Last Chance for the Last Parsec Kickstarter!

JumpCorp Asimov Circuits PosterSpace may be infinite, but Kickstarters aren’t. The Last Parsec Kickstarter project closes this Thursday, October 23, at 12:23 pm EDT (9:23 am PDT).

Don’t despair! You still have time to join up and grab a few more of our Stretch Goals. Just this week, Last Parsec Figure Flats II: Terrors of Deep Space were unlocked. That’s our ninth Stretch Goal so far, and the next ones mean more Last Parsec Miniatures for everyone getting any minis at all—at no additional cost! You can also get your hands on new add-ons, like Savage Worlds Deluxe, the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion, and the new custom Last Parsec Dice Set.

You’ll also have lots of things to remember us by! Just this week, we’ve put out John Goff’s latest Last Parsec One-Sheet, Catch of the Day. You can also get the Design Diary Volume 4 for more insights into the creation of The Last Parsec material. Remember, you can get all the Design Diaries, One Sheets, and other free resources (like the Last Parsec Character Sheet) from the Downloads section at the right of the Last Parsec page. And there’s always the entire Wendigo Tales Season 3 for you—six different tales of life in The Last Parsec, ready for your reading pleasure.

If you care about yourself at all, do yourself two little favors before it’s too late—get the full-size JumpCorp Asimov Logic poster so you don’t forget to take routine safety precautions and visit The Last Parsec Kickstarter project while you can still do something about it!

Savage Worlds Reviews Aplenty!

Savage Worlds on the WebIt’s been a big week for Savage Worlds reviews. The folks at Neuroglyph Games posted their review of the Science Fiction Companion on EN World. Last week, they posted their review of Savage Worlds Deluxe, and it sounds like we can look forward to their thoughts on the new Super Powers Companion next month.

There was also a review of Melior Via’s Accursed setting posted on Ain’t It Cool News. If you want to know more about the dark setting of monstrous veterans waging war against their former overlords [And, seriously, who doesn’t?], go check it out!

Savage Worlds Deluxe Map Pack Joins Free Downloads!

Savage Worlds Deluxe Map PackAll the maps from the One Sheet Adventures in the Savage Worlds Deluxe books have been compiled into one free download for you—the Savage Worlds Deluxe Map Pack!

Want to print the maps as handouts for your players? Not a problem! Add or remove the backgrounds and the map titles as you like—the PDF is fully layered for your customization.

Be sure to check out the rest of our free downloads while you’re at it. You never know what wonders you’ll find.

We’ve kept the maps at a large size with a high resolution, so the file’s a little larger than you might think a six-page freebie would be. You may be better served to right-click and Save Link As (or comparable command in your browser) to save the file before trying to open it.

New Screen Inserts Available for Savage Worlds Deluxe and Hell on Earth: Reloaded!

Hell on Earth: Reloaded Screen InsertsSavage Worlds Deluxe Screen InsertsPut the artistic punch into your Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen with these new downloadable screen inserts!

The Savage Worlds Deluxe Screen Inserts has a dozen pieces of genre-spanning art, including an updated throwback of Smiling Jack!

The Hell on Earth: Reloaded Screen Inserts bring a little life to your table in the otherwise barren Wasted West with eleven gorgeous, full-color pieces of artwork and a full-color map of the Wasted West (good for players and GMs alike)!

Both sets of inserts include the most frequently referenced rules for your handy access. Keep the rules at your fingertips, visual thrill on the table, and your games humming along!

February Freebies for Players and GMs Alike!

Savage Worlds Deluxe GM Screen InsertsDon’t worry about forgetting anything important this February—commercials won’t let you miss Valentine’s Day, the weather won’t let you leave winter, and we’ve got your Savage Worlds games covered!

Are you always forgetting all those little things you need to know as a GM? Be sure to get a copy of our new Core Savage Worlds Rules Inserts for the Customizable GM’s Screen! These inserts have been updated to be fully compatible with the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules and include most everything you’d need on your side of the six-panel, landscape Customizable GM’s Screen

Deadlands Noir Character SheetPlayers, are you worried that the Great Depression-inspired malaise will have you forgetting yourself entirely? We have just the cure for that, too!

The  Deadlands Noir Character Sheet has been updated to be form-fillable and savable by anyone with a copy of Reader. Jot yourself down and save everything there is about you for the next time without worry of losing yourself in the process!

And don’t forget all the other great freebies available through our Downloads page!

Savage Worlds Style for 2013

Savage Worlds Dice and ShirtsSavage Worlds brings the fun to your gaming, but did you realize we can bring pizzazz to your torso and table, too?

