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The Future Is Fast Upon Us!

Science Fiction Companion Preview CoverMark your calendars and set your reminders—PDF sales and print preorders start here next week for the all-new Science Fiction Companion and the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition)! You’ll also be able to sign up for the Print-PDF combo pack—you’ll get the PDF immediately, have your print copy preordered, and enjoy a substantial discount!

Take a look at the cover preview—you know you want that. Never go into space alone…always take a Companion!


Keeping Deadlands Past Alive in the New Year

DeadlandsWe know you’re out there, and there’s no shame in it. Whether you’re a completist, a romantic, or just have a preference,* we know some of you prefer Deadlands Classic or even Deadlands d20.

We’ve never been a company to abandon our past or not give you what you want, so here’s some good news for you—virtually every one of our Deadlands Classic and Deadlands d20 books is now available in PDF form in the Deadlands Classic and d20 section of the Pinnacle web store!

For those of you who don’t want to mix your flavors of the Weird West, don’t worry, amigo! All the new Deadlands materials are in their own Deadlands: Reloaded section! We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for you to get the Deadlands you want, whatever kind that might be.

*Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Pinnacle Steps into 2014!

Savage Worlds' Brave New YearAs one year turns into the next, it’s human nature to reflect on the past and look to the future. As all of us here at Pinnacle are only human,* how could we do any differently?

Last year was filled with excitement, both big and small. It was our first full year with Shane back at the helm full-time, and we “upgraded” Jodi Black from Editor to Licensing and Social Media Manager (and Editor**). Our first Kickstarted products (Deadlands Noir) made it into the real world, and our second Kickstarter (Weird Wars Rome) was wildly successful! We released a slew of new products, attended a lot of conventions, started the new line of fiction with Wendigo Tales, expanded the Pinnacle Web Store, and had a great year thanks to all of you!

Ours wasn’t the only good year, either! The Savage Worlds licensees released a wide variety of well-received materials, both with new settings and expansions to old favorites, by traditional means and by several successful Kickstarters. It’s exciting to see what other people do with the Savage Worlds system and to see you give them your enthusiastic support as well.

What does 2014 hold for us? You already know about the Science Fiction Companion and Super Powers Companion (2nd Ed.) releasing for preorder in January. Some of you have already heard of our sci-fi setting Last Parsec. You can also expect more for Deadlands: Reloaded (including the next of the big four Plot Point Campaigns) and Deadlands: Hell On Earth (including the Hell on Earth Companion)! And if you don’t think we’re keeping a few more surprises up our sleeve—including ETU: Degrees of Horror—than you just don’t know us very well…

Thanks again for the great 2013, and stick with us for the even better 2014 coming next!

* No, really. It’s absolutely true. I don’t understand why I have to keep defending this claim. Have you ever seen a more human-looking bunch?

** It’s sort of like the mafia or Hotel California. You can’t ever really get out of editing. Ever.

SciFi and Super Powers Companions for the New Year

SciFi and Super Powers Companions Coming SoonThe SciFi and Super Powers Companions (Second Edition) will both debut January 14, 2014. You’ll be able to buy the PDF for immediate gratification, preorder the printed books for your reading pleasure, or get a combo pack for the best of both worlds!

The much-anticipated SciFi Companion is in final proofing right now. From the very personal (cyberware, races, Edges, and Hindrances) to the very large-scale (world creation, ships, and vehicles) and everything in between (power armor, robots, weapons, and gear), it’s in there—plus guidelines for creating your own! Shape the future to your whims with the SciFi Companion!

The new edition of the Super Powers Companion is also coming at you! The original printing has been sold out for a while, and Shane, Clint, Norm Hensley, and the gang have been hard at work applying eight years of feedback and playtesting to create the new edition. Shane says, “We’ve really streamlined things and brought all the rules more in line with some of the changes we’ve made in Deluxe. The best part is since we worked on SciFi and Supers at the same time, we were able to better standardize things between the two books…from races to powers to gear.”

Whether you’re looking to fly across the galaxy or just over the nearest tall building (or maybe even combine the two), January 14 is going to be a big day for you!

The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp Available for Deadlands Noir

The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp Adventure for Deadlands NoirThe Crescent City is a mecca for bottom-feeders, a place where big trouble can rise from the smallest of things. So it is with The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp, an adventure for Deadlands Noir.

Things start out small—and simple—enough. Soon, your missing person’s case involves murder, magic, and mayhem. Soon, it becomes a diabolical tale of corrupt politicians, the Black Hand, and deep secrets as old as the Big Easy itself!

Don’t be a Prawn of Fate. With this 46-page full-length adventure written by Jason Mical and John Goff, take charge of the destiny of a handful of very unlucky palookas today!

Weird Wars Rome Gets Physical!

Weird Wars Rome DiceWeird Wars Rome stretches beyond the confines of recent electronic PDF releases and breaks into the world of physical products! With a shipping date of mid-December, everyone can now literally put their hands on several Weird Wars Rome products.

First and foremost, the Weird Wars Rome core book is available in both softcover and limited-edition hardcover, as well as several bundle options to get print and PDF copies together at a significant discount! Become a part of a history darker than you know in an Empire more hard-fought than you ever imagined.

Every good leader has things he must know—and secrets he must keep! The Weird Wars Rome GM Screen will help you do exactly that. As battle rages across the three-sided landscape facing your players, all the most important charts, tables, and references will be quickly at hand. The 32-page Nox Germanica adventure—a desperate tale of blood and battle with rebellious barbarians and their sinister allies—is also included.

