Game Master Goodies for The Goon™ RPG

GOON_Creature_Cards_Digital-900For those looking to augment their Goon™ RPG gaming experience, we now have full-color Table Tents, Creature Cards, and Combat Options available to download from our store.

The customized Table Tents and the two-sided Combat Options are both absolutely FREE to download while the fully-illustrated Creature Cards (10 double-sided cards you can print, covering everything from Automaton to Zombie) are just $2.99!

Go grab ’em all now!


The Taxidermist’s Tale—A New Deadlands One-Sheet Adventure

Taxidermist's Tale - A Deadlands One-Sheet AdventureWho doesn’t like a cuddly bunny, or even a regal mountain lion? The folks Back East are turning the taxidermy of the West into a booming business. As much as the Weird West is accustomed to exporting tall tales back to the cities, the frontier isn’t used to importing the same style of questionable news. Who’s going to believe it when they hear that top-hat tinhorns actually are just dying for taxidermy or that mounted critters really are all the rage?

Is terror really somethin’ they’ve started shippin’ back to the East, or is someone pullin’ the wool over your eyes? Either way, what are you going to do about it?

The Taxidermist’s Tale is a new One-Sheet Adventure for Deadlands. Grab it and go for a night or two of no-prep adventure with your posse. Be sure to check out all the One-Sheet Adventures we’ve got available for Deadlands and all our other settings, too.

Don’t forget—they’re all free. Free as the wind that howls across the desert, free as the chills down your spine…


Savage Worlds Explorer’s Society Downloads Get a New Home

Savage Worlds Free DownloadsAll the good stuff from the old Savage Worlds Explorer’s Society web site is still available at a new home right here! Check the Downloads column at the right of the Savage Worlds Core Rules page, and you’ll spot an Explorer’s Society fly-out button with all the same great downloads from the old site added to all the other awesome free stuff on the Savage Worlds page.

If you were never a member of the Explorer’s Society, now is your chance to get your hands on a raft of cool freebies, from handy administrative pages to character sheets to full-fledged adventures. So quit your dilly-dallyin’ and check it out!


The Epitaph Now South-of-the-Border

El EpitafioThanks to enthusiastic Deadlands supporter Manuel Alfonso Garcia, the Tombstone Epitaph from The Flood is now available in Spanish. Get your copy of El Epitafio today!

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the rest of our freebies under Deadlands Downloads on the Deadlands page. You never know what you might find buried out in the Weird West once you start pokin’ around.


Have a Happy Holiday Game!

Savage Worlds Free DownloadsGive the gift of gaming with a holiday-themed Savage Worlds game night! The Nutcrackers, Winter Break, and Silent Night, Hungry Night are all ready-to-go holiday adventures on our Savage Worlds One Sheets page.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out our full line of other Savage Worlds Downloads, all available at the same low price—absolutely free—for your downloadable enjoyment! Have an adventure or two on us, for the season or whenever your want!


Templates for Templates for Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds Template SpecificationsThe basic dimensions of the burst and cone templates are described in the Savage World Deluxe rulebooks, and the Savage Worlds Templates are available from the free downloads page. But some of you have been asking for a little bit more…and here it is.

The Savage Worlds Template Specification document details the dimensions of the templates and their construction (mostly handy for the cone template). You can also isolate the template outlines to print blanks or place into your own graphics programs.

Now you can completely customize the templates for your home and con games. You can even have a different template for every trapping if you like. Heck, there’s just no stopping you now!

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the other free stuff from our Downloads page. There’s no telling what else you might find out there!


February Freebies for Players and GMs Alike!

Savage Worlds Deluxe GM Screen InsertsDon’t worry about forgetting anything important this February—commercials won’t let you miss Valentine’s Day, the weather won’t let you leave winter, and we’ve got your Savage Worlds games covered!

Are you always forgetting all those little things you need to know as a GM? Be sure to get a copy of our new Core Savage Worlds Rules Inserts for the Customizable GM’s Screen! These inserts have been updated to be fully compatible with the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules and include most everything you’d need on your side of the six-panel, landscape Customizable GM’s Screen

Deadlands Noir Character SheetPlayers, are you worried that the Great Depression-inspired malaise will have you forgetting yourself entirely? We have just the cure for that, too!

The  Deadlands Noir Character Sheet has been updated to be form-fillable and savable by anyone with a copy of Reader. Jot yourself down and save everything there is about you for the next time without worry of losing yourself in the process!

And don’t forget all the other great freebies available through our Downloads page!


Expanded Vehicle Conversions and Creations

Savage Worlds Vehicle Conversion & CreationHave you ever wanted a hand converting a real vehicle into Savage Worlds stats? Savage fan Chad “Vinzent” Jones has put together the Savage Worlds Vehicle Conversion & Creation PDF just for you!

Working under the Savage Fan License, he’s assembled an updated document compatible with the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition vehicle rules to clarify how Pinnacle designers arrived at the values in the rule books and help GMs convert or create their own vehicles. From Model Ts to Starcruisers from a galaxy far, far away, this handy little reference has you covered.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the rest of our free downloads for other resources like game references, character sheets, paper minis, and more!


Deadlands Noir Character Sheet Now Available

Deadlands Noir Character Sheet PDFIt’s time to be the bird you’ve always wanted to be, and there’s nothing stopping you now. From flim-flam fella to femme fatale, the choice is yours—be whoever you like with the Deadlands Noir Character Sheet!

The joins our other Deadlands Noir resources on the web—the core Deadlands Noir book (in PDF from the Pinnacle PDF Store and DriveThruRPG,  in PDF and print preorder from Studio 2 Publishing), the Old Absinthe House Blues (in PDF from the Pinnacle PDF Store, and DriveThruRPG), and the Deadlands Noir Archetypes (from the Deadlands Noir freebies page).


A Little More Hell On Earth: Reloaded

Hell on Earth: Reloaded DownloadsLast week, we gave you downloadable wallpapers of the cover art for the upcoming Hell on Earth: Reloaded. While that setting might be full of heartache and misery, our web site isn’t.

By popular request, we’ve made more wallpapers available on the Hell on Earth: Reloaded Downloads page for all those wide-screen monitors out there. Enjoy your fancy technology while it lasts, partner. The day of reckonin’ is a-comin’, and maybe—just maybe—sooner than you think…