Add Some Metal (or is that Mettle?) to Your Rippers Games

We are excited to bring you eight new, 25mm Heroic Scale miniatures for Rippers sculpted by master sculptor, Bob Ridolfi.

Included in this range are the Order of St. George Priest and Nun, two Frazer’s Fighters (male and female), two Masked Crusaders (male and female), and two Witch Hunters (male and female). As to be expected from Reaper Miniatures, these eight figures are incredibly detailed and will really add some dimension to your Rippers games!

All eight minis are now available directly from our store here for just $5.99 each!


Happy New Year from All of Us at Pinnacle!

Savage Worlds Year in Review 2012It’s been a big year here at Pinnacle, and we’ve been very happy to have you be such a big part of that!

Old friends returned to us in 2012. 50 Fathoms: Explorer’s Edition brought one our earliest settings to a new generation of Savage Worlds fans, rules, and format! The ghost rock bombs rained again with the release of Hell on Earth: Reloaded, updating the dark future of Deadlands with a new hardback core rule book. Prerelease copies sold out almost immediately, but we’re expecting the full supply for an early 2013 treat!

We also had our first Kickstarter campaign—Deadlands Noir—which was wildly successful! We weren’t sure you’d want a non-Western Deadlands, but now we know! Some of the PDFs are available now, others are coming soon, and the whole initial line will be delivered in 2013.

The Savage Worlds miniatures line continued to expand. Our publishing services partner, Studio 2 Printing, even ran a Hell on Earth minis Kickstarter campaign to help speed up 2013’s minis for the Wasted West!

Speaking of minis, even our core rules shrank! Savage Worlds Deluxe was rereleased as Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition. Not only was it a great day for fans of the smaller paperback format, but it was a great day for fans of the core rules being $9.99! That’s right, we were able to roll our prices back to 2003!

The Deadlands line kept coming on strong in 2012 with several adventures, a Plot Point Campaign, minis, and custom maps. Be sure to check out Deadlands products on the Pinnacle PDF Store and at Studio 2 Publishing for the full low-down, but here’s the quick list:

And, perhaps most importantly of all, 2012 gave us more of you! Getting to see our fans and supporters at conventions and to talk with you on the Pinnacle Forum (which may be one of the most pleasant places the internet has to offer) continues to be one of the very best parts of our jobs!

Last year was great, and we expect 2013 to be even better! Get ready, and get gaming!



Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release Kickstarter in Its Final Hours!

Wormling Green for Studio 2 Publishing's Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release KickstarterStudio 2 Publishing’s Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release Kickstarter will be wrapping up soon. In fact, if you’re not a timely reader of the Tuesday web page update, it may already be too late!

With a dozen or more stretch goals met and funding over 1,000%, I’d have to say their campaign has been pretty successful. They’ve also introduced a dizzying array of additional materials, from backer-selected minis to Savage Worlds Miniatures Transporters to soundtracks, and I really don’t know that they’re done rolling out new material!

Don’t let this one slip by you. Be sure to check out the Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release Kickstarter before it’s gone. The Grandmaster Traveling Warband pledge level now has so many bonus rewards that it’s worth over twice its price and comes with free U.S.  shipping (with worldwide shipping available at astonishingly low rates).


Hell on Earth Minis Kickstarter Now Includes a Savage Worlds Minis Transporter Option!

Savage Worlds Miniatures Transporter from Studio 2 Publishing’s Hell On Earth Miniature Mega-Release KickstarterIt’s the last full week of Studio 2 Publishing’s Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release Kickstarter campaign, and they just keep uppin’ the ante. They’ve added new minis, new options, new combinations, and the really cool Savage Worlds Miniatures Transporter to their list of backer rewards.

The campaign is more than fully-funded now (over 800% of their $3,000 target), but you can still pack more minis into their initial release by helping them hit more stretch goals. Remember, getting the word out and recruiting your friends can get you more minis just as effectively as pledging more money.


Terrifying Terrantula Two-Pack for Deadlands!

Terrantula Two-PackThe Weird West is a big place filled with big men, big ideas, and big…things…

The new terrantula two-pack brings that home in a horribly skitterific way. There’s not much “mini” about spiders the size of ponies—tarantulas so big they’re named after fear itself—other than being made of metal and ready to use for your gamin’ tabletop.

If you’ve got a hankerin’ to investigate more of what Mother Unnatural has to offer, be sure to check out Reaper’s full Savage Worlds miniature line. If you don’t, you’ll never know what’s out there…until it’s too late!



Handy New Deadlands Miniatures

Deadlands Weapons and Accessories PackThe Weird West is a tough place to be alone, and sometimes you need a hand. Good news, amigo! We’ve got you covered!

The new Deadlands Weapons and Accessories pack brings you a set of replacement hands and bits to help you customize your Deadlands minis—heck, any minis, really—exactly the way you want ’em.

Need a gun? How about eight? From pistols to rifles to mad science, you got it. Melee weapons? Books? Cards? All there, partner. All there.

If you don’t want to make your posse face the best-armed bunch of animated hands ever, be sure to check out Reaper’s full Savage Worlds miniature line for things to customize. You make the world what you want, why not do the same to your minis?


Jackalopes Jumpin’ Into the Savage Worlds Minis Line

JackalopesRabbits may be cute, furry, and good luck unless you’re a garden crop, but jackalopes come armed with the horns of a dilemma. Can your posse survive the cloud of bad luck they bring across the Weird West?

The prairie tick swarms proved danger ain’t gotta’ be big, partner. These adorable li’l jackalopes prove it ain’t gotta’ be ugly, neither.

So as you go hoppin’ down the Chisholm Trail, don’t forget that Reaper’s full Savage Worlds miniature line may be comin’ with you. Best you see the whole range today in the light than tomorrow in the darkness, eh?


Deadlands Minis Get a Woman’s Magic Touch!

Female Huckster Savage Worlds MiniA fine woman can be a sight for sore eyes in the dim saloons and dusty trails of the Weird West. But when that silk fan turns out to be a spread of cards and that wind blowin’ through her hair is laced with screams from the fiery pits, perhaps you best be movin’ on.

And that combination of femininity and fury is exactly what you can get with the new female huckster mini, Reaper’s latest addition to the Savage Worlds miniature line. If you’re after the most dangerous harem in Deadlands, don’t forget the mad scientist, Indian shaman, and Texas Ranger to round out the current roster of female Savage Worlds minis.