Holiday Sale Spotlight – Deadlands Good Intentions Bundle

Our holiday sale is already underway and boy howdy, have we got some amazing deals for you including discounted box sets, Print + PDF bundles, virtual bundles, and even miniatures!

This week, we take a good, hard look at what you can get in the Deadlands Good Intentions Bundle. It all starts with a copy of Good Intentions (available in Hardback + PDF for $29.99 or PDF for $14.99), the fourth and final Servitor Plot Point Campaign for Deadlands. This supplement gives you everything you need to run thrilling adventures in the Nation of Deseret…domain of the most contagious Reckoner, Pestilence!

After that, start peppering in discounted goodies like the Deadlands 20th Anniversary Dice Set in a Leather Bag ($17.99), Deadlands Double Action Card Decks ($17.99), Deadlands Blood, Sweat, and Gears Soundtrack ($8.99), New Fate Chips (featuring Grimme, Raven, Stone, and Hellstromme) ($26.99), and much more! Just start with a copy of Good Intentions and the rest of the Deadlands line is automatically 10% off! Yes, all of it, pardner!

And while they’re not Deadlands products, be aware that our limited edition hardcover books (including Savage Tales of Horror (also on sale), Rippers Resurrected, and Rifts®) are truly limited, so if you want to add some of these to your collection (or give them as gifts), be sure to act NOW before our shelves are bare!


Savage Holiday Sale – Shop Early and Save

Yeah, we know you’re all still getting ready for Halloween, but before you know it, there will be snow on the ground and songs of the season on the radio. Get a jump on things by saving big bucks on some Savage goodies today.

Check out all our deeply discounted box sets, print + PDF bundles, virtual bundles, and even miniatures over on our sales pages. This includes items like the Savage Worlds Player Starter KitDeadlands Good Intentions Bundle, East Texas University Collector’s Box Set, Lankhmar Limited Edition Print + PDF Bundle, The Last Parsec Collectors Box Set—and the Rippers Resurrected Collector’s Box Set which won’t be available for retail order until November, but is available directly from us right now!

And while you’re filling your shopping basket, be aware that our limited edition hardcover books (including Savage Tales of Horror (also on sale), Rippers Resurrected, and Rifts®) are truly limited, so if you want to add some of these to your collection (or give them as gifts), be sure to act soon NOW before they’re all just a memory!


Add Some Dimension to Your Deadlands: Noir Games

Noir Minis BundleIf your Deadlands: Noir flatfoots have been feeling a little… “flat,” maybe it’s time to fill ’em out a bit in three dimensions (and we don’t mean forcing them to scarf down a few more beignets at the French Market)!

Sculpted by Reaper Miniatures’ Bob Ridolfi, these snazzy 25mm metal minis will augment your tabletops and help bring the Big Easy to life. Miniatures include: Detective, Femme Fatale, Grifter, Houngan, Patent Scientist, and the legendary Stone.

While all six figures are available individually for only $5.99 each, save yourself some cabbage and grab the whole bundle for just $29.99!

Have A Blast This Independence Day

dimenovelbundleToday (July 4th, 2017) marks the 241st birthday of the good ol’ USA and to celebrate, we’re offering a bundle of diabolical Dime Novels, including the classic Independence Day written by our good hombre Matt Forbeck, at a whopping 50% off!

Independence Day, set in the Weird West, tells the terrifying tale of law-keeping gone awry when the Butcher comes to Dodge City on the Fourth of July. This red, white, and blue bundle also includes the Dime Novels Perdition’s Daughter by Shane Lacy Hensley and Night Train by John Goff! This specially-priced bundle (available directly from us or via is only available for a limited time, so get it while it’s hot!

And if you dare to bring these classic Deadlands adventures to your game table, all three PDFs are on sale right now! Face the Butcher in Independence Day, celebrate Christmas in July in Perdition’s Daughter, and ride the rails straight into a living nightmare in Night Train.

Have a safe and Happy 4th, pardners!


Game Master Memorial Fund Charity Drive for Persephonee Banks

The Game Masters Memorial Fund Charity DriveRecently, fellow gamer, GM, and designer Christopher J. N. Banks lost his only child, Persephonee, age 5½. Our hearts go out to him and his family during this time of grieving.

While there are no magic words we in the publishing community can offer up, we do have games—several publishers are supporting a charity effort with the Game Master Memorial Fund Charity Drive. Proceeds will be donated to help cover medical expenses and a proper tribute to a little girl whose smile has left us far too early. At only $20 with over a dozen Savage Worlds titles and several maps and tokens for any game you play, it’s a good bargain for a good cause.

Whether you choose to support the Game Master Memorial Fund Charity Drive or not, please be sure to spend some time with the special people in your lives while you still have them. It’s all too easy for an opportunity missed to become an opportunity lost.


Find Us in DriveThruRPG’s 10th Anniversary Bundles!

DriveThruRPG 10th Anniversary BundlesWhether you like Pinnacle products, DriveThruRPG, anniversary celebrations, or savings in general, you’re going to love these bundles!

The DTRPG 10th Anniversary Fiction Bundle includes Through the Mists, the first installment of the Legend of Kyla Kidd fiction from the world of 50 Fathoms. This bundle includes ten different books and a 78% discount!

The DTRPG 10th Anniversary Comics Bundle includes Black Water, one of four Deadlands singles by Visionary Comics. Follow a tale of mysticism, eternal love, and a sea monster or two as a wealthy man searches the Great Maze for the woman who haunts his dreams. And this is another great deal, with ten comics bundled at a 77% discount!

