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Shane Going Strong on Visible Cities

Visible Cities PodcastOur very own Shane Hensley is really enjoying his Let’s Ask Shane* segments in the new Visible Cities podcast. If you’ve ever wanted Shane’s answer to a question that’s plaguing you, just e-mail our own Jodi Black to get your query in the queue.

With three episodes complete and more on the way, Visible Cities is bringing you a variety of gaming industry insiders and information. Be sure to check it out for yourself.

*No, you’re not imagining things. It was originally titled Shane on Games. Remember, change is a constant in every feature of our lives, except for most vending machines.


ETU Goodies and News

Scavenger Hunt - A One Sheet Adventure for ETUTo celebrate the continuing success of the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign, we just released Scavenger Hunt, a brand new One Sheet for the ETU setting! It’s all fun and games until you have to help your friend stop an interdimensional invasion. If you’re not up to the task, then something from somewhere is going to breach our realm in the middle of the gym, and there’s no way that’ll be good for that hardwood floor. Don’t forget, like all our One Sheets, Scavenger Hunt is totally free!

Speaking of success, you’ve rounded up enough of a crowd for the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign to hit the next stretch goal, the Creature Feature: La Bruja. You’ll get all the details to bring these “lovely” señoritas to the party, including an adventure and Figure Flats!

You bring some more friends, and we’ll do the same. The next stretch goal is two pages of Figure Flats of the Heroes of ETU, including staff, faculty, students, and regular (or are they?) folks. Sign up today and bring a buddy, or just bring a buddy if you’re already on board.

Want to hear more? The ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign is certainly generating a lot of talk, so I presume you do. This week, catch the ETU Edition of the Savage Worlds GM Hangout this Wednesday, June 4, 7:00 pm Pacific Time. Ed Wetterman will join the gang to discuss the finer points of horror gaming in Savage Worlds and the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter.

If you can’t catch that [or worry that Ed's dulcet tones may lead you to start scratching pentagrams in your oatmeal the next morning], check out Roleplayer’s Chronicle Q&A with the Creators of East Texas University and Degrees of Horror. See what Preston, Ed, and Shane have to say. Remember, in print, you always think you can look away in time…

Oh, and just like “real” college, the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter won’t last forever. You’ve only got until June 11, which is closer than you might think!

Don’t Forget Shane This Week at Phoenix Comicon

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouRemember to catch our own Shane Hensley at Phoenix Comicon. [I don't suggest the "salt his tail feathers" method of catching him—it doesn't work.] Come on out June 5-8 to catch his Deadlands panel. He’s happy to talk all about Deadlands RPG projects, the upcoming Xbox Originals Deadlands series, and anything else we’re up to. He’s also happy to sign anything [within reason] that you want to bring on by. Don’t miss out!

Shane Featured on New Podcast!

Visible Cities PodcastOur very own Shane Hensley is going to be a recurring feature in the new Visible Cities podcast. Their focus will be on tabletop and video game design and culture—a for-gamers, by-gamers sort of thing. 

The first episode features a full-length interview with Shane, and each new episode will include an installment of Shane on Games, in which he answers questions from the public on anything game-related! “I’m thrilled that Visible Cities asked me to be a part of this,” says Shane. “I love hearing about all the great things that are going on in the gaming community, and this looks to be a fantastic series!”

Other guests on the initial episode include Tracy Fullerton of Games Design Workshop, Days of Wonder, CoolMiniOrNot, and Philosopher Thomas Hurka.

If you have any questions for Shane on Gamese-mail our own Jodi Black. Remember, Shane’s worked on RPGs, card games, video games, board games, and has experience in [so far as I can tell] every aspect of game design, management, and production. Don’t be shy—e-mail today!

Catch Shane, Jodi, and Clint at a Con Near You!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouThe cycle of life is eternalApril showers bring May flowers, Mayflowers bring pilgrims, and summer brings Pinnacle out to conventions. You might have learned something else in middle school science class, but that’s what I got, and it’s true!

Shane Hensley will be at Phoenix Comicon. Come on out June 5-8 in lovely Upper Des Moines [Okay, it really is in Phoenix...you got me...] and say hi. Among other things, he’ll be hosting a panel with all the Deadlands news. Come on by and catch up on the RPG projects, the upcoming Xbox Originals Deadlands series, and anything else he lets slip. [He's bad for that, you know. Can't keep a secret for beans.]

Clint and Jodi Black will be at Storm-Con in Charleston, June 20-22. You can sign up for their gaming on Warhorn—that’s all the gaming, including the Savage Worlds games and even Clint’s game.

