Raven Graphic Novel Kickstarter in the Home Stretch!

Raven Graphic Novel Art - Raven BurningThere are less than ten more days for Visionary Comic’s Raven Graphic Novel Kickstarter funding drive, and they keep adding new perks with each new stretch goal. Some opportunities of special note include:

  • Original Deadlands Classic artwork! We don’t mean a copy of anything—we’re talking the actual originals hand-made by the artists straight from our historic vaults of rare and special things!
  • You in the story! Seriously, how many of your friends could possibly say they’ve been killed by a Servitor of War hell-bent on wide-scale revenge on immigrants?
  • Visionary staff working for you! That’s right, you can get the expertise available only from Visionary applied to your very own projects if you play your cards right.

There’s too many more to summarize, so be sure to take a gander at the Kickstarter campaign for yourself! If you’ve been meaning to join in, now’s the time before it’s too late. With less than ten days left now, you don’t want to miss your chance!

If you missed them at Gen Con, you can still catch Visionary at Baltimore Comic-Con September 8-9. You can even commit to the Kickstarter campaign on site! Everyone making pre-orders at conventions gets a special on-site thank you! They’ll also have the Dead Man’s Hand trade paperback collecting their first one-shots, all new gaming content, and a new short story from Matthew Cutter! They’ll also have Deadlands prints for sale, and will be happy to sign (pretty much) anything you like. The entire creative team will be on site at Baltimore, and artist Greg LaRoque will be sketching and taking commissions!