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Extreme Earth: Kickstarter for a Dystopic Super-Future

Extreme Earth KickstarterFainting Goat Games, one of our newest Savage Worlds Licensees, is Kickstarting Extreme Earth, a supers campaign set in the Iron Age of comics.

Take the world we know and strip away many of the natural resources. As if to make up for this loss, some people suddenly develop super talents and powers. The lines between governments, corporations, and media are so blurred that everyone is out for themselves. Add a layer of paranoia and corruption that affects all levels of society, creating conflicts that consume those quickly-dwindling resources—resources like those people with newly-developed powers. It’s a dark dystopia far too easily imagined.

Check out the Extreme Earth Kickstarter for the full details and the various rewards levels.


TAG Kickstarts Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion

Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion Kickstarter CampaignTriple Ace Games is expanding their fantastic frozen north with the Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion II Kickstarter. They’ve already reached their initial funding goal, but there are several interesting stretch goals that you can help bring to reality all while getting in on the ground floor of further frozen fun.

The books are already completed, ready to go to print. For full details on formats, stretch goals, and content, be sure to visit the Hellfrost Rassilon Expansion II Kickstarter today. Fight against the encroaching winter for honor, glory, and fame!

Zed or Alive Kickstarter Begins—With Initial Funding!

Zed or Alive KickstarterZed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game launched on Kickstarter just a few days ago, and has already met its initial funding goal! This campaign-based miniatures skirmish game is set in the years following a zombie apocalypse and is powered, at its core, by the Savage Worlds: Showdown! miniatures combat system.

This is Rust Devil Games’ first release, and is already ready to be distributed by digital download—no waiting around on this one! Not only are the pledge levels cheap, but the Savage Worlds: Showdown! rules are free from the Savage Worlds downloads links.

If you want to hear all about it, including interviews with the creators, be sure to listen to The Nerd’s Domain: Episode 66. The whole podcast is about the Zed or Alive Kickstarter[Say, if you're a journalist, blogger, podcaster, webmaster, news agency, or other creator of content that might feature well here, you should talk to Jodi Black. Nerd's Domain did...]

Be sure to check out the Zed or Alive Kickstarter for details about backing and about the game itself. Did we mention that you can play as several different kinds of zombies, as humans, or even as a virus strain? That you can play with any minis you’ve got, including different scales? That there are several stretch goals that appear to be in easy reach and come at a remarkably affordable backer level?

Huh. Sounds like you really ought to visit the Zed or Alive Kickstarter instead of counting on this far-too-brief article to cover everything! Heck, they even tackle the “what do you mean another zombie game” question right on the front page, and they’ve even got a good answer!

Last Chance for the Dragon Kings Kickstarter!

Dragon Kings Kickstarter ProjectThe Dragon Kings Kickstarter closes this Thursday, but don’t despair. Crowdfunding will continue on the Dragon Kings site until January 1, and the pledges will be combined for meeting stretch goals!

Help Timothy Brown—co-creator of Dark Sun and 2300AD (and author of Los!)— bring this dark and exciting new world to us in gaming, fiction, and song. The setting will be released as a system-neutral book with complimentary PDFs to support several RPG systems, including Savage Worlds!

Be sure to check it out soon!

Fae Nightmares Comes to Kickstarter!

Fae Nightmares Kickstarter ProjectEnter a shadowy war between Fae Courts as you’re thrown headlong into a world of extremes and contradictions. Adapt to the new reality as you change into something both less and more than human—or die trying!

Fae Nightmares is a modern urban fantasy setting for Savage Worlds from Dark Smile Games. In addition to your classic Celtic Fae, the game is flavored with a dash of North America—from Native American legends to urban myths to lumberjack tall tales.

Be sure to check out the Fae Nightmares Kickstarter project today and fill those dimly-lit corners of your town with even darker dreams!

Dragon Kings Comes to Kickstarter!

