Savage Mojo’s Dungeonland Kickstarter Coming to a Close

Dungeonlands Tomb of the Lich Queen KickstarterYour chance to get in on the ground floor of Savage Mojo’s Dungeonlands: Tomb of the Lich Queen—or maybe even below it—is coming to a close! The Kickstarter is over 250% funded now, with a number of stretch goals achieved. You’ve still got a few days left to join in, and some more cool stretch goals are well within striking distance!

Dungeonlands: Tomb of the Lich Queen is an old-school fantasy killer dungeon. It takes your band of heroes deep into a labyrinth designed to keep them from their goal—freeing the angel trapped inside it! This introduction to Savage Mojo’s fantasy realm, First Age of Relic, is a combination of the epic adventure from Savage Suzerain with classics from the foundations of gaming.

With an all-star production cast and a variety of accessories and pledge rewards, the Tomb of the Lich Queen Kickstarter campaign is definitely one to check out soon!