jack's Bar & GrillSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill tackles the often-misunderstood bedrock of Savage Worlds settings—the  Plot Point Campaign. But it’s summer, and they know you’ve got the free time to listen to them also talk about Deadlands Noir and Kickstarter in general, Hero Lab and their Savage settings support, the Savage Worlds Combat Tracker from Roseburner Limited, and the plans for TactiCon.

Listen as the “normal” staff are joined by Scott “DARTNET” Crosson, Carl “CarlH” Hickman, Doug “DKeester” Keester, and the Savage Mommy (Chris “Beldar1215” Fuchs) of the Rocky Mountain Savages. Be amazed as they cover all that material in a show of normal length!

Intrigued? Interested? Desperate to hear for yourself? I thought you would be, so here’s a handy link to  Episode 13: Kickstart Your PPC. Listen yourself silly!