Licensee Spotlight: Savage Mojo

Heads up, Shaintar fans!

The Thundering Skies Player’s Guide is now available from Savage Mojo. Written by Darren Pearce, this 32-page supplement includes new player options and enough campaign background to create any hero you want in this turbulent time. You’ll find some great new character options that run from skills, languages, Hindrances, Edges, and gear as well as a few hints about what’s to come for the world of Shaintar.

The Thundering Skies Player’s Guide is an extract of the full Thundering Skies campaign book, coming soon from Savage Mojo.


Licensee Spotlight: Savage Mojo’s Legends Awaken

New from the Savage Worlds LicenseesSavage Mojo (Shaintar, Suzerain) isn’t a new Savage Worlds licensee but they’ve recently announced their Legends Awaken initiative, a two-part program to help great gamers experience great games.

First, the fine folks with Savage Mojo understand that many out there are suffering with physical, mental, and social limitations. Everyone with Savage Mojo has experienced the benefits of having a safe, understanding environment to game in, so they are always striving to make a safe space for all. Players looking for a great gaming environment and sympathetic Game Masters who would like to run some awesome games, may contact Clyde at

The second part of their Legends Awaken initiative is bringing people together to make a living campaign. Savage Mojo’s goal is to make cool stories where you (the GMs and players) see your stories and characters play a role in future publications and your stories interweave with other gaming groups from all over the world. Sign up for the Legends Awaken initiative here, and to learn more be sure to join their Facebook page.


Ain’t It Cool News Interviews Sean Patrick Fannon

Shaintar: Legends UnleashedAin’t It Cool News recently interviewed Sean Patrick Fannon (most notably of Shaintar fame). Interestingly, they know him from so many of the other things he’s done in the industry, and they talked to him about Shaintar!

Curious about what else SPF has been up to out there? Want to know more about Shaintar? Feeling particularly irresponsible with your company internet connection? If any of these (or many other questions) apply to you, check out the interview!


Shaintar Adventure Deck Released

Shaintar Adventure CardsShaintar has always been a fantasy game of high adventure, and now they’ve put that in the palm of your hand! Evil Beagle Games has just released Shaintar Adventure Cards that are designed to be mixed in to your existing Savage Worlds Adventure Deck to really focus your deck on the setting.

You get 27 completely new cards designed to take advantage of and interact with the Shaintar setting, as well as the author’s personal suggestions for which cards to include from the basic deck. You can get those as a printable PDF, print-on-demand cards, or—for a [what I presume to be] limited time only—the print-on-demand cards with the PDF thrown in for free!

Customize your Adventure Deck and crank up your “Shaintariness” to 11 today!


Shaintar: Legends Unleashed…Unleashed

Shaintar: Legends UnleashedEvil Beagle Games is thrilled to release Shaintar: Legends Unleashed, taking Sean Patrick Fannon’s high fantasy magnum opus to Heroic and Legendary levels—and beyond! While we can tell you about the dozens of new Edges, options for Epic High Magic, and far, far more, you’re probably best off reading the full entry from the author himself.

Now is not the time to hesitate! Did we mention that it’s included in the DriveThruRPG GM’s Day Sale? It is! Take your fantasy where it’s never gone before, and save yourself 30% on the way.


Epic Shaintar Kickstarter Comes to a Close

Shaintar Legends Unleashed KickstarterThis is your chance for the Shaintar Legends Unleashed Kickstarter before its final days pass this Saturday. There are still great* deals and unique involvement opportunities in Sean Patrick Fannon’s epic fantasy magnum opus.

At more than 200% funded, with decades of Sean Fannon’s writing and development, and with Savage Mojo’s artistic and production oversight, you really can’t miss unless you just miss out.

For a truly unique closer to the Shaintar Kickstarter, Sean Patrick Fannon himself will start a live 24-hour countdown web event. Beginning at noon Eastern, Friday, July 19, he’ll appear live on G+ until the Kickstarter closes at noon Eastern, Saturday, July 20. Will he give away free stuff? Run games? Party like a madman? Pass out on air? While they’re all likely, nobody knows for sure—including Sean!

Let’s see—excellent deals, unique involvement opportunities, crazy live web stunts, and an expansion book co-written by our own Aaron Acevedo. What more could you possibly want?

* With sourcebooks at less than a third of their post-launch planned prices, I’d say “phenomenal” deals are still available. And I’m notoriously cheap.—Joel


Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Kickstarter Live!

Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Kickstarter CampaignThis is your chance to help bring Shaintar to its full glory. After thirty-six years of development, Sean Patrick Fannon’s epic high fantasy magnum opus will be realized with the Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Kickstarter.

Shaintar (pronounced “Shine-tar”) is a Savage Worlds setting of great heroism, epic sagas, and high magic. Shaintar draws players in with interwoven relationships, threats, and stories crafted over decades of development and polishing.

Think we’re biased? Ed Greenwood, creator of The Forgotten Realms®, says, “A winner. Get this book.”

For more details about what’s offered and what’s to come, head over to the Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Kickstarter today!


Shaintar Beta Version: Download It Free!

Shaintar BetaReality Blurs has made the Shaintar: Legends Arise (Beta Players Guide) a free download. All they ask is that you check it out and give them your feedback on their forums.

Sean Patrick Fannon’s vision of epic high fantasy comes fully to life for Savage Worlds in this all new iteration, and this is your chance to be a part of it. Check out the download and let them know what you think. This generous excerpt from the first of two planned books is nearly two hundred pages, including the complete character creation rules.

Combining Sean Preston’s Reality Blurs (one of the original Savage Worlds licensees), Sean Patrick Fannon’s Shaintar (one of the most enduring Savage Worlds fantasy settings), and the fans of Savage Worlds (possibly the greatest crowd ever) can’t help but create a truly inspiring setting. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of it. Download your copy today!