Deadlands Noir Actual Play Podcast from Roo Sack Gamers

Savage Worlds on the WebRoo Sack Gamers is putting their Deadlands Noir game out as actual play podcasts—three so far! Starting with Episode 90, you can listen in as the Roo Sack gang finds their way around a dark and gritty New Orleans from a past that’s not quite our own.

Download a few podcasts today and get a feel for roleplaying in the world of Deadlands Noir!


Savage Worlds on Roo Sack Gamers Podcast

Savage Worlds InterviewsRoo Sack Gamers podcast has just released Episode 68: Gen Con 2012 Wrap Up.

Hear what they’ve got to say about this year’s Gen Con as well as our own Evil Mike and Chaos Steve.

Spoiler Alert: They’re already looking forward to Savage Saturday Night at Gen Con 2013!