There Comes a Reckoning for Doomtown: Reloaded – Final Week!

Heads up, amigos!

This is the final week to pledge your support for the There Comes a Reckoning expansion for Doomtown: Reloaded on Kickstarter.

Whether you’ve never played Doomtown: Reloaded before or you’re a grizzled ol’ Veteran of the Weird West, now is the time to kick in a few bucks and bring home the game, the expansion, and a number of other unbelievable rewards.

With 19 (ALMOST 20) Stretch Goals unlocked, it’s a lot of bang for your buck. So far There Comes a Reckoning has been expanded from 24 cards to 45, all Trunks include a gorgeous neoprene playmat featuring a map of the Weird West, a comic book, a Deadlands adventure, and much, much more!

It’s not too late to contribute and we still have a couple o’ surprises just over the horizon if we blow through the remaining Stretch Goals.

The clock is ticking! Support There Comes a Reckoning on Kickstarter today.

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Era: Balam – A Savage Worlds Licensee Kickstarter

Savage Worlds KickstartersNow on Kickstarter, Era: Balam from Shades of Vengeance, is a science fiction roleplaying game celebrating the 40th anniversary of the launch of Voyager 1:

When our space probe arrived on an alien world, it crash-landed on one of their power stations and the resulting disaster rendered their world uninhabitable. Seeking revenge, and a new world to live on, the aliens escaped from their world on a massive ship and set a course along the path of the probe…

They encountered humanity at a remote outpost many years later, in a system known as HX-7371. More recently, it has come to be known as the “Killing Fields,” as the war between the aliens’ superior forces and the fighters the humans have been able to cobble together has now lasted two years.

The main colony in the system, Balam, is well-hidden, but if the aliens were ever to find it, they would be able to find their way to Earth… and that might mean extinction.

You’ll have the chance to explore various planets and the space around them: Fly over icy plains to track down an important salvage opportunity, brave the depths of space for scouting missions and land on the moons of a spectacular Gas Giant as you explore and attempt to stop the aliens from completing their mission…

Shades of Vengeance recently became an officially-approved Savage Worlds licensee and they are working with veteran designer Dave Blewer (Achtung! Cthulhu, Sundered Skies) on the Savage Worlds edition of the game.

For more information about Era: Balam please check out and support the Kickstarter today!


Doomtown: Reloaded – There Comes A Reckoning on Kickstarter NOW!

Mockup_v4[14508]This is it, amigos! It’s time for you to put your money down and pledge your support for the new There Comes A Reckoning expansion for Doomtown: Reloaded.

We’re all extremely excited about this new expansion! Pine Box Entertainment has really pulled out all the stops to forge a fantastic addition to this incredible game and we can’t wait for everyone to try it out for themselves!

While there are a few different reward levels worth noting, be sure to take a look at the $50 level featuring The Doomtown Trunk, a special box to hold all your Doomtown: Reloaded cards with dividers to keep those various factions well separated, a printed version of the new Doomtown rules, and, as an added bonus for fans of the Deadlands Roleplaying Game, a Doomtown RPG sourcebook containing characters, locations, and foes from Gomorra’s checkered past (and present)!

Visit the There Comes a Reckoning Kickstarter page now to pledge your support and don’t forget to let the rest of your posse know all about this new expansion.


The Countdown to the Doomtown Kickstarter Has Begun

Mockup_v4[14508]You can smell it on the hot desert winds… The unmistakable scent of sagebrush, the smell of the gunpowder, and the pungent stench of raw ghost rock. Doomtown: There Comes a Reckoning is headin’ your way!

To get y’all ready for the Kickstarter that launches at high noon Eastern next Tuesday (September 5th), Pine Box Entertainment is counting down the days over on their website starting today. Watch for new card reveals, faction back stories, and more every day this week!

Also, if you missed out on the Servitor Promos at Gen Con 50, Pine Box will be running a contest starting this Friday with yet another chance for you to win.

As for the Kickstarter, be sure to jump on this one early, amigos, as Early Birds can snag free shipping. Note that Digital proxies will become legal as soon as the Kickstarter funds are collected and will remain legal until the final product ships. We want people playing with these new cards as soon as possible! All pledges above $15 will receive the PDF of cards as well.

doomtowncoverLastly, consider pledging at least $50 to get your mitts on The Doomtown Trunk. This spacious coffer comes with the brand new expansion, dividers to separate factions, a printed version of the new Doomtown rules, room for all the cards ever printed for Doomtown: Reloaded and, as an added bonus for fans of the Deadlands Roleplaying Game, a Doomtown RPG sourcebook containing characters, locations, and foes from Gomorra’s history!


