A Little More Hell On Earth: Reloaded

Hell on Earth: Reloaded DownloadsLast week, we gave you downloadable wallpapers of the cover art for the upcoming Hell on Earth: Reloaded. While that setting might be full of heartache and misery, our web site isn’t.

By popular request, we’ve made more wallpapers available on the Hell on Earth: Reloaded Downloads page for all those wide-screen monitors out there. Enjoy your fancy technology while it lasts, partner. The day of reckonin’ is a-comin’, and maybe—just maybe—sooner than you think…

Deadlands Noir Kickstarter: Into the Home Stretch

Deadlands NoirWith just over a week left in our first Kickstarter campaign, Deadlands Noir, you’ve nearly met all our stretch goals, including expanding the setting with the Deadlands Noir Companion to Chicago, Lost Angels, and Shan Fan!

Visit the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter page for today’s updates and hear the fourth and final installment of the illustrated audio drama Hardboiled in the Big Easy.

If you missed Friday’s update, be sure to read Update #8 to hear about Deadlands Noir at Origins and see Cheyenne’s illustration of the technical evolution of the lightning gun!


A First Taste of Hell on Earth: Reloaded

Hell on Earth: Reloaded DownloadsYou might think it cruel to whet your appetite like this, but you don’t know cruel…not yet, leastways. When a man can’t cross the desert without worrying about gettin’ his ride—and hisself—cut for parts, when the world is so irradiated that spirits are mutatin’, when there’s no hope on the burnin’ horizon, that’s a cruel place to be. Hell on Earth is coming, and this is just the beginning.

No, literally. Hell on Earth: Reloaded is coming. Not today, not tomorrow, and not any time we’re going to name right now, but watch here for more details in the months ahead.

And this really is just the beginning. Specifically, we’re giving you the cover art from the new book as downloadable wallpapers. Visit the Hell on Earth: Reloaded Downloads page to pick a size suited to you.

You best start gettin’ ready now, though. When things fall from the sky, worlds change forever…

Deadlands Noir Kickstarter: Halfway Home

Deadlands Noir

We’re right into the half-way mark on our first Kickstarter campaign, Deadlands Noir, and the enthusiasm remains overwhelming. This morning, our stretch goals were like shell casings in a highway gunfight—all used up and behind us!

Unlike some of the back-bayou judges, we wouldn’t just leave you hangin’. Check out the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter page for today’s updates, including the third installment of our illustrated audio drama Hardboiled in the Big Easy and our new stretch goals. If you need a hint, just remember that the world might not turn out to be as small as you thought, but that probably means there’s more trouble out there with your name on it.

For anyone that missed it, be sure to read John Goff’s Update #6: Mystery and Investigation from last Friday for a little insight into Deadlands Noir and his own murky PI past.

Deadlands Noir Kickstarter Update

Deadlands Noir

Last week we launched our first Kickstarter campaign with Deadlands Noir, and you were more supportive and excited than we’d imagined. After a touch more than three hours, we shot through our original goal like a wet paper range target!

We added a series of stretch goals last Friday, and as of today we’re past all but one—including the Deadlands Noir custom dice set previewed hereDeadlands Noir Dice—with 22 days left to go! There’s a new stretch goal in today’s Kickstarter update, and it’s based on number of supporters, not cash. You, too, can make a difference!

The second installment of our illustrated audio drama Hardboiled in the Big Easy goes live (or something very similar) on the Kickstarter page today. We left Harvey Jenkins in a precarious position on the worst side of the Bloody Ol’ Muddy’s delta. Find out how ol’ Harv’s doing—it might be the only mystery New Orleans ever gives up.

If you missed it last week and want more details on Deadlands Noir, check out last week’s new article Deadlands Noir—The Secret Setting Revealed! or the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter page.

Settle in for a New Deadlands Adventure!

Guess Who's Coming to Donner?Guess Who’s Coming to Donner is an adventure for Deadlands that takes you into the unseasonably wintry Truckee Pass. If that doesn’t sound familiar, that may be ’cause it’s best known for the last lost group, the Donner party.

