More Savage Worlds on DriveThruRPG!

Savage Worlds on DTRPGIf you’re a DriveThruRPG shopper and a Pinnacle fan, rejoice! We’ve just added several new titles to the Savage Worlds offerings on DriveThruRPG.

You can always get our PDFs from the Pinnacle Web Store, but we’re happy to have Savage Worlds on DriveThruRPG as another way for you to get the electronic copies of our products you want. The choice is always yours, and now there’s even more to choose from!

ENnies Voting Closes July 30!

ENnies Awards VotingIf you’ve not had the chance to vote for the ENnies Awards, don’t miss your chance. ENnies Awards voting closes Wednesday, July 30, at 7:00 pm Central Time.

Check out the nominations closely. There are Pinnacle products, things from your favorite Savage Worlds licensees, and several fantastic entries from our friends across the gaming industry.

We’ve been fortunate to nominated in the following categories:

Vote while you still can!

DriveThruRPG Celebrates Christmas in July!

DriveThruRPG Christmas in July Sale 2014Got the “oppressive heat is driving up my air conditioning bills and I have to water the animals more than normal and I just wish I could buy some really cool game stuff at a big ol’ discount because there’s too much sun in the sky and I think there are spiders in my shoes” blues? Sure you do. It happens to us all.

DriveThruRPG has you covered with their Christmas in July Sale! There are literally thousands of titles available at 25% off from dozens of publishers, with nearly 500 Savage Worlds titles on sale, including the newest East Texas University materials and the five newest Cast of Cards offerings from Warning Label.

The Christmas in July Sale won’t be here for long, so be sure to do your shopping today!

Social Savage Worlds Continues to Grow

Savage Worlds on the WebThe Savage Worlds Community on G+ just hit 2700! It’s always nice to see interest in our corner of the gaming world grow,  and we couldn’t be happier with you helping to make that happen.

We love it when you keep in touch, so be sure to do that. Whether you’re with us on G+, follow Pinnacle on Twitter, or read the Pinnacle Facebook page, we’re tickled you’re with us.

And you don’t have to go full-blown social media to keep up or join in. You can get the weekly update delivered via e-mail (that’s this page in your inbox), and chat with other fans and Pinnacle staff in the Pinnacle Web Forum, quite possibly the friendliest game forum on the internet!

So let us hear from you, and pick however you prefer to hear from us. It’s better when we talk, don’t you think?

Karl Keesler—Social Media Game Photo Winner

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1980s for Savage Worlds for Gen ConWe had a little contest over the weekend for best photo of a Savage Worlds game on social media. Our winner is Karl Keesler’s photo from his G+ page.

It’s not just a picture, it’s a preview. This is the play test of his planned Savage Worlds game for Gen Con—League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1980s! By all reports, it went well, but real details are being held close until the game is unveiled at the convention.

If you missed the weekend photo competition, you might want to follow the Pinnacle Facebook page, the Pinnacle G+ page, or the Pinnacle Twitter Feed.

Anniversary Thanks to Savage Gamer Girl!

Savage Worlds Web ForumWe’ve always been particularly proud of how friendly and helpful the Pinnacle Web Forums are. They’re a great place for new and seasoned players alike to get answers to questions, work out questions, and swap hints and tips for better Savage Worlds games.

Traditionally, along with the folks of the forum themselves, we give a lot of credit to our own Clint Black for his wonderful talents as a moderator. But he’s not been riding those dusty e-trails all alone. For the last year, Erica Balsley (aka SavageGamerGirl) has been helping out with that Sisyphean task and doing a great job of it. Thanks for the year, Erica, and let it be the first of many.

For those of you who visit our forum frequently, thanks for all that you do to keep it the great, helpful, friendly place it is. And for those of you who haven’t visited the Pinnacle Web Forums yet, quit waiting—we’ll be happy to have you!

More Free Stuff for Savage Worlds at Gen Con

Pinnacle at GenConThe Gen Con Savage Worlds GM Swag Bag is expanding—Warning Label is adding decks of promo cards from their Cast of Cards line to the existing $20 coupon for Pinnacle products! All you’ve got to do is run 48 player-hours of Savage Worlds games, which you can do with two four-hour games for six people. Sounds pretty easy when you put it that way, doesn’t it?

Be sure to e-mail Jodi Black with your game title and code so you can have that sweet coupon waitin’ for you at the Pinnacle booth. Be sure to drop on by to see if there are any extras for the promo cards, too. You never know how long those will hold out…

Don’t forget to come by the annual Pinnacle Seminar, either. We’re scheduled for Saturday, August 16 at 3:00 pm in Victoria Station C/D. Be sure to check the program or the Studio 2 Publishing booth in case we get moved, though. Things happen, and we don’t want to miss you!

See you there!

Savage Worlds Explorer’s Society Downloads Get a New Home

Savage Worlds Free DownloadsAll the good stuff from the old Savage Worlds Explorer’s Society web site is still available at a new home right here! Check the Downloads column at the right of the Savage Worlds Core Rules page, and you’ll spot an Explorer’s Society fly-out button with all the same great downloads from the old site added to all the other awesome free stuff on the Savage Worlds page.

If you were never a member of the Explorer’s Society, now is your chance to get your hands on a raft of cool freebies, from handy administrative pages to character sheets to full-fledged adventures. So quit your dilly-dallyin’ and check it out!

Savage Worlds Reviews and Examples

Savage Worlds on the WebThis is an exciting week if you’re looking at Savage Worlds.

GeekStorm Game Table has kicked off its inaugural episode with a Look at Savage Worlds, including a live example of play. Ever wondered if you’re doing combat the same way the rest of us are? Check it out and see!

If you want a more abbreviated treatment, Knights of the Game Table [It’s apparently the week of …Game Table sites.] has their review of Savage Worlds out this week, too.

For a broader picture of gaming, check out A Rising Tide Floats All BoatsGamer’s Tavern’s first annual State of the Industry episode with guests Shane Hensley and Brandon Gensemer. It’s an overview of what’s going on in the RPG industry, where it is and where it’s going. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Find Us in SciFi Max and Game Trade Magazine

Savage Worlds in the MediaI know. You’re sitting there, looking at this screen, thinking, “If only there were some way I could read more stuff from or about Pinnacle, that would really make my day. If only…” Well, fret no more—we seem to be everywhere this week!

If you’re a fan of our Wendigo Tales fiction, the world of Necessary Evil, or free things, then this is your lucky day. Fallen, a tale from the world of Necessary Evil written by our own Shane Hensley, is included in this issue of SciFi Max. No, really—a free magazine with a free story in it! You can’t beat a deal like that no matter how much your skill die aces, so don’t try—just enjoy it.

If you want to read more about us, be sure to check out the newest issue of GTM (Game Trade Magazine). There’s an article about this year’s new Companions for Savage Worlds—the Science Fiction Companion and the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition)—with Shane Hensley and Clint Black. Look for GTM on the web and as a printed magazine in your local game store.