Pinnacle and Savage Worlds at Gen Con

Savage Worlds at Gen ConOrigins is now behind us, and Gen Con is coming up fast. Be sure to mark your con-calendars with a few important seminar times!

  • PEG Seminar3:00 pm Saturday, Crowne Plaza Grand Central Ballroom A/B
    Come on in and sit a spell with the fine folks here at Pinnacle in the swankified new space con organizers gave us! Catch up with what we’ve been up to, find out secrets of what’s coming next, and see how everything is going. History suggests that Shane will let at least a few things slip that he shouldn’t, so be sure to get a front row seat!
  • Savage Worlds Licensee Seminar4:00 pm Saturday, Crowne Plaza Victoria Station A/B
    That’s right, the licensees get their own time this year. Just head over to Victoria Station (where the PEG seminar has been in recent years) to stick around and see what all Savage Worlds goodness is coming your way from all our gaming friends and allies.

Oh, and there’s all that Savage Worlds gaming. Be sure to check the program for the games you want, and be sure to let our own Jodi Black know what games you’re running. And, of course, don’t forget the amazing Sixth Gun RPG game run by Cullen himself on Thursday evening at 4+ Star Rock Bottom Brewery—check the Sixth Gun RPG Kickstarter for full details.

See you in Indy!


Packs! Kickstarter Launches

Packs! Kickstarter ProjectThe Builders created the Ratlair for a purpose unknown to the nine hordes. The labyrinthine mystery holds countless secrets and mortal dangers—especially for a rat like you! Devilish traps and wild creatures threaten your life at every turn, with only your pack between you and certain death.

The nine hordes—extensive rat family lines—populate the Ratlair, each with its own specialties, values, and quirks. Each knows the songs of its heroes as well as the stories of heroes known to all. While there is disagreement and fighting about nearly every aspect of rat culture, each horde knows that, in the end, they are social creatures, and society alone ensures their survival.

Join Prometheus GamesPacks! Kickstarter project to bring their German fan-favorite game to a new language and a new system. With your help, the world of Packs! will be brought to English for the first time as well as given full support for play in Savage Worlds! Be sure to check out the Packs! Kickstarter today.


Clockwork Dreams Comes to Savage Suzerain

Clockwork Dreams for Savage SuzerainEnter Mechadia, a realm of Suzerain where idyllic sylvan glades merge with mechanical wonders. Airship pirates hide on floating islands. Begoggled goblins run amok in steam-powered brass and steel. Brownie alchemists seek new ways to harness the pulse beyond the clouds. But the trolls toil restlessly to keep the great gears turning smoothly. Fey lords and ladies vie for rulership over the fledgling realm, and lines are being drawn in the copper dust. The fey are gearing up for mischief—do you have the brass to join the game?

Clockwork Dreams brings you a new realm for Savage Suzerain, with everything you need to craft a character unique to this setting—a wealth of background information, a Plot Point Campaign for Novice characters, heaps of Savage Tales, and stats for all manner of new NPCs and critters. Be sure to pick it up today in PDF, print-on-demand, or a combo! If you’re just clockwork-curious, don’t miss the completely free Clockwork Dreams Primer to whet your steam whistle.


Taking Action: New Savage Insider Now Available

Taking Action: Savage Insider Volume 2, Issue 2Savage Insider Volume 2, Issue 2Taking Action— is now available and chock-full of great material. You’ll get

  • Two great adventures (The Damned by Brian Reeves and Mummy Troubles by Zach Welhouse),
  • Zhàndòu: City of Warriors from Sean Tait Bircher of Wine and Savages,
  • All the features you’ve come to love, including recent and upcoming releases,
  • Convention Connections, and
  • More live links than a chain golem factory!

Want more? Be sure to check out Rebirth and Reinvention (the last issue) or any of the fine offerings from Obatron Productions.


Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun Available for Interface Zero 2.0!

Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun for Interface Zero 2.0Welcome to the Japan of 2090, nakama. Here, “ronin” a legacy fraught with peril and crushing burdens, not just a nickname. From the highest Zen master to the lowliest yakuza thug, from bio-molded cities to ancestral cyberspace vistas, prepare to be plunged into an empire transformed by its unique cultural identity as much as the world’s rampaging technology. Join us in Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun.