We put the game in your hand, now let us put the shirt on your back! Get ready for the 2013 convention season with one of our four different Savage Worlds t-shirts. For the true gamer of leisure (or The Big Lebowski fan), the Savage Worlds bowling shirt is always a big hit.Savage Worlds Bowling Shirt from the Studio 2 Publishing Web Store

Or spice up your dice with one of the custom sets for Savage Worlds. Deadlands dice can help you through a West where the bones can roll themselves. Savage Worlds Wild Dice put that extra zing in every roll.

You can even get the complete Savage Worlds dice experience with your own custom Savage Worlds Dice and Bag set, featuring the full Savage Worlds logo on the bag with the logo icons on the dice! You can even get that in a combo with the Savage Wolds Dice and Bag set with Savage World Deluxe!

Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition Now Shipping!

Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer's EditionIf good things come in small packages and come to those who wait, then you can be doubly happy—Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition is now shipping! Most of the pre-order books have been sent out, and many of you who pre-ordered may have your copy in your hands right now. Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition is being shipped to distributors this week, and you can expect to see it in retail stores as early as Monday, August 13.

As always, we’re giving you one last chance at the Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition Preorder Bundle—get the PDF and the printed book together for only $14.99! Don’t dawdle, as this offer will vanish from the web by next Tuesday.

If you missed it before, the Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition is absolutely everything from the lavish, full-size, hardcover Savage Worlds Deluxe core rulebook packed into the wildly popular Explorer’s Edition softcover 6.5″ x 9″ form factor. Not only did we make the book smaller, we compacted the price down to $9.99, too!

We’re big fans of giving you options here at Pinnacle, too. So you can get the Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition as a PDF (from the Pinnacle PDF Store, Studio 2 Publishing, or DriveThruRPG) or in print, and you can also still get the full-size, hardback Savage Worlds Deluxe as long as stocks remain or the full-size 8.5″ x 11″ PDF (also from the Pinnacle PDF Store, Studio 2 Publishing, or DriveThruRPG).

ENnies Voting Now Open!

ENnies VotingHere’s another chance for you to make your voice heard—ENnie Awards voting is open until July 29.

We told you last week that our own Savage Worlds Deluxe core rulebook is nominated in the Best Game category and Reality BlursAgents of Oblivion is nominated in the Best Supplement category. What we didn’t know is just how strong a showing the Savage Worlds family would have in the Fan Favorite Publisher category.

Not only did you nominate Pinnacle Entertainment Group (for which we thank you), but there’s a host of Savage Worlds licensees as well: Atomic Overmind, GRAmel Editions, Mutha Oith Creations, Nevermet Press, Reality Blurs, Super Genius Games, and Triple Ace Games. Congratulations to you all! [There may even be more—nominees were not alphabetically sorted, so pay close attention.]

This is also your chance to vote for the 2013 ENnies judges. These are the folks who decide what submissions make it to open voting, so your votes for judges can make a real difference in the nominees.

So what are you waiting for? Go vote today!

Savage Worlds Gets Two ENnies Nominations!

Agents of OblivionSavage Worlds DeluxeThe 2012 ENnie Awards Nomination are out, and Savage Worlds got a few nods.

Specifically, our own Savage Worlds Deluxe core rulebook is nominated in the Best Game category and Reality BlursAgents of Oblivion is nominated in the Best Supplement category.

Now that nominees are announced, you can send in nominations for Fan Favorite Publisher. No matter who it is, be sure you show your favorite game publisher how much you appreciate them.

Remember, voting will run from July 20–July 29, so check out the nominees now!

Deadlands Gets Deluxe-ified!

Deadlands Deluxe-ifiedHave you found yourself trying to cram your shiny new Savage Worlds Deluxe rules into your Deadlands books? Well, stop it, amigo—that’s mighty rough on the bindings! Now that we’ve got that settled, how ’bout we come riding to your rescue now?

Deadlands Deluxe-ified, the brief guide to playing Deadlands with the Savage Worlds Deluxe core rules, is waitin’ on you. I can hear you back-Easters already askin’ “How much, my good man?” Well, let’s not get your ascots in a bunch, fellas. Like the preacher-man says, the best things in life are free, and who are we to gainsay the preacher-man? It’s all yours. Take one. Share it with your friends and neighbors, if you got any left.

Maybe, just maybe, with the complete details on integratin’ changes to skills, Edges, and powers, you’ll have a better chance o’ survival. Good luck!