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Nova Praxis Kickstarter for Savage Worlds

Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition KickstarterVoid Star Studio is bringing their Nova Praxis setting to Savage Worlds! The Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition Kickstarter is now live and already two-thirds funded.

Nova Praxis is a sci-fi setting of transhumanism and recovery from societal collapse. Technology and biology merged as Earth was lost. Will a space filled with humanity after the Exodus be the final Utopia, or will the machinations of the greedy, corrupt, and powerful be the beginning of the final collapse?

Back the Nova Praxis Savage Worlds Edition Kickstarter, and the decision can be yours.

Mystical Throne Entertainment Releases Mercenary Breed 2.0

Mercenary Breed Second EditionThe new second edition of Mercenary Breed is now available as a three-book core set—the Mercenary’s Handbook (a player’s guide), the Galaxy Guide (a GM’s guide), and the Xenopedia (a bestiary). The updated books (in full-color PDF and Print-on-Demand) are a major revision to the original, including an expansion of the setting into a full sci-fi sandbox!

And don’t limit yourself to Mercenary Breed. The books can be used with any Savage Worlds sci-fi setting, and the Mercenary’s Handbook is only $1 for the PDF! How can you not check it out today?

Battlefield Press Releases Double Spiral War

Double Spiral War Setting Book for Savage WorldsBattlefield Press has released the Double Spiral War setting book for Savage Worlds. Put yourself into a world where mankind has spread across the stars, writing its struggles and conflicts on an even larger scale rather than leaving them behind for an intergalactic peace.

The Double Spiral War setting book has everything you need to play in the world of Warren Norwoods’ The Double Spiral War novels, also available from Battlefield Press. Don’t wait—take to tomorrow’s stars today!

Three Skeletons and a Viking Villager—New from Cast of Cards

Cast of CardsThe Cast of Cards line-up is embracing biodiversity by adding character packs of the undead persuasion (three new Corpse CorpsSkeleton Extras, Skeleton Wild Cards, and Skeleton Battle-Hardened Extras) as well as more of the living (Viking Villagers to go with their Viking Band). Be sure to check out their full line of Cast of Cards on DriveThruRPG.

Don’t forget that you’ve got a no-lose way to try Cast of Cards. Both Freebie Pack 2 and the original Freebie Pack are, as their names imply, totally free—check ‘em out today!

Shaintar Adventure Deck Released

Shaintar Adventure CardsShaintar has always been a fantasy game of high adventure, and now they’ve put that in the palm of your hand! Evil Beagle Games has just released Shaintar Adventure Cards that are designed to be mixed in to your existing Savage Worlds Adventure Deck to really focus your deck on the setting.

You get 27 completely new cards designed to take advantage of and interact with the Shaintar setting, as well as the author’s personal suggestions for which cards to include from the basic deck. You can get those as a printable PDF, print-on-demand cards, or—for a [what I presume to be] limited time only—the print-on-demand cards with the PDF thrown in for free!

Customize your Adventure Deck and crank up your “Shaintariness” to 11 today!

Game Geeks Reviews Achtung! Cthulhu

Game Geeks Reviews Achtung! CthulhuAfter many tries, Kurt Wiegel overcomes his Cthonian lingual lock and manages to talk about Modiphius Entertainment’s Achtung! Cthulhu. Watch Kurt’s Achtung! Cthulhu review and get his learned opinion on how well this particular mix of madness and war might meet your gaming needs—your nazi-filled, tentacular, horrible gaming needs…

If that wasn’t enough to scare you off, I’m sure you’re brave enough to keep digging into the full range of Game Geeks reviews for the low-down on hundreds of gaming books, from both Savage Worlds and many other fine RPGs!

Wild Card Creator Updated with More Homebrew Support

Wild Card CreatorWild Card Creator—the Savage Worlds character creation utility that supports all your PDFs—has just released a significant update. Oh, sure, it has new options for auto-downloading updates, support for optional rules in published settings, and even more program settings for you to have more control. But for me the excitement is all about the expanded homebrew support.

A big part of the Savage Worlds mindset is that each setting will have little tweaks to the core rules to really bring that genre to life. We expect you to be using your own house rules, and Wild Card Creator is there to support you. Have campaign rules that apply to everyone? They’ve got you covered. Have a new Edge or Hindrance? No problem. Did you customize the way something works for one particular character alone? Good for you—and that’s supported!

Don’t just listen to me ramble on, check out Wild Card Creator and the latest update today!

[So, I misread something and claimed that Wild Card Creator now supports the recently released Science Fiction Companion and Super Powers Companion (Second Edition). I was wrong. They tell me it's coming soon, but isn't there now. I apologize for any confusion I've cause about that.—Joel]

Get a Discount on Storyweaver’s Most Popular Settings

HAEL Core Rules Discount LinkHigh Space Core Rules Discount LinkStoryweaver Games wants to thank you for their success by offering you a special discount! With these links, you can buy their High Space Core Rules or the HAEL Core Rules [Heck, you can actually buy both.] for $12 each instead of the normal $15.

While you’re there, go ahead and check out the full line of Storyweaver products. You’ll be glad you did.

Kickstart Your Own Thieves’ Guild!

Guild of Shadows Kickstarter CampaignSPQR Games is launching a Kickstarter for Guild of Shadows, a thieves’ guild campaign setting for Savage Worlds. Take your place in the guild, whatever it may be—run the gamut from robbery to confidence and intelligence schemes to assassinations. The world is truly your oyster—as long as nobody else takes it from you!

For more details on the planned content, the array of stretch goals, and all your print and PDF options, be sure to visit the Kickstarter for Guild of Shadows today!