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More for ETU: Jack’s Back One Sheet and Spanish Character Sheets

Jack's Back One Sheet for ETURemember when we promised that we’d be releasing some more One-Sheets for East Texas University? We don’t kid around with Kickstarter commitments like that, and it’s time for the latest installment—Jack’s Back! Jack Brown returns to ETU after a few decades off. This time is going to be different, though—and different it is! But something strange is going on in his dorm, and it’s up to you to set things right.

What with East Texas University being so close to the border and all, it only seems fair to offer a Spanish ETU Character Sheet! It’s always great to see our friends in gaming using the Free Fan License to not only make wonderful things for your Savage Worlds games, but to share them with others. You folks really are the best!


Carnage on the Canals—New One Sheet for Space 1889

Space 1889: Carnage on the CanalsThe constant winds of Mars are always blowing dust—and danger—your way. Where is the risk in an innocent meeting to discuss a new invention? How badly can that go.

Well, your contact in the Explorers’ Society could be lost. Your contact could be kidnapped. Those kidnappers could be Martian insurgents. Yes, it could go that badly.

Now, what are you going to do about it?

Carnage on the Canals is a One Sheet adventure for the Space 1889 Savage Worlds setting. Get it for free today and check out our free adventures for all our other settings!

Real Estate One-Sheet for Interface Zero 2.0

Real Estate One Sheet for Interface Zero 2.0Gun Metal Games has released Real Estate, a new One-Sheet for Interface Zero 2.0. Gangs try to take over new territory all the time, but this time it’s led to an all-out war between two gangs for the neighborhood you live in! It’s not just about survival, it’s about a place to call your own.

Be sure to check out the full line of Gun Metal Games products. An entire Savage Worlds cyberpunk future is waiting for you.



Redneckromancer: A New One Sheet for the Final Days of the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter

Redneckromancer One Sheet Adventure for ETUYou’ve heard it before, but this time it’s really true—the End is Coming! It’s not quite the apocalypse, but there are less than 48 hours left in the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign. And it’s never too late to get that full college experience.

To celebrate your on-going support, we’re releasing another new One Sheet for the ETU setting—Redneckromancer! A friend asks for your help in checking up on her grandmother. Are the Quiet Rest Villas truly as serene and peaceful as they appear, or do the manicured lawns keep a darker secret than illegal watering?

Redneckromancer joins Scavenger Hunt, last week’s ETU One Sheet, to give you a taste of ETU/Degrees of Horror and Pinebox, Texas. Don’t worry—all of our One Sheets are still free. Think of it as an all-you-can-eat roleplaying buffet!

We couldn’t have had a finer booster club if we dressed you up in creepy mascot outfits. We funded almost immediately. You’ve spread the word and found enough backers to unlock several stretch goals, including a soundtrack, two sets of Figure Flats, Creature Feature: La Bruja, and a storytelling adventure.

We’ve also unlocked Last Rites of the Black Guard and provided a summary of the Plot Point Campaign in Degrees of Horror. Didn’t know that? Check out the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter Updates for more information.

Want to hear more about it? The internet has you covered! You can get a prerelease review of ETU/Degrees of Horror in English at io9 or a different review (I believe) in German from Teilzeithelden. Don’t worry—there won’t be a quiz.

There’s still time to bring in a few friends and unlock electronic templates for a host of East Texas University forms (including an academic probation letter, diplomas, and blank letterhead) and custom Figure Flats for every single creature and unnatural thing in the books! A really good last minute push might unlock all the stretch goals, so make sure you and your friends sign up now!

Hide and Seek—New for Day After Ragnarok

Hide and Seek for Day After RagnarokAtomic Overmind Press has released Hide and Seek, a new One Sheet adventure for The Day After RagnarokAuthor Mitch WIlliams offers a scenario set in the American Northwest, and Savage Worlds adventuring in the world after Serpentfall has never been easier—at least not for the GM.

A desperate letter draws the heroes to Corvalis, Oregon. Sgt. Henry Stevenson’s been plagued by odd blackouts and swears he’s being followed by strange people. A mysterious string of robberies is plaguing the town…is there a connection? Can the heroes help their friend win this very strange game of hide and seek?!

