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Love is in the High Plains Air

Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re in my head like a manitou. — Anonymous (Thankfully)

This Friday, we’ll announce a brand new kind of Deadlands game on our FacebookGoogle+ , and Twitter pages. Like or Follow us and watch for the announcement Friday morning. The provided download link will allow you to get the first game in the new series absolutely free!

And be sure to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with that special someone or just relaxing and enjoying the weekend!

(Update: You can now download the first release of Deadlands Tall Tales: Broken Hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!)


Pinnacle Reaches Across the Web

Savage Worlds on the WebIf you were paying close attention, you might’ve noticed when we turned our own part-time editor Jodi Black into our Marketing Manager. While we still let her flex her editing muscles and stop us from confusing “you’re,” “your,” and “rhinoceros,” she’s also been busy spreading us across the blog-o-web-o-sphere-o-tubes.*

You want to follow us on Facebook? Not a problem. You want to join us on Google+? You can do that, too. Could only be happier following Pinnacle on Twitter? Wait no more! You can find and follow us more places than ever now!

Are you more of a web traditionalist? You can always find us here at the home page or sign up to have the Tuesday updates sent directly to your e-mail. We’re here for you.

* That’s a thing, right? Maybe this is why I’m not the Marketing Manager…

Daring Entertainment Dares to Facebook!

Daring EntertainmentSavage Worlds licensee Daring Entertainment, likely best known for their War of the Dead series, has jumped into the world of social media. The official Daring Entertainment Facebook page is now live!  Drop by, give ‘em a Like, and keep current on all their latest news.

Need more motivation? If their Facebook page receives 100 Likes by June 30, they’ll pick 5 random fans to receive a free PDF copy of Hellspawn: Countdown to Invasion when it releases this summer!

Don’t delay!