Omariss Death Worm Surfaces for The Last Parsec

Omariss Death Worm: An Adventure for The Last ParsecSpace is home to things big and small, great and humble—but which of these applies to the legendary “Death Worm”? Now that you’ve been asked to accompany Dr. Albert Mars to the distant desert world of Omariss 7 in hopes that he’ll capture the mysterious creature, maybe you’ll find out. Keep your wits about you, though, since the local war may complicate your expedition just a touch. And sometimes a touch is all it takes…

Omariss Death Worm is a short Last Parsec adventure originally written for Gen Con 2013 with great opportunities for roleplaying, combat, and figuring out some very tricky situations. You also get a pregenerated team ready to print and play and Figure Flats for all the characters, creatures, and even a few new vehicles. If you were paying close attention to the recent Explorers of the Last Parsec Figure Flats release, you might already have a few hints—if you didn’t spot ’em, you’ll at least have a few more friends to bring along!


Weird Wars Rome Gets Physical!

Weird Wars Rome DiceWeird Wars Rome stretches beyond the confines of recent electronic PDF releases and breaks into the world of physical products! With a shipping date of mid-December, everyone can now literally put their hands on several Weird Wars Rome products.

First and foremost, the Weird Wars Rome core book is available in both softcover and limited-edition hardcover, as well as several bundle options to get print and PDF copies together at a significant discount! Become a part of a history darker than you know in an Empire more hard-fought than you ever imagined.

Every good leader has things he must know—and secrets he must keep! The Weird Wars Rome GM Screen will help you do exactly that. As battle rages across the three-sided landscape facing your players, all the most important charts, tables, and references will be quickly at hand. The 32-page Nox Germanica adventure—a desperate tale of blood and battle with rebellious barbarians and their sinister allies—is also included.

Sturdy, double-sided, erasable poster maps will also be shipping. Choose from either a Frontier Fortress/Village or the Druid Circle/Village to bring your Weird Wars Rome—or any other—game to life on the table!

And how can you seek the blessing of Fortuna without paying her homage? Our customized Weird Wars Rome Dice would be most pleasing to both of you! Five Roman red dice with Imperial gold numbering comes with a custom Weird Wars Rome Wild Die to complete the set.

With a shipping date of mid-December, they’re the perfect gift for Saturnalia (or any other holiday you might celebrate around that time)!


The Many Places—and Monstrous Heads—of Weird Wars Rome

Weird Wars Rome in the Pinnacle Web StoreWeird Wars Rome continues to expand with new places to visit and more things you may never want to run into!

The Weird Wars Rome map series brings you four new 24 x 30 full-color PDFs, ready to be printed with or without grids, scaled to fit your 28 mm miniatures. For even more versatility, the buildings all have versions with and without roofs to help you bring the action inside or maintain the mystery as you choose!

The Roman Fort brings you a stronghold of the Legions that could be anywhere within the Empire. Village 1 and Village 2 could be any rural settlement from Italia to distant Britannia, and they can be combined to provide a larger settlement. Finally, go deep into the Celtic or Germanic wilds for the Standing Stones, a representation of the mysterious menhirs of superstitious barbarians!

Weird Wars Rome Creature Feature: The Hydra takes you straight to monsters that have rivaled Hercules himself—the dread hydras that lurk in unlucky swamps, rivers, and lakes. You’ll find statistics for several varieties of the multi-headed beasts—including the fearsome gargantuan Lernaen hydra—Figure Flats to represent the terror on your tabletop, and five Savage Tales to bring the legends to hungry, horrifying life!

In one week alone, you have something to run from as well as somewhere to hide. Perhaps with the blessings of Fortuna, that will work out well for your Legionaries…


Travel to the Boundaries of Weird Wars Rome and Meet Her Many People!

Weird Wars Rome in the Pinnacle Web StoreWeird Wars Rome continues to expand with more support materials to flesh out an empire to the last man and the furthest corners!

Meet those who would stand with and against the glory of the Rome! Weird Wars Rome: Heroes of Rome is a set of Figure Flats that brings you dozens of legionaries, auxilia, and characters who live to defend the honor of an empire. Weird Wars Rome: Enemies of Rome supplies a wretched lot who would watch true civilization burn—Britons, druids, Germans, Dacians, Greeks, Nubians, and the like. Both sets of Figure Flats include a mix of flat figures, such as cavalry or vehicles designed to allow other figures to go on top, and stand-up figures that can be assembled in several ways.

After meeting both friend and foe, let Weird Wars Rome: The Half-Set Sun take you to the far-flung corners of Aegyptus, a land of mystery and antiquity, ancient gods and goddesses, mysterious temples and tombs, and extreme environments. Can you and the century under your command retake lost territory from the Nubians that have flooded in as the Nile has finally receded? Will you find the cause behind such an inconceivable violation of Rome’s sovereign border?

