A Thule and His Money: New Pulp Adventure from Silver Gryphon

A Thule and His Money from Silver Gryphon GamesWellstone City, 1937. A name you can’t quite place is throwing around a lot of money to get a job done. It’s a job you can do, and it’s money you’d like. All you’ve got to do is get some crusty antique thing away from some crusty antique guy, then catch a zeppelin to Greece.

But nothing stays simple. Pretty soon, you’re in the middle of multiple secret societies, G-men, and double agents. Everyone is selling some sort of truth about what’s going on. The question is, can you pay the price when you choose?

A Thule and His Money comes with two full maps from Fabled Environments (including the massive zeppelin that may well be the scene of an equally massive fight over a ridiculously massive ocean) and an exciting beginning that doesn’t involve a bar. Seriously, aside from brass knuckles, how can you beat that?


Fabled Environments High School Kickstarter Closing Thursday!

Fabled Environments High School Map Kickstarter ProjectJust as school is about to start across the country, Fabled Environment’s High School Kickstarter is about to close!

In addition to being a handy-dandy game accessory, one of their already-achieved stretch goals is a Savage Worlds adventure from Kevin Rohan and the fine folks at Silver Gryphon Games!

If you act fast, you still have (a little) time to back their High School map Kickstarter project and get all sorts of game-map goodies. Don’t delay—check it out today!


Red Blizzard: New from Silver Gryphon

Driving through forlorn countryside in the dark and the snow is a nightmare, but that nightmare is just beginning. A sudden accident leaves you stranded, a victim to the storm, until a helpful stranger happens by and offers to put you up for the night. There’s no way you can survive the darkening snow, but can you survive a kindly offer of hospitality?

Silver Gryphon’s Red Blizzard is 29 pages of adventure by Shannon Patrick and Kevin Rohan, featuring the art of Storn Cook and the colors of Ben Overmyer. Red Blizzard is available from Silver Gryphon directly or from DriveThruRPG.