The DTRPG 10th Anniversary RPG Bundle 2 includes the full version of Necessary Evil: Explorer’s Edition. Take your Savage Worlds game to a world where the superheroes have been eliminated, and it falls to the super villains to save the earth from alien occupation! If you thought the other deals were good, hold on to your socks—this bundle includes ten RPGs at a 94% discount!

With each bundle at only $10 and the fleeting nature of anniversaries, you best act now!


Deadlands Classic Bundles

Deadlands Classic Bundle of HoldingExpand (or start) your Deadlands Classic library and support two worthy causes at Bundle of Holding!

For a limited time, you can get the core collection of Deadlands Classic rulebook PDFs for only $10.95. That’s over a $20 savings, and ten percent of your payment (not the profits, mind you) is split between the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. If you beat the threshold, you’ll get seven more great Deadlands Classic titles—that’s an $82 value with the possibility of more PDFs being added later!

Whether you’re a die-hard Deadlands Classic player, want to support some fine charities, or want to catch up on your Deadlands history before the upcoming Xbox Originals Deadlands series, this is your chance to do just that. Heck, you can do all three things at once, amigo!

What you can’t do, though, is wait. This is a limited time offer, and it won’t survive a week on the internet. Get it while you can, partner!


Celebrate the Deadlands XBox Originals Announcement!

Deadlands on XBox Originals AnnouncementIn case you haven’t heard, we’ve just announced a dramatic series in development with XBox Originals! You can read more about it here!

We’re incredibly excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to tell you more about it. In the meantime, whether you’re new to the Deadlands roleplaying game or are one of our original Deadlands Classic fans looking to catch up, we’ve put together a pair of special bundles of the current and latest version of the game. Act fast—these two Deadlands bundles will only be available for 2 weeks (or one fortnight, or until May 13).

The Little Deadlands Celebration Bundle – $150: You get the Deadlands Player’s Guide and Marshal’s Handbook, the Marshal’s Screen with Murder on the Hellstromme Express, Smith & Robards 1880 Catalog, and the two Plot Point Campaigns, The Flood and The Last Sons, in both print and PDF. Alone, those are worth over $280. Heck, we’ll even throw in the domestic shipping, so that’s half off!

The Big Deadlands Celebration Bundle – $299You get everything in the Little Bundle plus most every print and PDF product we’ve made for Deadlands Reloaded! That’s over $550 worth of Weird Western wonder and adventure, amigos! Just like the Little Bundle, domestic shipping is on us!


Savage Retailer Holiday Bundles—for a Limited Time!

Savage Retailers ProgramThe limited-time Savage Retailer Holiday Bundle is a merry Christmas special for everyone in the Savage Retailer program! Let us help you stuff your shelves and stockings with all the most popular Savage Worlds products at special pricing with free shipping—not even a reindeer feed upcharge!

For the best holiday deals on Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition, Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion, Savage Worlds Horror Companion, Savage Worlds Action/Adventure Decks, Deadlands: Reloaded Player’s Guide Explorer’s Edition, and Deadlands: Reloaded Marshal’s Handbook Explorer’s Edition, sign up on the Savage Retailer Registration page.* You’ll be the first to hear about limited-access specials, have access to special sales support materials, and be listed on the Savage Retailer page so more customers can find you more easily! You’ve got nothing to lose, my friend!

I did say “for a limited time,” though. Be sure to get your Savage Retailer Holiday Bundle before December 31, or you’ll miss out!

If you’re not a retailer, you can find your closest participating store on the Savage Retailer page. Heck, you might even want to point your local friendly game store at the page so they can join up!

*If you’re an existing member of the Savage Retailer program, you should have received information from Jodi Black, Pinnacle’s Marketing Manager. Contact her for any additional details you might need.


Deadlands Noir Now Available in PDF and Print Preorder!

Deadlands NoirNew Orleans, 1935. The Depression makes each day uncertain, like a moral compass in hard times, and times have never been harder. The constant rain beats folks down like a fixed fight, and every schmuck with an ounce of authority, from your local beat cop to his honor the mayor himself, is as rotten as an old bag of apples sunk in the bayou.

Worst of all, things lurk in the shadows, and when life gets as dark as the waters of the Mississipi, some mooks get stupid enough to think conjuring them out of the shadows might just make things better.

And that’s when some sharp shamus, grizzled grifter, prizefighting palooka, or dangerous dame has to step in and let them know that no matter how bad things get, there are still a few hardboiled heroes ready to face monsters in the night.

Deadlands Noir—a pen-and-paper roleplaying game set in the world of Pinnacle Entertainment’s award-winning Deadlands universe—is now available to everyone, not just our Kickstarter backers. It includes new Edges, Hindrances, and powers, as well as new rules for handling detective work, the state of the Union and the CSA in the Depression era, a complete Plot Point campaign, and of course, more monsters and ghouls than you can shake a smoking .45 automatic at.

You can get the Deadlands Noir PDF format from us directlyfrom Studio 2 Publishing, or at DriveThruRPG. Our fulfillment partners at Studio 2 Publishing are also taking preorders for the printed book and have the Print-PDF Preorder Bundle available. The bundle gets you the PDF immediately, the printed book as soon as it’s available, and a price break—and with the world today, what palooka don’t need a price break!