Dragon Kings Kickstarter ProjectFace the wrath of a violent world suffering after the inexplicable disappearance of the benevolent Dragon Kings. Protect the innocent, seek the lost Dragon Kings, and restore some shred of justice to a civilization on the brink of destruction!

Cold Skins and Krikis grow numerous, bold, and threatening. Desperate cities struggle against marauders stalking ever closer to their tumbling walls. Magic, old and new, dark and light, mystic and not, flows through the hands the powerful, seldom to anyone else’s benefit.

Dragon Kings is a new fantasy game world conceived and presented in fiction, art, and music simultaneously by Timothy Brown—co-creator of Dark Sun and 2300AD (and author of Los!). Dragon Kings will be released as a system-neutral world book, with complimentary PDFs to support various rules systems, including Savage Worlds!

Be sure to check out the Dragon Kings Kickstarter project today. Listen to new song clips as they’re released, see new art and maps, and discover the expanding lore of the game world!

Accursed Kickstarter Begins!

Accursed Kickstarter ProjectThe forces of evil have triumphed, and those who would continue the fight must rely upon monsters to hold back the darkness. The Accursed—remnants of the Grand Coven’s army twisted into monstrous forms by the Witchmarks burnt into their flesh—wander the land, unable to return to their past lives, and trying to atone for their sins.

Though many succumb to corruption, greed, and insanity, these malformed spawn of a fallen evil are all that stands between the dying light and the uncontrolled tide of the Witches’ malice.

Come to Melior Via’s world of the Accursed. Join in a dark fantasy world in which you struggle to keep the evil transformations of your body from becoming the dark stains upon your soul!

Be sure to check out the Accursed Kickstarter project for full details on awards, stretch goals, and pledge levels.

Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter in Its Last Hours!

Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter ProjectThere’s less than two days left for the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter! For the latest updates, including a sneak peek at the Legacy Setting Rules that allow for multi-generational character play in the centuries-span of Rome, be sure to check out the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter Updates page.

Interested in freebies? If you’re a backer at any pledge level, you get all the unlocked digital rewards. The Half-Set Sun (an adventure in Aegyptus) and Creature Feature: Cyclops have both recently been added, with Figure Flats and One Sheet Adventures ready to be added as long as the support builds. Check the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter for a full list of stretch goals achieved and ready to go! Remember, the more friends you get to join you in backing the Kickstarter, the more free stuff you get.

Time waits for neither man nor empire. Visit the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter project before it’s too late!

Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter Closing Soon

Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter ProjectThe history of Rome shows that even great things come to an end. The Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter has just over a week remaining. For the latest updates, including new art, be sure to check out the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter Updates page.

If you’ve not backed us yet, check it out. If you pledge at any level, you’ll get all the unlocked digital rewards. We’ve added Res Romana (a supplement by Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios) and Creature Feature: Hydra to the list since the last post, and The Half-Set Sun (an adventure in Aegyptus) and Creature Feature: Cyclops are both in easy reach. Check the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter for a full list of stretch goals achieved and in the future!

If you have backed us, thanks! We appreciate your support, and look forward to bringing you into the deep shadows cast by a shining empire. Be sure to let you friends know—even the Romans traveled with company, you know!

Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter Stretch Goals Released…And Met!

Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter ProjectSince the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter is more than 400% funded,* let’s talk about stretch goals.

If you pledge at any level, you’ll get all the unlocked digital rewards. If you’re getting anything, you’ll get each and every one of the downloadable stretch goals!

At this point, three of the stretch goals have already been reached! Thanks to your enthusiasm, you can look forward to receiving Strength & Honor (a Weird Wars: Rome soundtrack by Harry Mack), Wellspring (an adventure by John Beattie), and ten full-color, full-page, ready-to-play archetypes!

And there’s literally no limit to how many stretch rewards you could get! The whole series of stretch goals is announced and available on the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter Updates page. Curious about what the future holds for an empire long past? Check it out!

* And we sincerely thank you for your support. It’s one more thing that reminds us how awesome you guys are!