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EerieX Radio Interviews Shane Hensley

Eerie X Radio PodcastEerieX Radio has just released their interview of our own Shane Hensley at Gen Con. Shane’s interview starts about 1 hour and 13 minutes, right after Lester Smith. If you’ve never had the chance to talk (or listen) to Lester, you should go ahead and catch the whole thing.

Catch other episodes, including the first part of the EerieX Radio Gen Con interviews, from the EerieX Radio home page or follow EerieX Radio on Facebook.


Catch Pinnacle in a Couple Podcasts

Savage Worlds on the WebGrown as Gamers Episode 140 includes bits about both East Texas University and Necessary Evil. Ray will even be running Necessary Evil at the Save Against Fear fundraiser. There’s also coverage of E3 2014, if you’re into that sort of thing….

Out of the studio and in the real world, our own Jodi Black was interviewed on Rage Quit Radio at Storm-Con. It’s definitely worth a listen.

Shane Going Strong on Visible Cities

Visible Cities PodcastOur very own Shane Hensley is really enjoying his Let’s Ask Shane* segments in the new Visible Cities podcast. If you’ve ever wanted Shane’s answer to a question that’s plaguing you, just e-mail our own Jodi Black to get your query in the queue.

With three episodes complete and more on the way, Visible Cities is bringing you a variety of gaming industry insiders and information. Be sure to check it out for yourself.

*No, you’re not imagining things. It was originally titled Shane on Games. Remember, change is a constant in every feature of our lives, except for most vending machines.

Shane Featured on New Podcast!

Visible Cities PodcastOur very own Shane Hensley is going to be a recurring feature in the new Visible Cities podcast. Their focus will be on tabletop and video game design and culture—a for-gamers, by-gamers sort of thing. 

The first episode features a full-length interview with Shane, and each new episode will include an installment of Shane on Games, in which he answers questions from the public on anything game-related! “I’m thrilled that Visible Cities asked me to be a part of this,” says Shane. “I love hearing about all the great things that are going on in the gaming community, and this looks to be a fantastic series!”

Other guests on the initial episode include Tracy Fullerton of Games Design Workshop, Days of Wonder, CoolMiniOrNot, and Philosopher Thomas Hurka.

If you have any questions for Shane on Gamese-mail our own Jodi Black. Remember, Shane’s worked on RPGs, card games, video games, board games, and has experience in [so far as I can tell] every aspect of game design, management, and production. Don’t be shy—e-mail today!

Shane Hensley Talks All Things Deadlands with Geekerati

Deadlands on GeekeratiGeekerati is airing an interview with Shane Hensley about the history and future of Deadlands. Follow the conversation from Deadlands‘ debut, through its various incarnations, and to its new status as an XBox Originals television show in development!

Be sure to listen to the podcast for the most recent developments in the Deadlands XBox Originals show. While you’re there, you might also want to catch older RPG and Savage Worlds installments as well.

The Game’s the Thing Talks ETU: Degrees of Horror

The Game's the Thing Talks ETU: Degrees of HorrorThe Game’s the Thing returns to podcasting with their newest (and earlier-than-last-expected) episode: Frat Party. Gather ’round the speakers and listen close as Veronica and Ron Blessing catch up with their plans for The Game’s the Thing and visit once more their favored land—interviews.

While the first interview is about Satyr Stein (an interesting home brew Kickstarter for all you beer fans), their second guest is our own Ed Wetterman talking about ETU: Degrees of Horror. Want to hear about what’s going on in the college horror game set in the popular 12 to Midnight town of Pinebox, Texas? This is your chance—listen today!

Jim—Yes, That Jim—Talks Deadlands

Savage Worlds on the WebJim Ryan (of Jim—Yes, That Jim and Crucible of Realms infamy) just released an episode nearly-entirely about Deadlands, with a splash of mash-up genre philosophy thrown in for flavor. Check out his Deadlands and More Deadlands episode now!

For those of you who are particularly fond of imaginary animals, Jim claims no jackalopes were harmed in the making of the podcast. Personally, I have my doubts…

Smiling Jack’s Podcast Talks With Shane Hensley and Clint Black

Smiling Jack's PodcastSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill has released Episode 23 of their Savage Worlds podcast featuring an interview with our own Shane Hensley and Clint Black. Hear their take on the recently-launched Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion and Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) and several other things Savage Worlds!

Hang out after the interview for the cast’s ruminations on their experience with Realms of Cthulhu from their actual play podcast of the Savage Worlds setting of eldritch horror!