Smiling Jack’s May Episode Up

Smiling Jack's Bar & GrillSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill brings you Episode 12: CSI:SW! The menu includes such delights as

  • new favorite Savage Worlds settings for some of the crew,
  • upcoming Savage Worlds releases (including Deadlands NoirEarthdawn Game Master’s Guide, and Streets of Bedlam),
  • listener feedback questions about game balance,
  • Justin’s exciting new position, and
  • The People v Chris Fuchs, a demo of the Deluxe Edition’s Social Conflict Rules, which is actually a sequel to their discussion of the Deluxe Edition’s Chase Rules!

Neal “Neal5x5” Hyde, Scott “DARTNET” Crosson, and the Savage Mommy (Chris “Beldar1215” Fuchs) of the Rocky Mountain Savages joined the regular staff—Veronica Blessing, Justin Suzuki, and Ron Blessing—for fifty-seven minutes of gamedy goodness.