Guess Who’s Coming to Donner includes a short adventure as well as a full set of map tiles ready to print and use. Now you can have your posse right where you want ’em!

Pull up a chair, loosen your belt, and tuck into terror!

Jackalopes Jumpin’ Into the Savage Worlds Minis Line

JackalopesRabbits may be cute, furry, and good luck unless you’re a garden crop, but jackalopes come armed with the horns of a dilemma. Can your posse survive the cloud of bad luck they bring across the Weird West?

The prairie tick swarms proved danger ain’t gotta’ be big, partner. These adorable li’l jackalopes prove it ain’t gotta’ be ugly, neither.

So as you go hoppin’ down the Chisholm Trail, don’t forget that Reaper’s full Savage Worlds miniature line may be comin’ with you. Best you see the whole range today in the light than tomorrow in the darkness, eh?

Deadlands Noir—The Secret Setting Revealed!

Deadlands Noir

The year is 1935. New Orleans is one tough lady of a town. Some say her blood-red lipstick hides a heart of gold, others say it’s black as a killin’ bruise. Colorful, but a smart man don’t say nothin’ if he can avoid it—best to let the deadly secrets of the streets roll down the gutters like dirty rainwater.

This hard-boiled new setting brings the gritty history of the Deadlands world into the 1930s, giving you the shades of gray only a world of noir can deliver. Study the dangerous art of private detection in the city of New Orleans, solve whodunnits where both suspects and victims shoot back, venture into the gator-filled sludge of Louisiana’s deadly bayous, and learn just what the killer known only as “Stone” is doing in the Big Easy.

Deadlands Noir is also our first foray into Kickstarter. Even if you’re somehow not interested in the dizzying array of fabulous perks available, be sure to check out the first installment of the illustrated audio drama Hard Boiled in the Big Easy.

Since we first leaked a teaser about the new setting last Tuesday, we’ve been running a contest on our Facebook page to guess the name of the new setting. Give it a look-see for an explanation of the various clues and whether anyone guessed it correctly.

Deadlands Comics Go Digital!

Deadlands Goes DigitalVisionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are proud to present Deadlands, the critically acclaimed and fan favorite new comic series, in digital distribution.  The work of masters such as Jeff Mariotte (Desperados), Brook Turner (Golly!), Ron Marz (Artifacts), Bart Sears (Conan), Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Jonah Hex), Lee Moder (Shinku), David Gallaher, and Steve Ellis (High Moon) brings the Weird Western World of the Role Playing Game to the world of comics with style.

This collaboration of industry all-stars has created four brand new stories that delve deeply into the mystery and mayhem of Deadlands.  Set in an Old West gone slightly weird, these stories range from the mad invention of The Devil’s Six Gun to the masterful horror of Death Was Silent.  We are also excited to bring you, for the first time in one complete issue, The Kid; the backup story that ran through all four print editions of Deadlands collected together under an exclusive new cover.  Telling the origin of the fearsome werewolf stalker Billy the Kid, this story sets the stage for the upcoming mini-series.

Each Visionary digital exclusive edition will also include a special feature with preview art for The Kid: Death in a Small Town as well as the first teaser image and major announcements about RAVEN! The initial issues are available from the Pinnacle PDF store, DriveThruComics, and Wowio, and have already captured the best-selling title! They are soon to be available on Ave!Comics.

Deadlands Gets Deluxe-ified!

Deadlands Deluxe-ifiedHave you found yourself trying to cram your shiny new Savage Worlds Deluxe rules into your Deadlands books? Well, stop it, amigo—that’s mighty rough on the bindings! Now that we’ve got that settled, how ’bout we come riding to your rescue now?

Deadlands Deluxe-ified, the brief guide to playing Deadlands with the Savage Worlds Deluxe core rules, is waitin’ on you. I can hear you back-Easters already askin’ “How much, my good man?” Well, let’s not get your ascots in a bunch, fellas. Like the preacher-man says, the best things in life are free, and who are we to gainsay the preacher-man? It’s all yours. Take one. Share it with your friends and neighbors, if you got any left.

Maybe, just maybe, with the complete details on integratin’ changes to skills, Edges, and powers, you’ll have a better chance o’ survival. Good luck!