Witness the Expansion of the (Weird Wars) Roman Empire!

Weird Wars Rome in the Pinnacle Web StoreYour happy day is here, new subjects! Your desperate dreams that the glory of the Empire might find you in the uncivilized wilderness* are coming true! On this day, many great things are made available to you—four new releases in the Weird Wars Rome section of the Pinnacle Web Store—with more to come soon!

Weird Wars Rome: Archetypes is a twin set of Legionary Archetypes for your Weird Wars Rome game. One set is heroic, while the other simply isn’t! Not only does this give you a wider range of choices, but it also highlights very different characters from a small pool of statistics.

Weird Wars Rome: Res Romana gives you a quick immersion in the class and religion of ancient Roman society, as well as optional Auguries rules (and their effects on Mass Battles).

The Weird Wars Rome Creature Feature: The Cyclops brings you eye to massive eye with these monocular giants of the ancient world. Get statistics for both the savage cyclops and cyclopean titan, their magical artifacts, figure flats, and five Savage Tales!

Weird Wars Rome: Wellspring brings you to Britannia in 166 AD, where the painted barbarians attack by day only to blend into the underbrush, while something far less natural attacks by night, blending into the darkness. Make a stand at Hadrian’s Wall and defend the Empire from the foul sight, smell, and possibly magic of the Picts.

* By which we mean “not a backer of the Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter” and unable to get the digital extras.


Interface Zero 2.0 at 400% and Climbing

Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter CampaignThe Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter from Gunmetal Games has clearly tapped into a neuron or two out there. Their plan to update, expand, and improve their sci-fi/cyberpunk setting for Savage Worlds is 400% funded with over three weeks to go!

Stretch goals attained so far include more minis, more floor plans, more adventures, three more source books (Japan, New Seattle, and the Republic of Texas), and an Explorer’s Edition! Playtest documents and preview PDFs are already available to backers for several sections of the core rule book.

For full details on what’s new and the stretch goals to come (including the whole solar system, mind you), be sure to check out the Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter today.


Raven Graphic Novel Kickstarter Going Strong and Getting Better

Raven Graphic Novel KickstarterVisionary Comic’s Raven Graphic Novel Kickstarter is well over a quarter way to its goal! It’s an exciting time for Deadlands fans, but it’s an even better time for the Kickstarter backers—Visionary has already met four stetch goals, sweetening the pot each time.

At $1,000, each and every backer gets 10% off Deadlands PDFs! When the Kickstarter campaign closes down, you’ll get an e-mail with further details for getting your discount.

At $2,000, they’re giving every supporter a free PDF of the brand new 8-page short story written by Matthew Cutter, our own Deadlands Brand Manager and co-writer on the Raven graphic novel! You can also get that in print in the Dead Man’s Hand trade paperback.

At $3,000, they added a 16-page bonus supplement written by Shane Lacy Hensley, the original creator of Deadlands and Raven! What it is exactly is still a secret, but it’s definitely going to be 16 pages of all Shane, all Deadlands! This will only be in the print collected editions, so be sure you’ve got the $25 Bonus Level of Just Give me the Trade or the $50 Ravenite Tier Level.

At $4,000, Visionary had two surprises. First, they added additional bonus levels for folks who want just the trades and nothing else—for $15, add the Dead Man’s Hand trade or add both the Dead Man’s Hand and Raven printed trades for $40. Second, they dug deep into their supplies and came up with 25 more Collector’s Packs, since they’ve been so popular!

For the full low-down and to see what might happen at $5,000 and beyond, be sure to check out the Raven Graphic Novel Kickstarter page today!

If you missed them at Gen Con, you can still catch Visionary at Baltimore Comic-Con September 8-9. You can even commit to the Kickstarter campaign on site! Everyone making pre-orders at conventions gets a special on-site thank you! They’ll also have the Dead Man’s Hand trade paperback collecting their first one-shots, all new gaming content, and a new short story from Matthew Cutter! They’ll also have Deadlands prints for sale, and will be happy to sign (pretty much) anything you like. The entire creative team will be on site at Baltimore, and artist Greg LaRoque will be sketching and taking commissions!