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Fangs of the Viper—New One Sheet Adventure for Weird Wars: Rome

Weird Wars: Rome Fangs of the Viper One SheetFangs of the Viper is a new One Sheet adventure for Weird Wars: Rome. Can you and your valiant men save a stolen princess from some local bandit called “The Viper”? Or will you find that this remote desert contains tricks, treachery, and the truly unreal that casts a long shadow over the Empire in Weird Wars: Rome?

Check out our full line-up of Weird Wars: Rome material to bring your games through an Empire that changed the world and saw darkness spring from its war-torn corners. Fangs of the Viper joins our collection of other One Sheet adventures, all of which are still completely free for the taking! Get a taste of the whole range of Savage Worlds settings with these great freebies, or adapt them to your preferred setting.

Fangs of the Viper was written by Jason E. Roberts, creator of FVLMINATA (and the free Savage Worlds conversion notes for it).


Have a Happy Holiday Game!

Savage Worlds Free DownloadsGive the gift of gaming with a holiday-themed Savage Worlds game night! The Nutcrackers, Winter Break, and Silent Night, Hungry Night are all ready-to-go holiday adventures on our Savage Worlds One Sheets page.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out our full line of other Savage Worlds Downloads, all available at the same low price—absolutely free—for your downloadable enjoyment! Have an adventure or two on us, for the season or whenever your want!

Exclusive One-Sheets at Savage Retailers!

Savage Retailer Exclusive One SheetsWould you like to see the Savage One-Sheet Crypt of the Scaled Ones? How about Death Worm, Old Todd Passage, or even Sinister Sorority Secret? They all come with characters, figure flats, and maps, and they’re all free!

The only way to get your paws on these goodies is to find them at an official Savage Retailer. Check the Savage Retailer page for the store nearest you.

If you don’t spot one, don’t lose heart. The Savage Retailer program is still very new, you can help spread the word by sending your local stores to the Savage Retailer Registration page, and you’ll probably need that heart for something important later!

If you’ve got any questions about the Savage Retailer program, shoot a note to our new Marketing Manager Jodi Black for more details!

Enjoy Blood Feast, a Dark Thanksgiving Freebie for Solomon Kane!

Blood Feast One Sheet AdventureAs a special thanks to you from all of us, let us bring you a tale of a dinner of damnation for your Thanksgiving gaming. Blood Feast is a new Savage Worlds One Sheet™ from our very own Shane Lacy Hensley set in the world of everyone’s avenging Puritan, Solomon Kane™, but easily adapted to any era. After all, a dinner party gone bad is a timeless story, is it not?

Your wanderers come across a feast of thanks gone horribly awry, and must investigate the matter before the bloody end of the meal comes to its youngest diners! Will you be in time for there to be a reason to celebrate after all, or will innocent lives be lost to a dark “bounty” of the sea?

While you’re at it, be sure to check out all our Solomon Kane™ downloads and the rest of our One Sheet adventures. If you needed another reason to be thankful this season, remember that those downloads and One Sheets remain absolutely, completely, and utterly free!

Moscow Connection Now in Hungarian!

The Moscow Connection in HungarianHave you ever needed to run our classic One Sheet Adventure The Moscow Connection in Hungarian? Well, now you’re in luck!

The fine folks who brought you the Savage Worlds Test Drive in Hungarian have now provided the The Moscow Connection in Hungarian as well!

Even if you’re not trying to help us take over the roleplaying world one adventure, one language at a time, be sure to check out our full selection of One Sheet Adventures and all our other free downloadable content (which includes the Test Drive Rules in six languages).