GRAmel Releases The Dread Shard for Beasts & Barbarians

The Dread ShardA great feast is the perfect opportunity to eat, drink, be merry, and stop a barbarian invasion. Can you save one of the Iron Empire’s biggest cities? Can you stop the nefarious plot hidden in the revelry around you? Can you survive the constant lure of free wine?

GRAmel brings you The Dread Shard, a Beasts & Barbarians adventure for any group of heroes.

Check Out Tomorrow Bomb Today!

Tomorrow BombTomorrow Bomb takes you through the mists of time to stop chronoterrorists, prevent time anomalies, and save the continuum from obliteration! Operations teams Alpha, Beta and Gamma to the briefing room—prepare to intervene on the timeline!

A single atomic explosion wipes out London during the Battle of Britain. But, wait a minute, the Nazis aren’t supposed to have an atomic bomb! Engage in a race against time (no pun intended) to save the whole of modern history in Tomorrow Bomb, a stand-alone adventure for GRAmel’s time-travelling TimeZero setting!

Cor—Losing Paradise in Nemezis

Nemezis: Cor from GRAmel GamesCome to Cor, a vacation planet fashionable among the elite, lined with beautiful beaches, and being rapidly lost to the invading Horde. In only thirty years, the planet has gone from being paradise to a living nightmare.

New soldiers come to Cor with a life expectancy only shortly longer than the get-aways that were once popular here. Will you last longer? Can you turn the tide?

This new sourcebook for GRAmel’s Nemezis gives you information about fighting on Cor along with hints about cults and secrets of a jungle planet that might not be so innocent after all.

The Amulet of Dogskull Arrives for Beasts & Barbarians

It started simply enough: the jewels of a wealthy woman, a theft in the night, and a lack of honor among thieves. A simple night like so many others, but this one leads across the Godaxe river to an ancient evil behind a door that should not be opened, to the dangers of the savage North, and to betrayal.

Take your life into your own hands in The Amulet of Dogskull, a Beasts & Barbarians adventure for Veteran heroes. The Amulet of Dogskull also includes an extensive Book of Lore dedicated to Northeim and a small expansion on designing a Trial of Manhood scenario.

Grains of Death: New Adventure for Beasts & Barbarians!

Grains of DeathFamine is spreading in the City of Thieves, and grain is worth its weight in gold. How hard can in be to guard a warehouse absolutely full of the stuff?

GRAmel brings you Grains of Death, a Beasts & Barbarians adventure for 2-6 Seasoned heroes. Grains of Death has been released with a pay-what-you-want price, so be sure to check it out today!

Nemezis: Baris, The Light That Blinds Released

Bariz, the Light That Blinds for NemezisNobody can deny the beauty of Bariz. While the Horde is a constant threat on the land, life goes at its own pace in the skies. Politics and glamour are matters for flying cities, while the ground is left to sort itself out.

In this newest sourcebook for GRAmel’s Nemezis setting, you’ll get information on Bariz’ inhabitants, both land-bound and floating.

Don’t be left in the shadow of glory as it floats by—check out Bariz: The Light That Blinds today!

New Adventures in Jalizar, City of Thieves, for Beasts & Barbarians

The Crying Mother for Beasts & BarbariansIt should’ve been an easy job. A rich merchant, a fat purse, and a dagger in the night. But life in the City of Thieves is never that easy.

GRAmel brings you The Crying Mother, an adventure filled with rooftop chases, terrible nightmares, swordfights, and an ancient gift from a mother to her beloved son. This is the first adventure for Beasts & Barbarians, their sword-and-sorcery setting for Savage Worlds, in the recently-released city of Jalizar.

GRAmel Taking Preorders for Nemezis and Jalizar, City of Thieves

Nemezis and Jalizar, City of Thieves, for Print PreorderGRAmel is taking preorders for print version of Nemezis, their dark space opera, and Jalizar, City of Thieves, an expansion for their sword-and-sorcery setting of Beasts & Barbarians.

Both books are available for print preorder or immediate PDF purchase. You can also get a print-PDF bundle preorder special for either—you’ll get the immediate PDF, the print book as soon as it’s available, and a handsome discount!

Whether your heading into a past we never had or a future we never want, let GRAmel take you there today!


GRAmel Releases Ash: The Dying Planet for Nemezis

Ash: The Dying Planet for NemezisAsh is a dying planet. Everyone knows the terraformers are dead and repairs of the functional few are too expensive to be profitable. The best workers move to other, safer systems, and so does the capital of the major companies. Ash is freezing and only a miracle can change its fate.

In this sourcebook you will find additional materials about Ash, rules for weapon modificaton, information about the Syndicate, generators for gangster rumors and technobabble, and Serena, a new town ready for an expiring planet!

Join GRAmel as they expand their space opera setting Nemezis. The planet you save may be your own!

Jalizar, City of Thieves Available for GRAmel’s Beasts & Barbarians

Jalizar, City of ThievesJalizar, City of Thieves, is now available for GRAmel’s Beasts& Barbarians sword-and-sorcery setting for Savage Worlds.

Come to Jalizar, the Rotten Flower of the North, and learn the seedy ways of the Thieves’ Guild. Smuggle goods into the city and fool the Copper Helms (the corrupt city watch of Jalizar), vie for power with the Merchant Houses, or if you are really bold, venture into the dark Sewers of Jalizar where an age-old evil lurks undisturbed.

Twenty new Edges, new trappings and tweaks for the arcane backgrounds, an additional list of gear, and much more await you in this book! Sharpen your dagger, put on your black cloak, and lose yourself in the dark alleys of the City of Thieves!