More for ETU: Jack’s Back One Sheet and Spanish Character Sheets

Jack's Back One Sheet for ETURemember when we promised that we’d be releasing some more One-Sheets for East Texas University? We don’t kid around with Kickstarter commitments like that, and it’s time for the latest installment—Jack’s Back! Jack Brown returns to ETU after a few decades off. This time is going to be different, though—and different it is! But something strange is going on in his dorm, and it’s up to you to set things right.

What with East Texas University being so close to the border and all, it only seems fair to offer a Spanish ETU Character Sheet! It’s always great to see our friends in gaming using the Free Fan License to not only make wonderful things for your Savage Worlds games, but to share them with others. You folks really are the best!


Wild Card Creator 1.0 Released!

Wild Card Creator from Journeyman GamesJourneyman Games has released the 1.0 version of Wild Card Creator, their Savage Worlds character creator tool. Be sure to give it a look!

Wild Card Creator  lets you import content directly from your Savage Worlds PDF files. It already supports content from the most popular settings, including Pinnacle’s recent Deadlands Noir and newly-released Weird Wars Rome. Journeyman Games’ goal is to support every published setting from over 20 licensees within a year!

You can also export your character directly to a form-fillable PDF character sheet, including the Fantasy Companion character sheet released just last week.



Fantasy Companion Character Sheet Now Available

Fantasy Companion Character SheetThe Fantasy Companion Character Sheet is now free loot waiting for your adventuring group to snap up! No traps, no dungeons, and no monsters to fight—it’s ready for the taking on our Savage Worlds Core Rules Downloads page.

Do you want a character sheet that’s form-fillable, ready for you to put in whatever numbers and names you like? Do you want a sheet that’s been formatted with graphics pulled from the Fantasy Companion itself? Have you always wanted a document laid out by Michael “Trigger” Ysker? Do you want all this for the low, low price of absolutely free? Then the Fantasy Companion Character Sheet is for you!

Be sure to check out the rest of our free downloads while you’re at it—you never know what life-changing download is just a click away!


Hero Labs Takes Savage Worlds into Space Past and Future

Space 1889 in Hero LabIf space adventuring is your cup of tea, check out the two newest Savage Worlds settings for Hero LabSpace 1889 and High Space.

Space 1889: Red Sands of Mars is the setting for space with that cup of tea! Take your Victorian heroes into space to see the red plains of Mars, the murky jungles of Venus, or even the rocky desolation of Mercury! Perhaps you could defend the Empire, perhaps even Earth herself, against the mad machinations of the unseen cabal set on destruction.  Good show!

High Space, the space opera from StoryWeaver, takes you to space’s far future, with fantastical science fiction heroes outfitted with the latest gadgetry!

This makes ten full Savage Worlds settings that Hero Lab supports for free, including Deadlands NoirTour of DarknessHell on Earth, Deadlands: Reloaded,  Rippers, and The Savage World of Solomon Kane.

Check out Hero Lab for Savage Worlds today! After all, it’s never a bad thing to make new friends.


Kickstart Pads of People for Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds Character Sheet KickstarterSometimes you need a friend. Sometimes you need a whole stack of friends! Peter Regan has the Kickstarter for youprinted pads of character sheets for Savage Worlds.

These pads will have 25 character sheets (based on the character sheet in the back of the Savage Worlds rule book) per pad, be glue-bound at the top edge, and be printed at A5 size. For those of you who aren’t Europeans thinking “about time,” that’s about 8.3″ x 5.8″.

Be sure to check it out today!


Hell on Earth Form-Fillable Character Sheet Available

Hell on Earth: Reloaded Character SheetThe character sheet for Hell on Earth: Reloaded is now available as a free download!

If you’re lucky enough to still have a workin’ hand with the right number of fingers, you can just print it off and fill it in yourself. Jot down the numbers and you can really be someone in the post-apocalyptic wastes of Hell on Earth!

If you’re lucky enough to still have workin’ tech, you can fill the character sheet in electronically, save it, and print it all you like!

However you do it, you have the option of the full-color character sheet from Hell on Earth: Reloaded or a printer-friendly black-and-white version. The layers are already there—all you have to do is pick the one you want.


February Freebies for Players and GMs Alike!

Savage Worlds Deluxe GM Screen InsertsDon’t worry about forgetting anything important this February—commercials won’t let you miss Valentine’s Day, the weather won’t let you leave winter, and we’ve got your Savage Worlds games covered!

Are you always forgetting all those little things you need to know as a GM? Be sure to get a copy of our new Core Savage Worlds Rules Inserts for the Customizable GM’s Screen! These inserts have been updated to be fully compatible with the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules and include most everything you’d need on your side of the six-panel, landscape Customizable GM’s Screen

Deadlands Noir Character SheetPlayers, are you worried that the Great Depression-inspired malaise will have you forgetting yourself entirely? We have just the cure for that, too!

The  Deadlands Noir Character Sheet has been updated to be form-fillable and savable by anyone with a copy of Reader. Jot yourself down and save everything there is about you for the next time without worry of losing yourself in the process!

And don’t forget all the other great freebies available through our Downloads page!


Deadlands Noir Character Sheet Now Available

Deadlands Noir Character Sheet PDFIt’s time to be the bird you’ve always wanted to be, and there’s nothing stopping you now. From flim-flam fella to femme fatale, the choice is yours—be whoever you like with the Deadlands Noir Character Sheet!

The joins our other Deadlands Noir resources on the web—the core Deadlands Noir book (in PDF from the Pinnacle PDF Store and DriveThruRPG,  in PDF and print preorder from Studio 2 Publishing), the Old Absinthe House Blues (in PDF from the Pinnacle PDF Store, and DriveThruRPG), and the Deadlands Noir Archetypes (from the Deadlands Noir freebies page).


50 Fathoms Freebie—Fully Form Fillable!

50 Fathoms: Explorer's Edition Form-Fillable Character, Ship, and Ally SheetAll alliteration aside (almost), this week we’re giving you a freebie to really help you set sail in the world of 50 Fathoms and bring all your imaginary friends with you—the 50 Fathoms: Explorer’s Edition Character, Ship, and Ally Sheet!

This is the same handsome set of players’ aids illustrated by the award-winning Cheyenne Wright ripped from the 50 Fathoms: Explorer’s Edition book. We’ve added form fields so you can record your character, all the details about your ship, and everything you need to know about your allies—and even save it when you’re done!

Be sure to check out the rest of our free 50 Fathoms downloads while you’re at it.




New Form-Fillable Super Powers Fan Sheet

Super Powers Character SheetHave you ever found yourself in need of a general form-fillable character sheet for a Savage Worlds super powers game? Well, worry no more.

Savage fan Michael Ysker’s form-fillable super powers character sheet is now hosted on our web site. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at our free downloads, ready for the electronic picking!