Sturdy, double-sided, erasable poster maps will also be shipping. Choose from either a Frontier Fortress/Village or the Druid Circle/Village to bring your Weird Wars Rome—or any other—game to life on the table!

And how can you seek the blessing of Fortuna without paying her homage? Our customized Weird Wars Rome Dice would be most pleasing to both of you! Five Roman red dice with Imperial gold numbering comes with a custom Weird Wars Rome Wild Die to complete the set.

With a shipping date of mid-December, they’re the perfect gift for Saturnalia (or any other holiday you might celebrate around that time)!

The Many Places—and Monstrous Heads—of Weird Wars Rome

Weird Wars Rome in the Pinnacle Web StoreWeird Wars Rome continues to expand with new places to visit and more things you may never want to run into!

The Weird Wars Rome map series brings you four new 24 x 30 full-color PDFs, ready to be printed with or without grids, scaled to fit your 28 mm miniatures. For even more versatility, the buildings all have versions with and without roofs to help you bring the action inside or maintain the mystery as you choose!

The Roman Fort brings you a stronghold of the Legions that could be anywhere within the Empire. Village 1 and Village 2 could be any rural settlement from Italia to distant Britannia, and they can be combined to provide a larger settlement. Finally, go deep into the Celtic or Germanic wilds for the Standing Stones, a representation of the mysterious menhirs of superstitious barbarians!

Weird Wars Rome Creature Feature: The Hydra takes you straight to monsters that have rivaled Hercules himself—the dread hydras that lurk in unlucky swamps, rivers, and lakes. You’ll find statistics for several varieties of the multi-headed beasts—including the fearsome gargantuan Lernaen hydra—Figure Flats to represent the terror on your tabletop, and five Savage Tales to bring the legends to hungry, horrifying life!

In one week alone, you have something to run from as well as somewhere to hide. Perhaps with the blessings of Fortuna, that will work out well for your Legionaries…

Thanks to—and for—You

Thanks from PinnacleIt’s that time of year here in the U.S. That time when we celebrate Thanksgiving and say thanks for so many things—our health, our families, our friends, and the patience of an increasingly-connected world that may not celebrate Thanksgiving now (or even at all) as we wax on about it.

And while we at Pinnacle are thankful for the full run of things that everyone else is, we have one special thing to be thankful for that nobody else really has—you. You, our fans, are something we’re always truly thankful for and strive to never take for granted. It’s your enthusiasm that keeps us writing, editing, and laying out books on those days when it actually feels like work. It’s your support that lets us keep writing, editing, and laying out books on those days when it’s unfettered joy.

For everything you do, we offer our simple and truly sincere thanks. May your holidays be as happy as the year you’ve given us.

Travel to the Boundaries of Weird Wars Rome and Meet Her Many People!

Weird Wars Rome in the Pinnacle Web StoreWeird Wars Rome continues to expand with more support materials to flesh out an empire to the last man and the furthest corners!

Meet those who would stand with and against the glory of the Rome! Weird Wars Rome: Heroes of Rome is a set of Figure Flats that brings you dozens of legionaries, auxilia, and characters who live to defend the honor of an empire. Weird Wars Rome: Enemies of Rome supplies a wretched lot who would watch true civilization burn—Britons, druids, Germans, Dacians, Greeks, Nubians, and the like. Both sets of Figure Flats include a mix of flat figures, such as cavalry or vehicles designed to allow other figures to go on top, and stand-up figures that can be assembled in several ways.

After meeting both friend and foe, let Weird Wars Rome: The Half-Set Sun take you to the far-flung corners of Aegyptus, a land of mystery and antiquity, ancient gods and goddesses, mysterious temples and tombs, and extreme environments. Can you and the century under your command retake lost territory from the Nubians that have flooded in as the Nile has finally receded? Will you find the cause behind such an inconceivable violation of Rome’s sovereign border?

The rise of the Empire has not yet ended. Watch here for further news of the growth of its glory!

Witness the Expansion of the (Weird Wars) Roman Empire!

Weird Wars Rome in the Pinnacle Web StoreYour happy day is here, new subjects! Your desperate dreams that the glory of the Empire might find you in the uncivilized wilderness* are coming true! On this day, many great things are made available to you—four new releases in the Weird Wars Rome section of the Pinnacle Web Store—with more to come soon!

Weird Wars Rome: Archetypes is a twin set of Legionary Archetypes for your Weird Wars Rome game. One set is heroic, while the other simply isn’t! Not only does this give you a wider range of choices, but it also highlights very different characters from a small pool of statistics.

Weird Wars Rome: Res Romana gives you a quick immersion in the class and religion of ancient Roman society, as well as optional Auguries rules (and their effects on Mass Battles).

The Weird Wars Rome Creature Feature: The Cyclops brings you eye to massive eye with these monocular giants of the ancient world. Get statistics for both the savage cyclops and cyclopean titan, their magical artifacts, figure flats, and five Savage Tales!

Weird Wars Rome: Wellspring brings you to Britannia in 166 AD, where the painted barbarians attack by day only to blend into the underbrush, while something far less natural attacks by night, blending into the darkness. Make a stand at Hadrian’s Wall and defend the Empire from the foul sight, smell, and possibly magic of the Picts.

* By which we mean “not a backer of the Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter” and unable to get the digital extras.