JourneyQuest Gets Savage on Film!

JourneyQuestSadly, that’s just not as salacious as it sounds. Our own Clint Black flew to Seattle to help our friends at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment satisfy one of their JourneyQuest Kickstarter rewards.

JourneyQuest is a hilarious fantasy web series brought to you by the makers of The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. Their Kickstarter for Season 2 included an option to game with the cast, and one of the Brown Robe winners, Seth Davis, asked for a Savage Worlds game!

While Matt Vancil, JourneyQuest creator, ran the promised game, Clint ran a bonus game the day before for Seth, Matt, some of the JourneyQuesters, and our good friend Cheyenne Wright. The games have even become part of the JourneyQuest canon!

Oh, did I forget to mention some of that was captured on film? That’s right—with professional gamers, legitimate actors, and technical guys who know what they’re doing! As soon as we know what they’re going to do with that footage and have details on availability, we’ll let you know.