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Print Preorder Available for Interface Zero 2.0

Interface Zero 2.0 Print PreorderDid you miss the Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter, but still wish you could get a physical copy of the book? Well, it’s your lucky day!

For a limited time, GunMetal Games is offering a chance to pre-order Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk for the same price as the Kickstarter backers. That’s 320 pages of future dystopia “goodness” for only $50.99—ten bucks off the eventual cover price!

Don’t wait. This offer is limited, and you never know when someone’s going to hack your custom-coded cyber-limbs to stop you from getting their copy!


Eldritch Skies Joins the GM’s Day Sale

Eldritch SkiesBattlefield PressEldritch Skies setting now brings the cold terror of Cthulhu and science to DriveThru RPG’s GM’s Day Sale. That brings the count of Savage Worlds licensee products on sale to over 300! Don’t delay, because the GM’s Day Sale ends on the Ides of March (otherwise known as March 15).

Take a (currently discounted) journey to the near future, a 2030 where we’ve stepped into space and found aliens, monsters, and supremely, indifferently dangerous gods. Explore space—and our own terrestrial corners—as man was both not meant to know and destined to embrace. Look to the Eldritch Skies today!

Meet the Cast of Cards!

Cast of CardsSavage Worlds is all about “Fast! Furious! Fun!” Paperwork, traditionally, is not. For those times when you want to sit down and play immediately,  Warning Label has you covered with their Cast of Cards line.

Cast of Cards decks give you packs of Savage Worlds NPCs, monsters, and villains complete with stats and backgrounds, totally ready to go. Pick the cards you like and get them as printable PDFs or as dry-erase printed cards. Pick up a pack and play today!

Take the Perilous Journey to the Hastilion Expanse

Perilous Journey #15: Mission AlphaThe Argo Galaxy is growing as the House of the Alliance has finally opened the Hastilion Expanse for full settlement. Corporations and settlers alike are jumping from the gates to seize the opportunities—and wealth and power. But will desire and ambition trump the hidden dangers of native flora and fauna, pirates, rebels, and rivals?

Perilous Journey #15: Mission Alpha present the first installment (of 14) of the Hastilion Expanse Campaign for the Mercenary Breed space opera setting for Savage Worlds. It includes encounters, new planets, new xeno templates, new fiction, and everything you need to start a new Mercenary Breed campaign. Check it out on the Mystical Throne Entertainment site today!

Shaintar: Legends Unleashed…Unleashed

Shaintar: Legends UnleashedEvil Beagle Games is thrilled to release Shaintar: Legends Unleashed, taking Sean Patrick Fannon’s high fantasy magnum opus to Heroic and Legendary levels—and beyond! While we can tell you about the dozens of new Edges, options for Epic High Magic, and far, far more, you’re probably best off reading the full entry from the author himself.

Now is not the time to hesitate! Did we mention that it’s included in the DriveThruRPG GM’s Day Sale? It is! Take your fantasy where it’s never gone before, and save yourself 30% on the way.

DramaScape Brings People (on Cards) to SciFi!

Dramascape SciFi NPCs Cards for Savage WorldsSciFi NPC Cards for Savage Worlds are now available from DramaScape! Each cards captures one of 48 new NPCs for any near- or far-future setting, including all their statistics for Savage Worlds. In-depth character information, potential aliases, history, background, and current status help you populate your SciFi world in an instant! NPCs also include their own adventure seeds and plot twists, so integrating them into your stories should be a snap.

Just like the SciFi Weapon Cards, the SciFi NPC Cards are available both as a printable PDF and as poker-sized, double-sided, UV-coated, physical cards. You even get a PDF for free with the physical product!

Misfit Expands the Supers HQ

Super Powered: 10 HQ Add OnsMisfit Studios expands their line of highly focused small supplements for Savage Worlds with Super Powered: 10 HQ Add Ons for use with the recently-released Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (Second Edition). With new rooms and extras for your super-team’s headquarters and a whole new category of HQ Hindrances, this may be just the spice you need to really make your super HQ sing!

Super Powered: 10 HQ Add Ons joins Operation: Marshal Law in the Super Powered series. At $1.55, what’s stopping you?

Sail the Sand of the Great Dune Sea

The Great Dune SeaThe Great Dune Sea—a land of howling wind, monstrous sand dunes, and an ever-changing water-free landscape—is widely regarded as a complete wasteland. But nomads still manage to tend to flocks, eke out a living, and survive in the sparseness.

Legends say there are several ruined cities swallowed by the sand. Sometimes, their ancient buildings peek out to offer their riches to the curious, the worthy, and the foolhardy.

Triple Ace Games is proud to present The Great Dune Sea, Realm Guide #9 for their Hellfrost: Land of Fire setting. These shifting sands contain

  • More information on Tamarni, the goddess of pleasure and the home,
  • A guide to the hardship and possible origins of the windswept sands,
  • New locations, major NPCs, minor deities and monsters, and
  • A new Edge for those who wish to travel across the sandy wastes!

Hero Labs Custom Files for Weird Wars: Rome and Slipstream Now Available!

Savage Worlds in Hero LabThanks to Ron and Lenny, some of the fine folks from the Hero Lab web forum, you can now download Weird Wars: Rome setting files for Hero Lab and Slipstream setting files for Hero Labs.

With these setting files, you can use Lone Wolf’s popular Hero Lab software to quickly create and manage character sheets for two more Savage Worlds settings. Be sure to check out Hero Lab for Savage Worlds—including free demo downloads for Mac and Windows—today!

Check Out Tomorrow Bomb Today!

Tomorrow BombTomorrow Bomb takes you through the mists of time to stop chronoterrorists, prevent time anomalies, and save the continuum from obliteration! Operations teams Alpha, Beta and Gamma to the briefing room—prepare to intervene on the timeline!

A single atomic explosion wipes out London during the Battle of Britain. But, wait a minute, the Nazis aren’t supposed to have an atomic bomb! Engage in a race against time (no pun intended) to save the whole of modern history in Tomorrow Bomb, a stand-alone adventure for GRAmel’s time-travelling TimeZero setting!