Era: Balam – A Savage Worlds Licensee Kickstarter

Savage Worlds KickstartersNow on Kickstarter, Era: Balam from Shades of Vengeance, is a science fiction roleplaying game celebrating the 40th anniversary of the launch of Voyager 1:

When our space probe arrived on an alien world, it crash-landed on one of their power stations and the resulting disaster rendered their world uninhabitable. Seeking revenge, and a new world to live on, the aliens escaped from their world on a massive ship and set a course along the path of the probe…

They encountered humanity at a remote outpost many years later, in a system known as HX-7371. More recently, it has come to be known as the “Killing Fields,” as the war between the aliens’ superior forces and the fighters the humans have been able to cobble together has now lasted two years.

The main colony in the system, Balam, is well-hidden, but if the aliens were ever to find it, they would be able to find their way to Earth… and that might mean extinction.

You’ll have the chance to explore various planets and the space around them: Fly over icy plains to track down an important salvage opportunity, brave the depths of space for scouting missions and land on the moons of a spectacular Gas Giant as you explore and attempt to stop the aliens from completing their mission…

Shades of Vengeance recently became an officially-approved Savage Worlds licensee and they are working with veteran designer Dave Blewer (Achtung! Cthulhu, Sundered Skies) on the Savage Worlds edition of the game.

For more information about Era: Balam please check out and support the Kickstarter today!

Happy Jacks – Live Streaming – Pirates of the Spanish Main

spaniardsghostimageAvast there! It be too late to alter course, mateys—and there be plunderin’ pirates lurkin’ in every cove…

The Spaniard’s Ghost is a Savage Worlds game of high seas adventure on the Spanish Main in the golden age of piracy, using the Pirates of the Spanish Main setting (with the addition of a few fantastical elements). Think somewhere between Black Sails and Pirates of the Caribbean and you’ll have exactly the right idea.

This game premieres tomorrow, September 20th, streaming LIVE on the Happy Jacks Twitch channel. And don’t miss additional episodes every other Wednesday night starting at 8pm PT.

One quick note: if you’re new to the Happy Jacks crew, they’re an entertaining bunch, and you’re definitely in for a good time, but be warned, their language can get a tad… “salty” on occasion. If that’s a concern, exercise a wee bit o’ caution while aboard, mateys!

All-New Fear Agent™ Accessories for GMs and Players

FEAR_Creature_Cards_Digital-900Upgrade your Fear Agent™ RPG games with our new customized Table Tents, Creature Cards, and double-sided Combat Options Chart.

Veteran Savage Worlds Game Masters swear by these Table Tent Cards when running both home and convention games. The two-sided Combat Options Chart will inspire players to think outside the box when dueling dressites or fending off feeders! Finally, the PDF set of fully-illustrated Creature Cards offers a quick-and-easy reference for the GM and a full-color depiction of foes for the players to know exactly who (or what) they’re up against.

The Table Tent Cards and the Combat Options Chart are both absolutely FREE to download and the PDF set of Creature Cards is only $2.99. Such a deal!

Nerdarchy Interviews Clint Black

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebRecently, Nerdarchist Dave (of Nerdarchy) sat down (virtually, anyway) with our own Clint Black for a casual chat about Savage Worldslive-streaming RPGs (from Geek & Sundry to Saving Throw), and Carolina Game Tables. Find out exactly how Clint balances our Savage Worlds game system for Pinnacle Entertainment Group,  learn about some of our many Savage Worlds lines (including Lankhmar and Necessary Evil), and get a little inside scoop about the Flash Gordon Roleplaying Game coming soon to Kickstarter. “Gordon’s ALIVE?!”

Clint even gets a chance to talk a bit about his legendary Savage Worlds convention games, Arcti-Gator vs. Croco-Sharkasaurus as well as it’s out-of-control sequel, Arcti-Gator Rex vs. Robo-Croco-Sharkasaurus (neither of which is coming soon to Syfy).

Find that fantastic interview here!

