RKDN Studios Kickstarts The Reliquary

RKDN StudiosRKDN Studios is Kickstarting their second Savage Worlds book, The Reliquary. Starting with 60 new magic items for Savage Worlds games (and Pathfinder and 13th Age), the content is rapidly expanding as they hit their stretch goals! Right now, they’ve hit their first four content-generating stretch goals, and there’s still nearly a month to go!

Much like their first Kickstarter project, The Bestiary of the Curiously Odd, some of the contribution levels let you submit your own ideas to be worked into The Reliquary. Those slots are going fast, though, so don’t delay!


RKDN Studios Kickstarts into Savage Worlds

RKDN StudiosJoin us in welcoming RKDN Studios as our newest licensee! Their first Savage Worlds project will likely be The Bestiary of the Curiously Odd.

Why “will likely be”? Because Savage Worlds is currently their next stretch goal for the Bestiary of the Curiously Odd’s Kickstarter! As I type, they’re less than $500 from their goal of bringing their project to our system.

Did I mention that some of the Kickstarter levels include the ability to contribute to the book? No? This is your chance to be published with Ed Greenwood, Monte Cook, Wolfgang Baur, and a whole slew of industry professionals! There’s only 13 days left, so don’t delay.