Raven Graphic Novel Kickstarter—Now with More Rewards!

Raven Kickstarter - Raven and BloodVisionary Comic’s Raven Graphic Novel Kickstarter keeps going strong, and the guys at Visionary just keep piling on the rewards!

At $5,000, several add-ons were unlocked. Need a new set or two of custom Deadlands-themed playing cards? Want some Deadlands art prints? Want to see your very own characters sketched out or in full-blown color? It’s all there for the taking!

AT $6,000, new tier options unlocked to let you get a piece of Deadlands history or become a piece of Deadlands history yourself. Depending on your pledge level, you can pick an original piece of art from a selection of illustrations from the Deadlands books, get killed by Raven himself in full-color 11″ x 17″ glory, or even be woven into the very fabric of a new piece of Raven’s history! Check out the Kickstarter for full details!

Be sure to watch the campaign progress, as more and more bonus materials are being unlocked as they get closer to full funding!

If you missed them at Gen Con, you can still catch Visionary at Baltimore Comic-Con September 8-9. You can even commit to the Kickstarter campaign on site! Everyone making pre-orders at conventions gets a special on-site thank you! They’ll also have the Dead Man’s Hand trade paperback collecting their first one-shots, all new gaming content, and a new short story from Matthew Cutter! They’ll also have Deadlands prints for sale, and will be happy to sign (pretty much) anything you like. The entire creative team will be on site at Baltimore, and artist Greg LaRoque will be sketching and taking commissions!

Raven Graphic Novel Kickstarter Add-OnsRaven Graphic Novel Kickstarter Bonuses