Movie Night on the Big SCREAM for ETU

ETU_Movie_Night900Movie Night, a totally twisted mini-adventure written by Ed Wetterman for East Texas University, first appeared in the third issue of Savage Worlds Explorer. Now, your ticket for a night of terror is just $2.99 for the PDF.

Beloved film, The Wizard of Oz was the first ever shown in the theater and now it is back for the grand reopening. Who doesn’t love Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion? What a great date night for a few college students…

This mini-adventure requires the Savage Worlds core rules plus the East Texas University core rule book.

To order a complete Print+PDF copy of Savage Worlds Explorer Issue 3, just go here.

The Black Claw – A PDF Adventure for Savage Worlds

Supers_Black_Claw900First published in issue #3 of Savage Worlds Explorer, “The Black Claw,” an adventure written by Terry Whisenant for use with the Super Powers Companion (2nd Edition), is now available for download for just $2.99!

The Black Claw wants to brainwash supers to turn them into SUPERNINJAS! Well, who wouldn’t want to do that? In the guise of Yakuza mobsters, they have infiltrated the heroes’ city because of the concentration of supers there. The gang war is just the front page of the cover story — a convenient way to draw supers out where they can be targeted by the Black Claw!

This adventure requires the Savage Worlds core rules and the Super Powers Companion (2nd Edition).

For a Print+PDF copy of the complete third issue of Savage Worlds Explorer, just click here!

Savage Tales of the Red Band for The Last Parsec Continues

TLP_Ionized_on_Kalran-3_900If you haven’t already grabbed the fantastic, full-color third issue of Savage Worlds Explorer… What are you waiting for? Order the Print+PDF of issue 3 for just $9.99 today.

For those looking to dive into chapter two of Savage Tales of the Red Band for The Last Parsec by Matthew Cutter, you can grab the PDF of just that adventure for only $3.99 right here!

Savage Tales of the Red Band by Brand Manager Matthew Cutter is an ongoing serial for The Last Parsec, the parts of which can be assembled to form a loose Plot Point Campaign. This is part two. Part I in PDF can be found here

During the early exploration of the Known Worlds, JumpCorp survey teams color-coded bands of expansion. For several decades, the “red band” proved the most dangerous—and the most profitable. Eventually, several of these trailblazing charters joined together to form the “Red Band Conglomerate.”

Red Band is so large it defies any simple description, much like JumpCorp itself. Its charters participate in everything from galactic defense to the usual gamut of exploration, shipping, and R&D.

This adventure series requires the Savage Worlds core rules, the Science Fiction Companion, and The Last Parsec core rule book.

Streamline Your Games with RPG Player Kits

New from the Savage Worlds LicenseesWhat do you get when you combine a beautiful, hand-crafted, laser-engraved wooden storage box (that doubles as a dice tray) with a specialized deck of system-specific reference cards, a player dry-erase board, and a custom set of color-coded dice? You get the RPG Player Kit from Savage Worlds licensee Crit Games!

Pledge your support for this fine product over on their Kickstarter page and be sure to let them know that you’re in it for the Savage Worlds version!

Meet Clint and Jodi Black at DragonCon

dragon_con_logo_detailFor those making the trip to Atlanta, GA for Dragon Con this weekend (September 1st – 4th), you can find Clint and Jodi Black showing their incredible line of game tables on the third floor of the AmericasMart, booth 813.

While they’re there to promote their tables (including the jaw-droppingly impressive “Cabinet Game Table”) they’re both always happy to chat about Savage Worlds and all the goings-on with Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Swing by booth 813 to say “Hi” and be sure to follow Carolina Game Tables at their website, on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Exclusive (and Free) Pinnacle Wallpaper

SettingsWe’ll be sharing lots of exciting news with you from Gen Con 50 over the next few weeks, but one thing we definitely wanted to get into your hands now is this new, exclusive wallpaper (available in various sizes for your PC, tablet, or phone) featuring several of our current products as well as a few surprises!

Grab the free image here and be sure to take a real close look.