Whether you’re a mere robotics tech or descend from Japanese royalty itself, the time has come to choose your path. Delve into the DATAfeeds of the Chrysanthemum Corporation or whet your appetites in the orbital pleasure palace of Golden Heaven. Master stealth technology to join the shinobi or defend innocents from the ravages of the Setting Sun cult. The gates are open. The temple bells toll a new era. Do you have the wits, will, strength, and skill to survive and take control of your own legacy?

In this new supplement for Gun Metal GamesInterface Zero 2.0 Savage Worlds cyberpunk setting, you’ll get

  • New character options and gear,
  • True Cyber-Samurai and Cyber-Ninja,
  • Deadly bioforms sprung from Japan’s rich mythology,
  • New threats and Savage Tales to launch you into the action, and
  • Rich details of life in the Japan of Interface Zero’s world of 2090!

Explore whole new cityscapes of cyberpunk adventure where honor is everything—come to Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun today!


The Gamemaster Joins the Villains Abound Round-Up

The Gamemaster from Misfit StudiosThe Gamemaster joins Misfit StudiosVillains Abound line of detailed super-powered villains (compatible with the Super Powers Companion, Second Edition) ready to drop into your Savage Worlds games. A master assassin who creates complicated scenarios based on pop and geek culture references, he is as deadly as he is both brilliant and annoying!

The Gamemaster operates a highly customizable facility to capture, toy with, and kill his prey. He may seem like a joke, but his replica gear and weapons straight from the source materials add the danger to his creepy dungeon. You’ll need more than luck to survive!

Be sure to check out both of the Villains Abound entries and Misfit Studios‘ full line of products today.


Get the Fabled Environment Limited-Time Discount Bundle!

Fabled Environments Game MapsCheck out the Fabled Enviroments Savage Worlds Module Bundle, Volume 1. It includes four different Fabled Environments maps, a Savage Worlds adventure for each one, and additional extras for a few of them. Our own Clint Black wrote Throwdown at the North Pole, and Cake Walk comes from John Beattie (of Weird Wars Rome’s Wellspring).

If that’s not enough for you, there’s a larger bundle—the Fabled Enviroments 12/14 Catalog Bundle includes nearly forty* fine Fabled Environments products, including everything from the Savage Worlds Module Bundle, Volume 1. With this kind of discounted value, what are you waiting for?

* I kept miscounting as I scrolled through. My most common number was in the 36-38 area, with one 41. I leave the determination of the actual number as an exercise to the reader.


Sale on Savage Worlds for Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy GroundsHelp your Savage Worlds games reach out through the ether with Fantasy Grounds‘ on-line gaming tools. To beat the Black Friday rush, you can do it even cheaper with Fantasy Grounds Savage Worlds Sale! Wednesday, November 26 through Tuesday, December 2, all adventure modules will be 10% off.


Enjoy the Bounty of Our Licensee Cornucopia!

Savage Worlds on DTRPGIt’s an exciting week! First, there’s a whole passel of new Savage Worlds licensee products available. Second, I got to use the word “cornucopia” without getting looked at too funny.* Be sure to check it all out!**

Our licensees bring a lot to your gaming table, and not just some weird relish tray your great aunt keeps telling you was all the rage in the forties! Be sure to try a slice or two of their gaming desserts this holiday!

* Sure, it’s a little odd now, but if you use “cornucopia” around St. Patrick’s Day instead of Thanksgiving, it’s even weirder.

** You really don’t need to look any closer at my enjoyment in using “cornucopia.” Really.


Come to the Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh!

Realm Guide: The Caliphate of Al-ShirkuhWelcome to The Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh, a paradise for the Faithful! For merely a handful of coins, this marvelous book will guide you to the delights of this great city, introduce you to many illustrious persons, and reveal an enlightened and benevolent culture! Find danger and glory, learn of those who honor the gods, and fuel your imagination beyond reason.

Triple Ace Games presents The Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh, Realm Guide #20 for their Hellfrost: Land of Fire setting. Discover the secrets that lie within, including

  • Details on social structures, governance, and persons of great note,
  • Hundreds of new locations throughout the eight great cities, including the Little Shop of Horus and Meet for Meat,
  • An expansion of the Brotherhood of Unfortunate Souls, with information for players and GMs alike, and
  • Great and sundry knowledge of topics from funerary to flatter, and new herbs to new Edges!