Heroes of the Sea Helps Achtung!Cthulhu Explore New Depths!

Zero Point Part 2: Heroes of the Sea for Achtung!CthulhuModiphius continues their Achtung! Cthulhu series with Zero Point Part 2: Heroes of the Sea for Savage Worlds.

Heroes of the Sea is the second standalone adventure in the globe-spanning Zero Point campaign. Play soldiers, agents, and resistance fighters on the hunt for one of their own in the chaos and carnage of the Battle of Dunkirk as a sinister conspiracy threatens the lives of the retreating Allied forces! Inside you’ll find a 63-page multi-episode adventure, new rules for wartime investigations, tanks and Stukas, maps of Europe and the evacuation of Dunkirk, an operational briefing and several other handouts, and four characters ready to go!

Discover the secret history of World War Two—stories of the amazing heroes struggling to overthrow a nightmare alliance of science and the occult, of frightening inhuman conspiracies from the depths of time and the unbelievable war machines which were the product of Nazi scientific genius—and how close we all came to a slithering end!

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