That’s right, Clint’s running a preview game of East Texas University called Early Attrition. It’s the beginning of your freshman year at ETU, and you had to check in early because of a scheduling issue. There aren’t many other students on campus yet, and they’re showing a horror movie in the courtyard of the student center. You and your new friends have all decided to go since there’s not much else to do and the guy from student services guaranteed you’d be scared before the night was over!

Find Us in SciFi Max and Game Trade Magazine

Savage Worlds in the MediaI know. You’re sitting there, looking at this screen, thinking, “If only there were some way I could read more stuff from or about Pinnacle, that would really make my day. If only…” Well, fret no more—we seem to be everywhere this week!

If you’re a fan of our Wendigo Tales fiction, the world of Necessary Evil, or free things, then this is your lucky day. Fallen, a tale from the world of Necessary Evil written by our own Shane Hensley, is included in this issue of SciFi Max. No, really—a free magazine with a free story in it! You can’t beat a deal like that no matter how much your skill die aces, so don’t try—just enjoy it.

If you want to read more about us, be sure to check out the newest issue of GTM (Game Trade Magazine). There’s an article about this year’s new Companions for Savage Worlds—the Science Fiction Companion and the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition)—with Shane Hensley and Clint Black. Look for GTM on the web and as a printed magazine in your local game store.

Shane Hensley Talks All Things Deadlands with Geekerati

Deadlands on GeekeratiGeekerati is airing an interview with Shane Hensley about the history and future of Deadlands. Follow the conversation from Deadlands‘ debut, through its various incarnations, and to its new status as an XBox Originals television show in development!

Be sure to listen to the podcast for the most recent developments in the Deadlands XBox Originals show. While you’re there, you might also want to catch older RPG and Savage Worlds installments as well.

Savage Worlds: Deep in the Heart of Texas and On To France!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouAttention all you Lone Star Savages or folks who are otherwise planning on being in the Great State of Texas this weekend: you should plan on coming to Aggiecon 45, April  4-6, in College Station, Texas (home of Texas A&M University). Frequent Savage Worlds author and self-professed Texan Ed Wetterman is a guest of the convention. Other gaming luminaries such as Preston Dubose, Craig Largent, and Jerry Blakemore are also heavily rumored to be making appearances as well. Even if you don’t go for the gaming or guests, there’s always the chance there’ll be an eight-ton doughnut—I mean, it is Texas after all…

For those of you with a more continental bent, plan on catching up with Shane Hensley at BBE Con in Lyon, France on April 19. If you’re a French speaker or can operate a web translator, check out BBE Con web site for more information. While I suspect the odds of an eight-ton croissant are pretty slim, can you really take the chance that you’d miss one?

New Accursed Adventure from an Old Hand

Long Dead and Twice SlainAnd, no, we’re not talking about an automated undead authoring construct made of severed hands! [Then again, now that you bring it up…Long Dead and Twice SlainMelior Via’s first short adventure for the Accursed dark fantasy settingis written by our very own Shane Hensley!

A mysterious spirit haunts a band of human warriors who seek to cleanse a region of the Witches’ contamination. Only a band of Witchmarked could hope to overcome the seemingly indecipherable danger at hand. The powers that they receive from their curse could be the solution to unlocking the mystery.

Long Dead and Twice Slain focuses on the adventures of a band of Witchmarked heroes in the Accursed game setting. Play it as a standalone or incorporate it into the Plot Point Campaign from Accursed. Get your copy now from DriveThruRPG for just $2.50!

We Had a Great Weekend!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouI don’t know about you, but many of us at Pinnacle are recovering from a great weekend of gaming!

Shane Hensley and John Goff were at GameStorm in the lovely Pacific Northwest. If you weren’t able to catch them there, be sure check out Shane’s photo-memoir of the convention!

Clint BlackJodi Black, and Joel Kinstle covered the eastern US with a visit to MACE West in Asheville, North Carolina. We all enjoyed catching up with old friends and gaming pretty much non-stop. Clint’s big surprise game for Saturday was Scooby Doo Unleashed, and he’s still a little surprised that his games were so packed even though he kept their descriptions secret!

We weren’t the only ones out gaming, either. We hear some folks in Pennsylvania got in on the action, too, with a rousing game of Deadlands: Reloaded at Norwin Game Knights Event. We know it happened—there were pictures and everything!

Hopefully, the weekend brought you some good gaming, too. Now it’s time for us all to look forward to the next weekend, the next convention, and beyond!