TableTop Season 3 Hits $1,000,000 RPG Show Goal!

TableTop Season 3 Indiegogo CampaignWell, it happened. The TableTop Season 3 Indiegogo campaign has met their $1,000,000 stretch goal and will now be producing a brand new show following RPGs! Oh, and that’s a bonus on top of funding Season 3 of  TableTop on Geek & Sundry.

And they’re already asking for your input! They recently tweeted “Now that we’ve hit $1M, we wanna know what games you want to see! Use #ilovetabletop to tell us about your favorite games! (LET’S TREND IT!)” from ‏@tabletop. So, it sounds like this is the time for everyone to let @tabletop @PEG_Games know what RPG you’d like to see. Remember the hashtag #ilovetabletop and let your opinions be heard.

Support Our Board-Gaming Cousins!

TableTop Season 3 Indiegogo CampaignMost all of us in any form of gaming either come from or owe a debt to the world of board games, and one of its biggest champions of late has been TableTop with Wil Wheaton on Geek & Sundry. If you’ve never seen it, watch a show or two. You may catch a new game you want to try or spot a rule you’re not using right. [I’ve done that. Yes, I feel appropriately ashamed. Honest.—JoelIf you want to keep seeing this sort of thing, support the TableTop Season 3 Indiegogo campaign (it’s like Kickstarter, but with more syllables).

Just in case you think I’ve gone all crazy altruistic, one of their stretch goals is to start a brand new show that follows an RPG campaign! They’re at 70% of that goal (way past funded, by the way) now with over two weeks left to go. You know you want it, you know you’re curious about the odd rewards that show might cook up—check out the TableTop Season 3 Indiegogo campaign today to satisfy your curiosities!

Beasts of the Dominions Expanding!

Beasts and Barbarians IndieGogoGRAmel’s Indiegogo campaign for Beasts of the Dominions has already exceeded their funding goals! Players of their Beasts & Barbarians sword-and-sorcery Savage Worlds setting can rejoice—or quake in fear, as appropriate.

But they’re not done with you yet. If you help them meet their stretch goal, an additional chapter, Disciples of the Black Temple, will be added to the book. Tall, gaunt men with dark staves, shapers of flesh, masters of shadow, and friends with death…just what every game needs, no?

Why not kill two birds with one sling stone. All contribution levels are still open, so you can help bring the Disciples of the Black Temple to print as well as becoming one yourself if you act soon!

Beasts & Barbarians—Soon with More Beasts!

GRAmel is expanding its Beasts & Barbarians sword-and-sorcery Savage Worlds setting with your help. Check out their Indiegogo campaign for Beasts of the Dominions to see what they’ve got in mind and how you can help.

As I’m writing, they’re already a third of the way home in their effort to bring more beasts, more danger, and more adventure to the Dread Sea Dominions. And, like so many of the Savage Worlds crowdsourcing efforts, this is your chance to get yourself actually written into their materials!