Get the Fabled Environment Limited-Time Discount Bundle!

Fabled Environments Game MapsCheck out the Fabled Enviroments Savage Worlds Module Bundle, Volume 1. It includes four different Fabled Environments maps, a Savage Worlds adventure for each one, and additional extras for a few of them. Our own Clint Black wrote Throwdown at the North Pole, and Cake Walk comes from John Beattie (of Weird Wars Rome’s Wellspring).

If that’s not enough for you, there’s a larger bundle—the Fabled Enviroments 12/14 Catalog Bundle includes nearly forty* fine Fabled Environments products, including everything from the Savage Worlds Module Bundle, Volume 1. With this kind of discounted value, what are you waiting for?

* I kept miscounting as I scrolled through. My most common number was in the 36-38 area, with one 41. I leave the determination of the actual number as an exercise to the reader.

Sale on Savage Worlds for Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy GroundsHelp your Savage Worlds games reach out through the ether with Fantasy Grounds‘ on-line gaming tools. To beat the Black Friday rush, you can do it even cheaper with Fantasy Grounds Savage Worlds Sale! Wednesday, November 26 through Tuesday, December 2, all adventure modules will be 10% off.

Enjoy the Bounty of Our Licensee Cornucopia!

Savage Worlds on DTRPGIt’s an exciting week! First, there’s a whole passel of new Savage Worlds licensee products available. Second, I got to use the word “cornucopia” without getting looked at too funny.* Be sure to check it all out!**

Our licensees bring a lot to your gaming table, and not just some weird relish tray your great aunt keeps telling you was all the rage in the forties! Be sure to try a slice or two of their gaming desserts this holiday!

* Sure, it’s a little odd now, but if you use “cornucopia” around St. Patrick’s Day instead of Thanksgiving, it’s even weirder.

** You really don’t need to look any closer at my enjoyment in using “cornucopia.” Really.

Come to the Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh!

Realm Guide: The Caliphate of Al-ShirkuhWelcome to The Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh, a paradise for the Faithful! For merely a handful of coins, this marvelous book will guide you to the delights of this great city, introduce you to many illustrious persons, and reveal an enlightened and benevolent culture! Find danger and glory, learn of those who honor the gods, and fuel your imagination beyond reason.

Triple Ace Games presents The Caliphate of Al-Shirkuh, Realm Guide #20 for their Hellfrost: Land of Fire setting. Discover the secrets that lie within, including

  • Details on social structures, governance, and persons of great note,
  • Hundreds of new locations throughout the eight great cities, including the Little Shop of Horus and Meet for Meat,
  • An expansion of the Brotherhood of Unfortunate Souls, with information for players and GMs alike, and
  • Great and sundry knowledge of topics from funerary to flatter, and new herbs to new Edges!

Savage Characters, Volume 1—New from Dragonlaird

Savage Characters, Volume 1 from DragonlairdThey say adversity builds character, but maybe it’s time to let someone else do the character-building—and Dragonlaird has you covered with Savage Characters, Volume 1. This first volume gives you 20 characters, ready to go, covering several wildly different genres.

Each character comes with a full body portrait, stats and build path from complete Novice through Legendary rank, and adventure ideas for each and every rank on the way. Whether you need a fantasy character, a spacefarer, or a made man ready to fight with demons, you’re covered.

Check out Savage Characters, Volume 1 today.

Get a Gander at Misfit Studios’ New Releases

Misfit StudiosThe folks over at Misfit Studios have been busy this last week, with three new releases now available!

Need some creepy critters in handy single-dose packs? Check out their new Slime Dragon and Doom Worm, ready to go any place you want them.

Need something a little more superhero-organization-ish? Head straight on over to AEGIS, updated for use with the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition)!

While you’re there, be sure to check out the whole Misfit Studios line-up. You’ll never know what you’re missing until you do…

Get Half Off Gun Metal Games in November

Gun Metal GamesGun Metal Games is having a half-off sale until the end of November! That’s right—half the cost for the same great stuff, or twice as much for nothing more!

You may be most familiar with their cyberpunk setting, Interface Zero 2.0, but be sure to check out the whole Gun Metal Games catalog while you’re looking. At prices this low, you can have a very happy Thanksgiving or get some of that Christmas shopping out of your hair really early.

Dragon Kings Savage Worlds Supplement Now Available

The DrDragon Kings Projectagon Kings Savage Worlds Supplement is now available. This free PDF gives you all the game mechanic information you need to make the Dragon Kings Worldbook a Savage Worlds setting.

Be sure to check out their web page for more information about the Dragon Kings project, including the Dragon Kings Gazetteer and the Dragon Kings Soundtrack! Go to this exciting new fantasy world from the award-winning mind of Tim Brown today.

Gladiators of the Dominion Released for Beasts & Barbarians

Gladiators of the Dominion for Beasts & BarbariansVisit the sun-scorched arenas of the Dread Sea Dominions. Fight the ancient monstrosities from the pits to entertain the bored Priest Princes, struggle against beasts in the Imperial Arena for the enjoyment of the crowd, or match yourself against other gladiators for fame and glory!

As a gladiator, men shout your name, women faint at your sight, and the world adores you! But, against another of your kind, you are alone, wondering if today is the day you stain the sand with your own lifeblood.

Gladiators of the Dominion brings you everything you need to highlight the gladiatorial life in your Beasts & Barbarians games. The Season of Blood appendix even lets you run a league of gladiator fights in the arena without the need for a GM!

The bloodthirsty crowd and maddened elite won’t wait long—get your copy of Gladiators of the Dominion today.

Savage Mojo Releases Print-On-Demand Continuum Titles!

Dogs of Hades from Savage MojoSavage Suzerain from Savage MojoExercise your god-like powers and create the books you want from nothingness itself! Savage Mojo has just released Print On-Demand versions of the Continuum Editions of Savage Suzerain and Dogs of Hades. Color? Premium color? Softback? Hardbound? The choices are yours and reality shall be as you command it!

And that’s not all—you can expect to see similar Print-On Demand editions of Noir Knights and Caladon Falls soon! Keep an eye out on the Savage Mojo homepage for more announcements.

Seriously, how often do you get to shape the world around you and get some great RPG books? Rush on over to DriveThruRPG or the Savage Mojo site today!