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Two New Adventures for Interface Zero 2.0

Drip by Bloody Drip for Interface Zero 2.0Gun Metal Games has released two new adventures for Interface Zero 2.0: Drip by Bloody Drip and The Delivery.

In Drip by Bloody Drip, the group is hired to grab some medical research files from an abandoned naval base on the Puget Sound. Seems simple enough, except for the base’s security systems. Can the group survive military-grade robots and drones long enough to retrieve the data? And why is another recovery team on the base?

The Delivery is a simple drop-off job, some might even say a milk run—but not all jobs are as easy as they look. Two hours to deliver a briefcase across town should be enough, but there may be a few obstacles that threaten that deadline.

Take a minute and check out Gun Metal Games’ full line. A Savage Worlds cyberpunk future is yours for the taking—or at least for a very reasonable price!


Hide and Seek—New for Day After Ragnarok

Hide and Seek for Day After RagnarokAtomic Overmind Press has released Hide and Seek, a new One Sheet adventure for The Day After RagnarokAuthor Mitch WIlliams offers a scenario set in the American Northwest, and Savage Worlds adventuring in the world after Serpentfall has never been easier—at least not for the GM.

A desperate letter draws the heroes to Corvalis, Oregon. Sgt. Henry Stevenson’s been plagued by odd blackouts and swears he’s being followed by strange people. A mysterious string of robberies is plaguing the town…is there a connection? Can the heroes help their friend win this very strange game of hide and seek?!

Firewater and Ice Released for Frozen Skies

Firewater and Ice for Frozen SkiesUtherwald Press has released Firewater and Ice, a short adventure for their forthcoming Frozen Skies setting—an airborne dieselpunk vision of a pulp Alaska that could have been.

The Ferret has a problem. A plane carrying a shipment of whiskey, destined for some rich toff, has gone down close to the dreaded Chillwynd Marches. The deadline for delivery is fast approaching and there are others who are interested in the cargo for their own ends. If something isn’t done soon it’ll be disastrous for his future business dealings. Luckily there’s a crew looking for work….

Nova Praxis Fully Funded and Coming to a Close

Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition KickstarterVoid Star Studio’s Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition Kickstarter has been fully funded! You can expect to see their transhumanist sci-fi future coming to Savage Worlds—prepare to fight for your place in a post-Exodus universe of merged biology and technology, with the machinations of the greedy, corrupt, and powerful ushering in the final collapse?

There’s only one week left—back the Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition Kickstarter while you still can.

Song of the Siren—New One Sheet for Day After Ragnarok!

Song of the Siren for The Day After RagnarokOur good friends at Atomic Overmind Press are back at it with Song of the Siren—a new One Sheet adventure for The Day After Ragnarok!

Magnolia Petroleum is setting up offshore drilling rigs in what used to be Louisiana; things were going as expected until “mermaids” started capsizing their supply boats and chewing on the sailors. Can the heroes survive their own encounter with les Sirenes Grande?

TAG Releases Realm Guide for The Salt Marsh

The Salt MarshThe verdant landscape of the Salt Marsh has lured many a curious traveler to his death. For sure it is rich in ruins untouched by human hands, but it is also home to fierce gator­men whose ancient civilization is threatened by civil war, as well as more dangerous foes.

Triple Ace Games is presents The Salt Marsh, Realm Guide #15 for their Hellfrost: Land of Fire setting. The sodden saline ground covers

  • Over a dozen more places to explore, including the City of Frogs and the Temple of Taweret,
  • A look at the gatormen—their society, their military, and their problems,
  • More perils, including new diseases, remedies, and flora,
  • Adventure seeds and reasons for visiting the Salt Marsh, and
  • New locations, major NPCs, minor deities and monsters—including the much-feared croco-sphinx!

Nova Praxis Kickstarter for Savage Worlds

Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition KickstarterVoid Star Studio is bringing their Nova Praxis setting to Savage Worlds! The Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition Kickstarter is now live and already two-thirds funded.

Nova Praxis is a sci-fi setting of transhumanism and recovery from societal collapse. Technology and biology merged as Earth was lost. Will a space filled with humanity after the Exodus be the final Utopia, or will the machinations of the greedy, corrupt, and powerful be the beginning of the final collapse?

Back the Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition Kickstarter, and the decision can be yours.

Mystical Throne Entertainment Releases Mercenary Breed 2.0

Mercenary Breed Second EditionThe new second edition of Mercenary Breed is now available as a three-book core set—the Mercenary’s Handbook (a player’s guide), the Galaxy Guide (a GM’s guide), and the Xenopedia (a bestiary). The updated books (in full-color PDF and Print-on-Demand) are a major revision to the original, including an expansion of the setting into a full sci-fi sandbox!

And don’t limit yourself to Mercenary Breed. The books can be used with any Savage Worlds sci-fi setting, and the Mercenary’s Handbook is only $1 for the PDF! How can you not check it out today?

Battlefield Press Releases Double Spiral War

Double Spiral War Setting Book for Savage WorldsBattlefield Press has released the Double Spiral War setting book for Savage Worlds. Put yourself into a world where mankind has spread across the stars, writing its struggles and conflicts on an even larger scale rather than leaving them behind for an intergalactic peace.

The Double Spiral War setting book has everything you need to play in the world of Warren Norwoods’ The Double Spiral War novels, also available from Battlefield Press. Don’t wait—take to tomorrow’s stars today!