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Extreme Earth: Kickstarter for a Dystopic Super-Future

Extreme Earth KickstarterFainting Goat Games, one of our newest Savage Worlds Licensees, is Kickstarting Extreme Earth, a supers campaign set in the Iron Age of comics.

Take the world we know and strip away many of the natural resources. As if to make up for this loss, some people suddenly develop super talents and powers. The lines between governments, corporations, and media are so blurred that everyone is out for themselves. Add a layer of paranoia and corruption that affects all levels of society, creating conflicts that consume those quickly-dwindling resources—resources like those people with newly-developed powers. It’s a dark dystopia far too easily imagined.

Check out the Extreme Earth Kickstarter for the full details and the various rewards levels.


TAG Kickstarts Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion

Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion Kickstarter CampaignTriple Ace Games is expanding their fantastic frozen north with the Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion II Kickstarter. They’ve already reached their initial funding goal, but there are several interesting stretch goals that you can help bring to reality all while getting in on the ground floor of further frozen fun.

The books are already completed, ready to go to print. For full details on formats, stretch goals, and content, be sure to visit the Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion II Kickstarter today. Fight against the encroaching winter for honor, glory, and fame!

Get Your Horde on with MTE’s Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide

Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide for Savage WorldsThat cloud of dust, those thundering of hooves, and that air of doom can only mean the coming of the Khan! Mystical Throne Entertainment is proud to bring you the Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide for Savage Worlds.

Throughout the Asian steppes and to areas well beyond their borders, the Mongols’ efficient and effective war tactics allowed the Empire to grow rapidly, consuming everyone around. Those who submitted to the Empire found a vast merchant network connecting Eurasia, religious freedom, and laws the reflect those still in use today. Ultimate Mongol Empire Guide is a detailed look at the might of the Mongol Empire and the Khans they rallied behind during the Middle Ages, including:

  • Historical equipment
  • Military tactics and formations
  • The Mongol Khans
  • A timeline of major battles and events
  • New Character Options for making Mongol warriors
  • Two Savage Tales

Build (or fight) the warriors of history! Lay the foundations for a historical—or alternate history—game set in the Mongol Empire! Be the Khan you know you are!

Realmworks Campaign Manager Tool Now Available

Realm Works Campaign Management SoftwareThe fine folks that brought you Hero Lab are at it again! Realm Works is made to help you manage your campaigns—spend more time gaming and creating amazing stories instead of handling notes, charts, maps, and all that other paperwork that builds up on you!

You can even use Realm Works to help you bring digital content into your game—from stat blocks to image, even audio and video files. Don’t want to tip your hand too early? You can use their Fog of World tools to reveal only what the players have seen.

Published material, like our own Blood Drive Trilogy for Deadlands, will be integrated in the upcoming Realm Works Content Market, so there’ll be even less work for you!

Realm Works is available for a special introductory price of $49.99! Be sure to check out their web site for full details before it’s too late.

Savage Insider Wants Your Input!

Savage Insider MagazineObatron Productions is looking for feedback from the Savage Worlds community to help shape the future of Savage Insider, the quarterly magazine dedicated to all things Savage Worlds!

We’ve all got opinions…especially gaming opinions. This is your chance to have those opinions matter—take their brief survey and you may get exactly the Savage Worlds magazine you’ve always dreamed of!

Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion Now Available for Fantasy Grounds!

Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion for Fantasy GroundsTake off to high space adventure from your cyberspace adventuring tools—the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion is now available for Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop!

Come to places beyond the familiar bounds of Earth. Some lie twinkling in the distant starfields, waiting to be discovered by intrepid explorers or conquered by legions of space marines. Others are just around the corner in time, a near future where hovertanks race across blasted battlefields, cyberware replaces organic limbs, and robots serve humanity—or attempt to annihilate it.

With all the new materials from the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion ready for use in Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop, the future is yours now to share with your friends, wherever they may be!

New Accursed Adventure from an Old Hand

Long Dead and Twice SlainAnd, no, we’re not talking about an automated undead authoring construct made of severed hands! [Then again, now that you bring it up…Long Dead and Twice SlainMelior Via’s first short adventure for the Accursed dark fantasy settingis written by our very own Shane Hensley!

A mysterious spirit haunts a band of human warriors who seek to cleanse a region of the Witches’ contamination. Only a band of Witchmarked could hope to overcome the seemingly indecipherable danger at hand. The powers that they receive from their curse could be the solution to unlocking the mystery.

Long Dead and Twice Slain focuses on the adventures of a band of Witchmarked heroes in the Accursed game setting. Play it as a standalone or incorporate it into the Plot Point Campaign from Accursed. Get your copy now from DriveThruRPG for just $2.50!

Wage the Battle of Thermopylae for the Old Gods!

Mythos: Battle of ThermopylaeIn the distant future of a far mythic past, Zeus rests uneasy on the throne of Olympus, drained by man’s new reliance on reason and philosophy. During this weak time, Ahura Mazda, god of the Persians, seeks to overthrow the Greeks on earth and their gods from the heavens.

Ripped from the days of heroes, your band is brought forward in time to turn the tide, to ferret out the treachery, and to stop the Persians at any cost. Surely you’re man and woman enough for the job, but are you myth and hero enough? Find out today—Battle of Thermopylae is an epic adventure for Mythos for 3-5 Veteran heroes. 

Extraction With Extreme Prejudice for Interface Zero 2.0

Extraction with Extreme Prejudice for Interface Zero 2.0The job seems simple enough; grab a high profile geneticist from Bio Solutions, and deliver him to the contractor. In, out, done. Easy Peasy, right? Wrong. Word spreads fast in the sprawl, and once the wolves hear about the dandy diaper baby coming down from his ivory tower, he becomes a huge payday, and everyone wants to cash in. Can you complete the job as promised? Or will you succumb to greed and sell the mark to the highest bidder? Do you even have a choice?

Extraction with Extreme Prejudice is an adventure for 3 to 5 characters for Gun Metal GamesInterface Zero 2.0 cyberpunk setting. You even get free rules for creating your own safe house!