ETU Goodies and News

Scavenger Hunt - A One Sheet Adventure for ETUTo celebrate the continuing success of the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign, we just released Scavenger Hunt, a brand new One Sheet for the ETU setting! It’s all fun and games until you have to help your friend stop an interdimensional invasion. If you’re not up to the task, then something from somewhere is going to breach our realm in the middle of the gym, and there’s no way that’ll be good for that hardwood floor. Don’t forget, like all our One Sheets, Scavenger Hunt is totally free!

Speaking of success, you’ve rounded up enough of a crowd for the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign to hit the next stretch goal, the Creature Feature: La Bruja. You’ll get all the details to bring these “lovely” señoritas to the party, including an adventure and Figure Flats!

You bring some more friends, and we’ll do the same. The next stretch goal is two pages of Figure Flats of the Heroes of ETU, including staff, faculty, students, and regular (or are they?) folks. Sign up today and bring a buddy, or just bring a buddy if you’re already on board.

Want to hear more? The ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign is certainly generating a lot of talk, so I presume you do. This week, catch the ETU Edition of the Savage Worlds GM Hangout this Wednesday, June 4, 7:00 pm Pacific Time. Ed Wetterman will join the gang to discuss the finer points of horror gaming in Savage Worlds and the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter.

If you can’t catch that [or worry that Ed's dulcet tones may lead you to start scratching pentagrams in your oatmeal the next morning], check out Roleplayer’s Chronicle Q&A with the Creators of East Texas University and Degrees of Horror. See what Preston, Ed, and Shane have to say. Remember, in print, you always think you can look away in time…

Oh, and just like “real” college, the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter won’t last forever. You’ve only got until June 11, which is closer than you might think!

2014 One Page Dungeon Winner Announced!

Island of the Lizard GodThe winner of this year’s One Page Dungeon Contest is Will Doyle’s Island of the Lizard God. Take a minute and download your free copy today!

As one of the sponsors, we’re always excited to see what adventures you guys have in your heads. Your collective creativity can be very impressive. And besides, we’ve already seen what’s in our own heads…unfortunately…

Congratulations to Will Doyle, and we look forward to seeing next year’s results!

Fangs of the Viper—New One Sheet Adventure for Weird Wars: Rome

Weird Wars: Rome Fangs of the Viper One SheetFangs of the Viper is a new One Sheet adventure for Weird Wars: Rome. Can you and your valiant men save a stolen princess from some local bandit called “The Viper”? Or will you find that this remote desert contains tricks, treachery, and the truly unreal that casts a long shadow over the Empire in Weird Wars: Rome?

Check out our full line-up of Weird Wars: Rome material to bring your games through an Empire that changed the world and saw darkness spring from its war-torn corners. Fangs of the Viper joins our collection of other One Sheet adventures, all of which are still completely free for the taking! Get a taste of the whole range of Savage Worlds settings with these great freebies, or adapt them to your preferred setting.

Fangs of the Viper was written by Jason E. Roberts, creator of FVLMINATA (and the free Savage Worlds conversion notes for it).

Have a Happy Holiday Game!

Savage Worlds Free DownloadsGive the gift of gaming with a holiday-themed Savage Worlds game night! The Nutcrackers, Winter Break, and Silent Night, Hungry Night are all ready-to-go holiday adventures on our Savage Worlds One Sheets page.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out our full line of other Savage Worlds Downloads, all available at the same low price—absolutely free—for your downloadable enjoyment! Have an adventure or two on us, for the season or whenever your want!

Exclusive One-Sheets at Savage Retailers!

Savage Retailer Exclusive One SheetsWould you like to see the Savage One-Sheet Crypt of the Scaled Ones? How about Death Worm, Old Todd Passage, or even Sinister Sorority Secret? They all come with characters, figure flats, and maps, and they’re all free!

The only way to get your paws on these goodies is to find them at an official Savage Retailer. Check the Savage Retailer page for the store nearest you.

If you don’t spot one, don’t lose heart. The Savage Retailer program is still very new, you can help spread the word by sending your local stores to the Savage Retailer Registration page, and you’ll probably need that heart for something important later!

If you’ve got any questions about the Savage Retailer program, shoot a note to our new Marketing Manager Jodi Black for more details!