Marchland: Now in Print!

Marchland by Hearthstone GamesNow you can explore the haunted alleys and strange byways of Brighton Bay without a computer. Hearthstone Games is happy to announce that Marchland is now available in print through Amazon and Amazon Europe.

Marchland is 166 pages of urban fantasy goodness packed into a digest-sized paperback—perfect company for your Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition.

This full color print edition includes errata fixes, rules clarifications, and new art. Check us out on and order your dead tree version version of Marchland today—just don’t tell the Oak Queen!


Marchland from Hearthstone Games available for iPad

Marchland from Hearthstone GamesUrban witches cast protective spells from their smart phones. Modern magi delve into lore best forgotten. The restless dead search for closure in a world unaware of their existence. Religious fanatics hunt Fae Blooded mortals. Native Manitou fight to preserve what little is left of their lands. Welcome to Marchland.

Hearthstone Games’ Marchland brings urban fantasy to Savage Worlds as a media-rich iBook™. Explore the city of Brighton Bay with interactive maps. Toggle between GM and player views and see NPC stats with the tap of a finger. Engage your players with radio broadcasts by Brighton Bay’s most (in)famous radio personality—Landon Biggs.

Get Marchland in the iBookstore™ and watch for the PDF version in September.