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EerieX Radio Interviews Shane Hensley

Eerie X Radio PodcastEerieX Radio has just released their interview of our own Shane Hensley at Gen Con. Shane’s interview starts about 1 hour and 13 minutes, right after Lester Smith. If you’ve never had the chance to talk (or listen) to Lester, you should go ahead and catch the whole thing.

Catch other episodes, including the first part of the EerieX Radio Gen Con interviews, from the EerieX Radio home page or follow EerieX Radio on Facebook.


Gen Con Wrap-Up

Pinnacle at GenConIt’s hard to believe Gen Con is a week behind us. Just because it’s past doesn’t mean you have to let it go, though! Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill has a recording of the Pinnacle Seminar posted for you, and there’s an interview with Shane Hensley at Gen Con out there as well. Whether you couldn’t make it or just can’t let go, these are for you.

And speaking of stuff you really wanted to buy in the Gen Con Dealers’ Hall,* here’s your chance. The new die-cut Savage Worlds Token Sheet is available on the Pinnacle Web Store. These double-sided counters will help you mark all the status effects you could want in Savage Worlds, from Aim to Wound and everything in-between! As an added bonus, you can even get it free (with a $100 or more order, otherwise it’s a ridiculously reasonable $9.99). I don’t know how long this deal (or the supplies) will hold out, though, so buy your Token Sheet now before it’s too late.

* Yes, that segue really was just as smooth as you thought it wasn’t.

Catch Pinnacle in a Couple Podcasts

Savage Worlds on the WebGrown as Gamers Episode 140 includes bits about both East Texas University and Necessary Evil. Ray will even be running Necessary Evil at the Save Against Fear fundraiser. There’s also coverage of E3 2014, if you’re into that sort of thing….

Out of the studio and in the real world, our own Jodi Black was interviewed on Rage Quit Radio at Storm-Con. It’s definitely worth a listen.

ETU Goodies and News

Scavenger Hunt - A One Sheet Adventure for ETUTo celebrate the continuing success of the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign, we just released Scavenger Hunt, a brand new One Sheet for the ETU setting! It’s all fun and games until you have to help your friend stop an interdimensional invasion. If you’re not up to the task, then something from somewhere is going to breach our realm in the middle of the gym, and there’s no way that’ll be good for that hardwood floor. Don’t forget, like all our One Sheets, Scavenger Hunt is totally free!

Speaking of success, you’ve rounded up enough of a crowd for the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign to hit the next stretch goal, the Creature Feature: La Bruja. You’ll get all the details to bring these “lovely” señoritas to the party, including an adventure and Figure Flats!

You bring some more friends, and we’ll do the same. The next stretch goal is two pages of Figure Flats of the Heroes of ETU, including staff, faculty, students, and regular (or are they?) folks. Sign up today and bring a buddy, or just bring a buddy if you’re already on board.

Want to hear more? The ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter campaign is certainly generating a lot of talk, so I presume you do. This week, catch the ETU Edition of the Savage Worlds GM Hangout this Wednesday, June 4, 7:00 pm Pacific Time. Ed Wetterman will join the gang to discuss the finer points of horror gaming in Savage Worlds and the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter.

If you can’t catch that [or worry that Ed's dulcet tones may lead you to start scratching pentagrams in your oatmeal the next morning], check out Roleplayer’s Chronicle Q&A with the Creators of East Texas University and Degrees of Horror. See what Preston, Ed, and Shane have to say. Remember, in print, you always think you can look away in time…

Oh, and just like “real” college, the ETU/Degrees of Horror Kickstarter won’t last forever. You’ve only got until June 11, which is closer than you might think!

Ain’t It Cool News Interviews Sean Patrick Fannon

Shaintar: Legends UnleashedAin’t It Cool News recently interviewed Sean Patrick Fannon (most notably of Shaintar fame). Interestingly, they know him from so many of the other things he’s done in the industry, and they talked to him about Shaintar!

Curious about what else SPF has been up to out there? Want to know more about Shaintar? Feeling particularly irresponsible with your company internet connection? If any of these (or many other questions) apply to you, check out the interview!

Shane Hensley Talks All Things Deadlands with Geekerati

Deadlands on GeekeratiGeekerati is airing an interview with Shane Hensley about the history and future of Deadlands. Follow the conversation from Deadlands‘ debut, through its various incarnations, and to its new status as an XBox Originals television show in development!

Be sure to listen to the podcast for the most recent developments in the Deadlands XBox Originals show. While you’re there, you might also want to catch older RPG and Savage Worlds installments as well.

Beautiful Brains Last Chat This Thursday

Beautiful Brains Books and GamesBeautiful Brains Books and Games*—one of our most fervent retail supporters—will host the last of their weekly web chats this Thursday, January 30, 9:00 – 10:00 pm Eastern. After the last few years of new topics and guests every Thursday night, they’re going out with a bang—their last chat will be Shane Hensley’s first!

Don’t worry, nobody’s going away. Beautiful Brains Books and Games will continue to be on the web and at select convention venues, and we’re certainly not letting Shane wander off on an ice floe to vanish in the seaborne mists.** But this may be your last chance for a live web chat with Shane Hensley as the special guest of Clint and Jodi Black! And you never know who else might sneak into the shadows of the chat…

* For those of you big on formal disclosures, Beautiful Brains is probably such a big supporter because it’s run by Jodi Black, our Marketing and Licensee Manager, long-time Pinnacle supporter, and wife of our Savage Worlds Brand Manager Clint Black.

** Since he lives in Arizona, this is generally a pretty easy thing to keep from happening.

Rogue Warden Interviews Our Own Shane Hensley

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebRogue Warden interviewed Pinnacle’s illustrious leader Shane Hensley. If you’re interested in some of Shane’s thoughts on the RPG industry, industry awards, or personal tidbits from Pinnacle’s past, be sure to read the interview today!

As a rare and special bonus, you’ll get to see Shane field questions that he admits he hasn’t gotten in an interview before! With questions like that, you know there’s bound to be answers you’ve never heard before, too!

Shane Chats with Roleplay DNA and Neverwinter Nights

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebThe fine folks from the Neverwinter Nights Podcast came to Gen Con with their recording equipment and (at least) one goal—to capture our own elusive Shane Hensley—and they succeeded! Listen to the interview to hear their conversations on the past, present, and future of both traditional and electronic gaming.

You can also catch Shane at RoleplayDNA. Justin Suzuki  interviewed him for an installment of RoleplayDNA’s new RoleplayDNA U series, a companion set of interviews to their normal podcast. Who ordered their D&D from the Sears catalog? What team of superheroes would Shane most prefer to GM for? All this and more is in the interview!

Catch Mike and Steve “Live” at Beautiful Brains Books and Games Thursday!

Savage Worlds on the WebOur very own Evil Mike and Chaos Steve will be guest hosting this week’s Thursday night web chat at Beautiful Brains Books and Games!

Be sure to drop by if you want to find out more about the summer conventions and Pinnacle’s plans for them. Heck, just pop in to witness the special kind of glory that is Evil Mike and Chaos Steve!

That’s 9:00-10:00 pm Eastern, June 6. Don’t miss it!