Handing Over the Keys to Motobushido

motobushidoA couple years back, Pinnacle Entertainment Group‘s Prez, Shane Hensley, discovered a unique tabletop RPG from designer Nathanael Cole. Titled Motobushido: The Motorcycle-Samurai Roleplaying Game and described as Seven Samurai meets Sons of Anarchy, this game of cycle-riding samurais lets players fight for justice and honor against the new Dominion that lords over the Crimson Isles with a chrome gauntlet.

While a deal was originally struck with Pinnacle to turn Motobushido into an official, fully-realized Savage Setting, the development of various lines and other products in-house had Motobushido waiting patiently on the sidelines for an available production slot.

With so many other projects on the horizon for Pinnacle, Shane has decided that the best thing to do is to release this incredible game back into the creator’s hands with the full support of Pinnacle‘s staff to get it all done right and out into the world. To quote Shane in discussing the future of Motobushido, “I just want to play it!”

We wish Nathanael all the best, and if you want to keep up with its development, visit Motobushido‘s website where you can download content and even sign up to playtest the all-new Motobushido: Crimson Blossoms, a complete Savage reimagining of the original game!

Get the Inside Scoop from the Minion Minute Podcast

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebWe’re forever keeping our eyes ears out for the latest gaming podcasts especially when some of our own get a chance to slide behind the mics and share inside scoops about current and upcoming projects.

Recently, the folks behind The Misadventures of Max’s Minions podcast caught up with a few familiar faces voices including Shane Hensley and Darrell Hayhurst for a series of interviews under the Minion Minute banner.

In Episode 5, Shane talks all about Savage Worlds, Conan: Rise of Monsters, and Torg: Eternity while in Episode 4, Darrell Hayhurst discusses his role as Line Developer for Torg: Eternity and his work on Savage Rifts®.

Visit the Misadventures of Max’s Minions Facebook page where you’ll find links to these and other fine interviews with additional Savage Worlds alumni including Ross Watson, Sean Patrick Fannon, and Sean and Robin Bircher.

Clint and Jodi Black Gaming Guests of Honor at ConCarolinas 2017

pantherwebsizeThis weekend, our very own Clint Black and Jodi Black are the Gaming Guests of Honor at ConCarolinas 2017! Clint and Jodi will be on-hand to talk about Savage Worlds, Conan: Rise of Monsters, and Carolina Game Tables!

Saturday night, don’t miss Clint’s Savage Worlds game, The Prophecy of the Omen of Hell`s Cheerleaders running from 8pm to Midnight:

“The Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch fights the forces of Hell wherever they appear, but are better known in the supernatural community as…Demon Hunters!

But all Demon Hunters have to start somewhere, and that place is Omega level for newbies (and has-beens). As a member of Chapter Omega Twelve, it’s time for your first mission. You know the other members of the Brotherhood believe in you as they are already taking bets on when you kill your first monster…at least that’s what you think the “Time Till Death” pool is about.

Welcome to the last job you’ll ever have. Welcome to the Demon Hunters!”

New Savage Worlds Reviews On the Web

Savage Worlds Reviews on the WebWe love reviews of our products, especially detailed ones that really get down to brass tacks about each item. While there’s certainly no substitute for playing (or running) our games, you can learn a lot from a solid review and that’s why we’re always happy to share ’em with y’all.

First up, it’s a look at Savage Worlds from Pedro Galicia of the Creating World Walkers podcast. While relatively new to the fast, furious, and fun world of Savage Worlds, it sounds like he and his players are having a great time using the core rules for his original setting described as Stephen King’s It meets the TV series “Stranger Things.” Pedro writes: “I’m hooked on Savage Worlds. The system is smooth, has room for creativity, has an engaging initiative system, and most importantly inspires me to explore the game more.” Check out his entire review posted at his blog.

Over at Games Gazette Online, Chris Baylis has posted reviews of the Rifts®: Game Master’s Handbook, Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide, and Rifts®: Savage Foes of North America. From Juicers and Crazies to Ley Line Walkers and Mystics, Chris digs deep into the wild world of the Rifts® Megaverse®: “Savage Worlds Rifts® offers so many possibilities to both GMs and players. It is a mix of fantasy, reality, magic, myth, mystery, life, and apocalyptic survival. It is the clashing of two behemoths of role-playing.”

Lastly, DriveThruRPG featured reviewer, Cedric C. visits Savage Tales of Horror: Volume 3, offering brief reviews of each of the five terrifying tales included in that particular volume. Of all three books in the Savage Tales of Horror series, Cedric writes: “…given the mortality rates in horror, and gaming groups who can only meet for a one-shot game, these collections are an excellent way for roleplayers to play a variety of horror settings without having to learn another roleplaying game system.” Read Cedric’s review and find out if you’re ready to face your fears!

Play Savage Worlds in Western New York!

Savage Worlds CommunitiesSavage Worlds fans in the Western New York area (from Buffalo to Rochester and all points in between) can find games and other events through the WNY Savages, a dedicated group that organizes monthly gatherings at both Dragon Snack Games in Buffalo and Just Games in Rochester. These fun-filled “Savage Sundays” are open to players of all skill levels, and feature convention style one-shots as well as the occasional ongoing campaign.

