Our Flash Gordon™ Kickstarter Has Saved the Universe!

Last night, all eyes were on Mongo as the Kickstarter for The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ rocketed into history! With 1,027 individual backers, our initial $15,000 goal (which was met in the first hour of the campaign) was crushed by the final total of nearly $110,000! All of our Stretch Goals were met (from form fillable character sheets to miniatures to propaganda prints for your secret rebel hideout) and we really appreciate all your generous support and enthusiasm!

We also want to thank the many blogs, podcasts, and pop culture news sites that helped promote the Kickstarter. Here are just a handful of links in case you want to watch, read, or listen to some of this amazing coverage:

Right now, we’re going to settle in for a bit and finish off the editing and development. Kickstarter will begin processing payments and deliver funds in about two to three weeks and then we can export the data and start delivering the various PDFs to backers. Some will come right away, others will take a little longer as we work through any issues that crop up.

We’ll then send everything to the printer as soon as it’s ready and then if all goes according to plan (assuming Ming and his minions don’t interfere with the process) everything will come back in about four months and we’ll start shipping. And while you wait, be sure to adorn your various electronic devices with our FREE Flash Gordon wallpapers (featuring FLASH-tastic art by Aaron Riley) now available over at DriveThruRPG.


Three Easy Steps to Stronger Savage Worlds Skills!

Savage Worlds on the WebJerrod “Savage Daddy” Gunning gives you three easy tips to hone your Savage Worlds skills in his most recent article on Sin City Savages. Visit for the quick reminders, stay for the rest of Savage Daddy’s posts!


Shane Hensley Featured on Ruthless Diastema

Savage Worlds on the Web: An Interview with Shane HensleyOur own Shane Hensley has a top five list of his very own—Shane Hensley’s Top Five RPG Setting (That Aren’t Pinnacle’s)—on the gaming blog Ruthless Diastema.

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Savage Worlds Makes Tommy’s Top Six!

Tommy's Top Six on the Most Unread Blog on the InternetEvery year, The Most Unread Blog on the Internet Ever features Tommy’s Top Six, his selection of the top six stand-out books of the year. Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition made the cut for 2012!

While you’re checking out the article and the other top five honorees, be sure to help them celebrate their third anniversary on the web by entering their giveaway contest. That’s right, it’s The Most Unread Blog’s birthday, but they’re giving you the presents! Gifts include selections from all the top six publishers as well as Fabled Environments, so you know there’s some good stuff waiting for you to win it!

If you want the sure thing, you can buy a copy of Savage Worlds Deluxe: Explorer’s Edition right now in PDF at the Pinnacle PDF Store or in print from the Studio 2 Publishing web store. Both are still just $9.99!


Doctor Belmont on Savage Worlds

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