Streamline Your Games with RPG Player Kits

New from the Savage Worlds LicenseesWhat do you get when you combine a beautiful, hand-crafted, laser-engraved wooden storage box (that doubles as a dice tray) with a specialized deck of system-specific reference cards, a player dry-erase board, and a custom set of color-coded dice? You get the RPG Player Kit from Savage Worlds licensee Crit Games!

Pledge your support for this fine product over on their Kickstarter page and be sure to let them know that you’re in it for the Savage Worlds version!


Doomtown: Reloaded – World Championship Report

Mockup_v4[14508]For those wondering about the various Doomtown: Reloaded events that took place at this year’s Gen Con, Alex Wirges of Pine Box Entertainment was there for it all and we’ll just let him tell you about it in his own words. Take it away Alex!

“WOW! What an amazing Gen Con! Thank you all for coming out and showing your support.

We had 33 players for Evil is a Choice who battled it out to determine which servitor would come out on top. James Meredith lead The Fourth Ring to victory alongside the Legendary Ezekiah Grimme. For his prize, James was given the opportunity to name a new Legend card to appear in a future set and he chose the one-and-only Doc Holliday!


Saturday was a big day with 35 players showing up for the World Championship. After nine rounds, Richard Carter emerged victorious with The 108 Righteous Bandits. As his prize, Richard will be helping us design a card for a future Doomtown: Reloaded set. It was a lot of fun watching fans come together in competition and as a community, and there was even a bit of news too!

You’ve all read about the 24 cards for There Comes a Reckoning, and on Saturday, during the PEG Seminar, Pine Box Entertainment announced that 24 additional cards have already been designed and playtested! These cards will be available as stretch goals in the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign, so watch this space for news!”


Doomtown: Reloaded SNEAK PEEK and Gen Con Plans!

For those who have been waiting patiently for There Comes a Reckoning (for Doomtown: Reloaded), we’ve got a special sneak peek for y’all! Check out the Bilton Collection Agency:


The Bilton Collection Agency is a deed that promotes a lot of player interaction, supports aggressive decks with great economical value, and even has a control point. It’s a fantastic new addition to There Comes a Reckoning.

And that’s not all! Our friends over at Pine Box Entertainment will be hosting several community events at Gen Con this week with chances to earn a Full-Art Servitor promo (find all the deets at Rumor has it they’ve got some bonus goodies for players and there will be demo decks on-hand for those interested in giving it a whirl.

And finally, mark your calendars because Doomtown: Reloaded – There Comes a Reckoning officially launches on Kickstarter September 5th at noon Eastern.


A There Comes A Reckoning Update for Doomtown: Reloaded

12---Deed---Epitaph-Branch-Office[14663]Well, looky here, amigos! We’ve got yet another spoiler from There Comes a Reckoning, the upcoming expansion for Doomtown: Reloaded.

Say hello to the Tombstone Epitaph Branch Office! And speaking of news, as we gear up for the Kickstarter and Gen Con, our pardners over at Pine Box Entertainment will soon be featuring a week of articles written by the There Comes a Reckoning playtest team featuring the Servitors and strategies using the new Legend Card type.

There’s plenty to look forward to for Doomtown: Reloaded fans, so keep your eyes on us and the Pine Box Entertainment website so you don’t miss a thing.


Get Gaming Now with Fear Agent™ and The Goon™

Bollaire_Front_Cover-900FEAR_Feeding_Time_Adventure_Cover-900For those who’ve been anxiously following the progress and delivery of items for both Fear Agent™ and The Goon™ for Savage Worlds, you’ll be delighted to know that all the products thus far released to Kickstarter backers are now available to all in PDF directly from our site.

This includes Character Archetypes for Fear Agent™ and The Goon™, GM Screen Inserts for Fear Agent™ and The Goon™, and GM Screen Adventures for Fear Agent™ (Feeding Time) and The Goon™ (The Great Bollaire Street Block Party).

Also, if you still want to jump on the print + PDF preorder, visit the Fear Agent™ and The Goon™ campaign page over at and get your hands on some cool freebies when you order!


Thick as Thieves Kickstarter Is Underway

thickasthieves‘Ello there, gov’na! S’pose you be lookin’ for a fun, new way to pass the time, eh? Well, feast yer eyes on the latest parlour game from our good friend Michael Conn of Graven Brush Games called, Thick as Thieves!

Y’see sometimes we all like to take a little break between sessions of Savage Worlds and Thick as Thieves is ideal when you’ve got about 15-30 minutes to spare.

Thick as Thieves is a card game of devious cunning, backhanded mischief, and madcap antics all rolled up in a ridiculously loony Cockney accent! It’s a stand-alone, competitive game for two to six players, where you play a thief out on the prowl trying to snatch up the best loot the town has to offer before your friends do.

Keep your eyes out for them bobbies (the cops, o’course) and ‘av a look at the Thick as Thieves Kickstarter today!*

* Apologies to all our friends in the United Kingdom for our crude attempts at Victorian slang!