Nova Praxis GM Screen Released

Nova Praxis GM Screen for Savage WorldsVoid Star Games has released the official Savage Worlds Nova Praxis GM Screen. Make your Nova Praxis games easier to run with this collection of handy references and tables designed to be used on your laptop or especially well-suited to use as landscape inserts in, oh, say, the Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen. You can also make your game more lively with the included full-color artwork panels to spice up your table.

Did I mention it’s available as a pay-what-you-want PDF? That’s right—you make the call. What have you got to lose? Get yours today.

Misfit Studios Helps Expand Your Super HQ

Super-Powered: 10 More HQ Add-Ons from Misfit StudiosNeed just a little more in your superhero’s headquarters? Is it just missing that certain something?

You might need Misfit Studios‘ most recent release, Super-Powered: 10 More HQ Add-Ons. It might have just want you’re looking for, with more rooms, some extras, and a few new Hindrances to boot.

It’s compatible with the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition), and quick to drop in to your existing game. Check it out.

Hop Aboard DramaScape’s Valkyrie Smuggling Ship

DramaScape's Valkyrie Smuggling ShipThe Valkyrie Smuggling Ship was trying to sneak past your view, but your finely-tuned sensors have detected DramaScape’s latest space ship map! The Valkyrie Smuggling Ship details the upper and lower interior decks of a small, light freighter. Whether it’s put to legal efforts is all up to you.

The Valkyrie includes four 360-degree panoramic views of the bridge, living quarters, mess hall, and cargo areas. You’ll also get descriptions and stats for the crew members, antagonists for the ship, and a handful of plot hooks to spice up your lives in space.

After all, you’ve got to be flying something into The Last Parsec—why not The Valkyrie?

Steamscapes: Asia Now on Kickstarter

Steamscapes: Asia Kickstarter ProjectSteamscapes is a Savage Worlds setting of gunslingers and gearsmiths. Science is pushing boundaries never considered, and anti-technology saboteurs are pushing back. But a new day is dawning in the East—the Far East! Enjoy the addition of elephant cavalry, Japanese automaton infantry, and powerful Chinese dragon airships. Welcome to Steamscapes: Asia!

The Steamscapes: Asia Kickstarter is currently underway. When you join the community, you’re helping to bring the project to press and to life! Your voice will be heard in the final product. In addition, you have the chance to pick up existing Steamscapes books at a substantial discount! Be sure to check the Kickstarter page for details on backer levels, rewards, and discounts.

Don’t let the future of the past slip by—visit the Steamscapes: Asia Kickstarter today!

Join the API Second Edition Kickstarter!

Apocalypse Prevention, Incorporated Second Edition KickstarterThe world is a more dangerous place than most people know, and it’s constantly on the brink of destruction. Someone has to save it, and there may as well be a little profit involved.

This is the world of Apocalypse Prevention, Incorporated (API). It’s filled with monsters and demons from other worlds, as well as this one—and some of them are your coworkers and partners. You and your fellow API agents apply your various talents—inborn abilities, magical arts, cybernetics, and old-fashioned fists—to keeping the world the way you like it.

The API Second Edition Kickstarter brings you an updated version of Third Eye Games‘ action-horror-humor-espionage setting, with both revised rules for the original system and full support for Savage Worlds! Be sure to check out the API2E Kickstarter for full details on backer levels, stretch goals, and rewards.

Just remember, if you don’t save the world, who will? Back the API2E Kickstarter today!

Celebrate the Deadlands Renaissance with What a Man’s Got to Do

Deadlands: What a Man's Got to DoVisionary Comics is celebrating the spread of Deadlands! With the relaunch of the Deadlands comics from Visionary, the impending release of the Dead Man’s Hand trade paperback from IDW, the upcoming prose novels with Tor, and the and television development, there’s a lot to hoot about. Heck, even  ICv2 is in on the Deadlands news!

When we say “impending release” of Dead Man’s Hand, we mean it. You can start ordering that at your friendly local game or comic shop this January.

Visionary is even helping you get in the mood with an original Deadlandsshort story by our own Big Bug o’ the Weird West, Matt Cutter. Take ride down a dark trail and see exactly What a Man’s Got to Do!

Go to ETU On-Line with Fantasy Grounds East Texas University Extension!

East Texas University for Fantasy GroundsNot sure if the college experience (of fleeing in terror and trying to keep the world safe, anyway) is something you can fit into your day? Now, with Fantasy GroundsEast Texas University Extension, you can desperately try to survive college from the comfort of your own home!

Grab a few friends, fire up the internet, and enjoy an East Texas University education in the warm glow of your very own monitor today!

Savage Mojo Releases Set Rising

Set Rising from Savage MojoThe scheming god Set has built a dark mirror of the Egyptian empire for his own ends. His minions raid mortal realms, enslaving humans to construct impossible pyramids for evil ends. They’ve even begun invading alternate realities, and someone has to stop them. The techno-Egyptian god Ra thinks you’re up to the task. Find out if you are before the future is Set…

Set Rising is part of the Suzerain Continuum and is available now on DriveThruRPG.

Savage Worlds Sales and New Releases on DriveThruRPG

Savage Worlds on DTRPGRemember, the Savage Worlds September Sale only lasts until next Tuesday, September 30. Don’t miss your chance at hundreds of Savage Worlds products on DriveThruRPG on sale for at least 15% off.

Think you’ve already checked it out earlier in the month? Think again. Remember, this includes new products, too. There are several new releases for DungeonlandsNova Praxis: Savage Worlds Edition, and Hot Potato, just to name some of the more recent ones.

It also includes Fabled Environment newest map, Modern Floorplans: An Average Modern Game Store. Not only is this a great map of someplace you’re likely to find familiar, it’s actually a map of the store Clint and Jodi Black were at for an event back on August 2. Not only can you have a flexible location map ready to go, you can do some perfectly legal retro-stalking of select Pinnacle staffers!*

Summer has past, and the Savage September Sale is sure to follow. Act now before you’re left in the cold.

* In case the question comes up, yes, we do prefer that to any real stalking, except for maybe—just maybe—celery or silk…

Savage Insider Call for Submissions

Savage Insider Call for SubmissionsIf you’ve ever wanted to write in the gaming industry, this may be your chance!

Obatron Productions is looking for submissions for Savage Insider’s next two issues, Taking Action and Giving Thanks (Volume 2, Issues 2 and 3 for you closet librarians). They’re looking for features, articles, illustrations, and advertisements. So, whether you’ve got something in you that you want to share* or have a product that needs some exposure, be sure to contact Obatron Productions.

For more details—including those all-important deadline dates—be sure to check the Savage Insider Call for Submissions or visit the Savage Insider Submissions & Advertising page.

* As long as we’re not talking parasites or gestating acid-blooded space aliens, that is.