The rise of the Empire has not yet ended. Watch here for further news of the growth of its glory!


Witness the Expansion of the (Weird Wars) Roman Empire!

Weird Wars Rome in the Pinnacle Web StoreYour happy day is here, new subjects! Your desperate dreams that the glory of the Empire might find you in the uncivilized wilderness* are coming true! On this day, many great things are made available to you—four new releases in the Weird Wars Rome section of the Pinnacle Web Store—with more to come soon!

Weird Wars Rome: Archetypes is a twin set of Legionary Archetypes for your Weird Wars Rome game. One set is heroic, while the other simply isn’t! Not only does this give you a wider range of choices, but it also highlights very different characters from a small pool of statistics.

Weird Wars Rome: Res Romana gives you a quick immersion in the class and religion of ancient Roman society, as well as optional Auguries rules (and their effects on Mass Battles).

The Weird Wars Rome Creature Feature: The Cyclops brings you eye to massive eye with these monocular giants of the ancient world. Get statistics for both the savage cyclops and cyclopean titan, their magical artifacts, figure flats, and five Savage Tales!

Weird Wars Rome: Wellspring brings you to Britannia in 166 AD, where the painted barbarians attack by day only to blend into the underbrush, while something far less natural attacks by night, blending into the darkness. Make a stand at Hadrian’s Wall and defend the Empire from the foul sight, smell, and possibly magic of the Picts.

* By which we mean “not a backer of the Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter” and unable to get the digital extras.


The Inheritors—A Deadlands Hand-Me-Down of Horrors!

The Inheritors PDF Adventure for Deadlands ReloadedLissen up, hombre. There’s bad news and good news. Your dear Aunt Agatha has bought that big farm in the sky, but she’s left that big farm in Kansas to you!

All you gotta’ do is head out to bloody ol’ Kansas—a peaceable place is there ever was one—and sign a few papers. In a week, the place’ll be yours. Well, it’ll be yours if it don’t haunt you to death, if old feuds don’t unearth themselves to claim a few more victims, and if Black River don’t get a hankerin’ for the family plot. Everything should go off without a hitch.

But you might want to bring a few friends, just in case. This is the Weird West, amigo, and the only earth the meek inherit comes in six-foot-deep plots, one stone to a customer.

The Inheritors is a 24-page PDF adventure for Deadlands: Reloaded written by Zach Welhouse and Deadlands Brand Manager Matthew Cutter.


The Amulet of Dogskull Arrives for Beasts & Barbarians

It started simply enough: the jewels of a wealthy woman, a theft in the night, and a lack of honor among thieves. A simple night like so many others, but this one leads across the Godaxe river to an ancient evil behind a door that should not be opened, to the dangers of the savage North, and to betrayal.

Take your life into your own hands in The Amulet of Dogskull, a Beasts & Barbarians adventure for Veteran heroes. The Amulet of Dogskull also includes an extensive Book of Lore dedicated to Northeim and a small expansion on designing a Trial of Manhood scenario.


Grains of Death: New Adventure for Beasts & Barbarians!

Grains of DeathFamine is spreading in the City of Thieves, and grain is worth its weight in gold. How hard can in be to guard a warehouse absolutely full of the stuff?

GRAmel brings you Grains of Death, a Beasts & Barbarians adventure for 2-6 Seasoned heroes. Grains of Death has been released with a pay-what-you-want price, so be sure to check it out today!


The Old Absinthe House Blues Now Available for Fantasy Grounds!

The Old Absinthe House Blues for Fantasy GroundsThe Deadlands: Noir adventure The Old Absinthe House Blues is now available for Fantasy Grounds for Savage Worlds! Get your friends together—wherever they may be in this gritty world of neon and lost hope—to find the missing dame with a velvet voice.

The Old Absinthe House Blues joins a whole passel of settings and adventures ready for Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds! Check out the whole list today, and get your game going across the globe.


Modiphius Brings The Trellborg Monstrosities to Achtung! Cthulhu

The Trellborg Monstrosities for Achtung! Cthulhu1943 brings a turn in the tide of war against the Nazi Kriegsmaschine. Your band of heroes—resistance fighters, investigators, special forces, and more—plunge behind the frozen lines of the Norwegian-Finnish border to confront an ancient horror and its terrifying artifact before they swing the course of the war in the Nazi’s favor.

The Trellborg Monstrosities is the first in Modiphius‘ new stand-alone Adventure Series for Achtung! Cthulhu and is for both Savage Worlds veterans and newcomers. It includes everything you need (with the Savage Worlds core rulebook) for hours of gripping roleplaying adventure:

  • A stand-alone multi-part adventure with hours of spine-chilling play
  • Detailed maps with handouts of the border, the village, and more
  • Optional pregenerated characters for immediate play
  • New skills, spells, and specialty equipment
  • The Monstrosities at Trellborg original novella by John Houlihan

Don’t delay. Find out what lurks in your unknown past today!