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Moon Valley, New Accursed Adventure, Released

Moon Valley for Melior Via's AccursedMelior Via has released Moon Valley, a new adventure for their dark fantasy setting Accursed. This scenario can be played as a stand-alone adventure or incorporated into the Accursed Plot Point Campaign.

Some of the Chimera’s experiments have begun to migrate, wreaking more havoc that usual. Homes are abandoned, lands are stripped bare of plants and game, and fleeing residents are attacked. Can you defend Moon Valley from the encroachment of creatures as hideous as you are? Can you find out what these new monsters hope to achieve?


Steamscapes Releases the Gungslinger’s Guide

Gunslinger's Guide for SteamscapesThe Gunslinger’s Guide is now available for Steamscapes. With extensive setting information, optional rules, and an extensive weapon customization system, the Gunslinger’s Guide offers more play options and story hooks for shootists in the Steamscapes world.

Keep your gadgets and goggles and machines. With a gun and this guide, the world is your shiny, target-shaped oyster!

Race for the Jade Scroll—New One Sheet for Day After Ragnarok!

Race for the Jade Scroll One Shot for Day After RagnarokAtomic Overmind Press has released Race for the Jade Scroll, a new One Sheet adventure for The Day After Ragnarok. Explore Hong Kong in full Savage Worlds style in the world after Serpentfall—all with quick and easy game prep for the GM.

Hong Kong is home to criminals, eccentrics, rebels, refugees, and an occupying Japanese army. But a letter telling you of the death of your old friend living in the city—former Oxford University Professor Cyrus Lockheart—has arrived. He’s left certain papers and personal effects to you, broadly hinted to be of great value—but they must be retrieved in person. Where will this strange bequest, and its even stranger outcomes, take you? Can you win the Race for the Jade Scroll?


Karthador Reviewed by the Most Unread Blog

The Most Unread Blog on the Internet EverTommy Brownell has posted a review of Reality Blurs‘ upcoming new setting Karthador (which is currently available for pre-order) on The Most Unread Blog on the Internet Ever.

See what Karthador is, in all its sci-fi swashbuckling glory, as well as what it isn’t. Fantasy races? Jump drives? Glory? Adventure? You’ll never know unless you read the review!


The Snakelands of Old Released for Hellfrost: Land of Fire

The Snakelands Realm Guide for Hellfrost: Land of FireFor millennia the snakemen of old have been spoken of as ghosts, but they were not as destroyed by the armies of Hekata as was believed. At long last the stars align to bring the lost ophidae back from their self-imposed exile. Nomads in the surrounding regions sense a dark presence in the Snakelands, and fear sweeps across the desert. The serpent is on the ascent.

Triple Ace Games presents The Snakelands of Old, Realm Guide #17 for their Hellfrost: Land of Fire setting. The Realm Guide includes

  • Details on the lives, habits, and society of the ophidae,
  • More places to explore, including the City of the Firmament and the Whispering Oasis,
  • Adventure seeds and reasons for visiting the Snakelands, and
  • New major NPCs, minor deities, monsters, and character options!

Sand and Stone Expands the World of Accursed

Sand and Stone for Melior Via's AccursedSand and Stone brings you more details about the nations of Hebron and Hyphrates in Melior Via’s dark fantasy setting of Accursed.

Since the colonization of Morden, Hebron and Hyphrates shared an enmity. Fueled by a competition for resources as well as cultural differences, these misunderstandings led to an endless series of hostile conflicts. Much of this was swept aside in the face of the Grand Coven, when all the nations of Morden cooperated under the banner of the Armies of Light.

Sand and Stone provides more information about these nations and their differences, as well as more information for players and GMs alike. A broad range of different adventure hooks help explore these regions, while new banes, Hindrances, and Edges help bring out the specific flavor of these cultures.

Three Kings (Revised) Released for Acthung! Cthulhu

Three Kings Revised for Achtung! CthulhuModiphius Entertainment is proud to bring you an updated version of Three Kings. It contains the same great adventure, the same depth of support, and the same depth of terror of the original—just revised to work more seamlessly with the existing Achtung! Cthulhu Investigator’s and Keeper’s Guides.

What are you waiting for? Bring the secret history of a darker World War Two to your gaming table today with the Achtung! Cthulhu setting. Surely you’re not afraid…at least not as afraid as you will be….

Real Estate One-Sheet for Interface Zero 2.0

Real Estate One Sheet for Interface Zero 2.0Gun Metal Games has released Real Estate, a new One-Sheet for Interface Zero 2.0. Gangs try to take over new territory all the time, but this time it’s led to an all-out war between two gangs for the neighborhood you live in! It’s not just about survival, it’s about a place to call your own.

Be sure to check out the full line of Gun Metal Games products. An entire Savage Worlds cyberpunk future is waiting for you.



Join Clint and Jodi Black at Storm-Con This Weekend

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouIf you’re still looking for weekend plans, this is your chance to catch Clint and Jodi Black at Storm-Con in Charleston. You can also catch Charles White of Fabled Enviroments, Pirate Press (the folks behind the upcoming Battle for Oz), several Savage Worlds games (including a Savage Saturday Night), and Clint’s ETU game.

That’s right, Clint’s running a preview game of East Texas University called Early Attrition. It’s the beginning of your freshman year at ETU, and you had to check in early because of a scheduling issue. There aren’t many other students on campus yet, and they’re showing a horror movie in the courtyard of the student center. You and your new friends have all decided to go since there’s not much else to do and the guy from student services guaranteed you’d be scared before the night was over!

Make Gaming Better—Become a Playtester Today

Misfit StudiosMisfit Studios is calling for playtesters. Are you the one they’re after?

Have you ever thought you’d be good at playtesting? Do you notice things that others’ miss? Do you want your name in small type at the beginning of a game book? Does that totally inappropriate apostrophe two sentences ago bug you? Have you always wondered how you can get involved in the game industry?

All those are good reasons to answer the call for playtesters, and there are countless many others. Why wait?