The WNY Savages can also be found at many local conventions and in other venues such as Queen City Conquest, Running GAGG, SimCon, and UBCon. If you really want in on a sweet deal, pledge for the Queen City Conquest 2017 Kickstarter now!

To find out more about the WNY Savages and their upcoming gatherings, follow them on Facebook and be sure to tell ’em Pinnacle sent ya’!

Conventions + Pinnacle Personnel = Savagely Good Times

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouThis weekend (Memorial Day weekend for those in the U.S.) several convention-goers may just find themselves crossing paths with a few of us from Pinnacle Entertainment!

Catch up with Sean Patrick Fannon at Manticon 2017 in Bloomington, MN where he’ll be running a little Freedom Squadron set in David Weber’s Honorverse.

Find John Goff at MisCon 31, Missoula, Montana’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention where he’ll be doing panels on everything from game design to running successful campaigns as well as GMing Deadlands: Reloaded and Weird War II.

Lastly, Scott Woodard will be running The Sixth Gun RPG and a Flash Gordon RPG preview at KublaCon 2017 in Burlingame, CA.

As always, be sure to check our Conventions page to find out if your next con will be a savage one!


Get the Whole East Texas University Enchilada Today

ETU_BoxAh, college life… Mac and cheese, doing your own laundry (or not), and studying all hours of the night. Whenever will you find the time for extracurricular activities like banishing demons, cleansing haunted houses of their restless spirits, or battling pandimensional horrors from beyond time??? Find out when you enroll at East Texas University!

Right now, make the move on campus with the East Texas University Collector’s Box Set, a complete curriculum to get you slaying vampires and squaring off against ax-wielding maniacs all before the end of your freshman year.

The East Texas University Collector’s Box Set comes complete with the East Texas University (Softcover) core rulebook, ETU: Degrees of Horror (Softcover) Plot Point Campaign, ETU GM Screen & Class Ring Adventure, ETU Map Set: Classrooms/Off Campus Housing, ETU Map Set: Library/Pinebox Businesses, East Texas University Bennies (20), plus the East Texas University Dice Set (in official ETU school colors). All this in a special Collector’s Edition Box for only $79.99 (retail value over $117.00)!

Save a bundle by enrolling with the East Texas University Collector’s Box Set today. “Go Ravens!”

Savage Rifts® PDFs Updated!

Rifts_Bundle2For those who have the PDF versions of our various Savage Rifts® books, please be aware that we recently dove back into all of them to tweak some things and install a few minor updates. We encourage you to grab ‘em once again to ensure you have all the latest versions in-hand.

If you have the physical books, there’s no need to panic. Just download the updated Savage Rifts® Print Errata to be sure you’re geared up with the latest Cyber-Knight Light Armor, NG-E4 Plasma Ejector, and Triax X-1000 Ulti-Max. Don’t leave Castle Refuge without ‘em.

Don’t Miss the East Texas University Bundle of Holding!

TETU Bundle of Holdinghe clock is ticking and you only have until next Monday, May 15th to get your hands on the latest extremely savage Bundle of Holding, this time offering enrollment at East Texas University! If you thought college was scary, just wait ‘til you set foot on the campus of ETU!

In cooperation with the fine folks at Bundle of Holding, you can grab the ETU Bundle of Holding for just $9.95! That gets you the Student Collection featuring full PDF versions of the Savage Worlds Deluxe core rulebook, East Texas University, ETU Archetypes, Trouble in Texas (the original ETU soundtrack featuring 11 terrifying tracks), plus the ETU Welcome Kit! That’s $43 worth of high strangeness!

And if you toss in a little extra credit, you can grab yourself the Dean’s Collection bonus bundle which adds twelve more ETU essentials including Degrees of Horror, the Class Ring and Horror for the Holidays adventures, two sets of ETU Figure Flats, four ETU Maps, the University Press Kit and GM Screen Inserts, and a Creature Feature focused entirely on La Bruja! That’s an additional $59 value, for a total of over $100 worth of ETU greatness!

Note that a portion of all proceeds from the sales of this ETU Bundle of Holding go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, so not only will you be grabbing a deeply discounted assortment of gaming goodness, you’ll also be helping a great cause!

Glowing Reviews for Fear Agent™ and The Goon™

KS_Cover_DoubleThey like us! They really like us!

While our Kickstarters for Fear Agent™ and The Goon™ successfully wrapped just two weeks ago, both games have already been reviewed over on rpg.net and we couldn’t be happier.

Resident rpg.net reviewer Cedric Chin gives Fear Agent™ and The Goon™ high marks while also offering concise overviews of the contents of each core rulebook. Of Fear Agent™, Chin writes: “Fear Agent™ is not just a Savage Worlds supplement for Fear Agent™ fans, but can also be used for generic science fiction roleplaying.” And as for The Goon™ plot point campaign: “Overall, this is a rolicking unique supernatural adventure any offbeat gangland wannabe hood would enjoy, even one unfamiliar with The Goon™ comics!”

We don’t want to spoil too much more, so pop over to rpg.net to check out these reviews for yourself.